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Not only does it last 4 hours longer on a charge than the Fire 7 that's 58 percent more time to surf and read and play , but it's also better for watching video, as its 8-inch, x pixel display is sharper and brighter than the Fire 7's x pixel panel. Lastly, the Fire 8's stereo speakers make it better for Amazon Prime Music, as the Fire 7 is rocking a single mono speaker.

Key specs: Display: 8 inches x pixels ; CPU: quad-core, 1. The durable-feeling tablet also packs the Alexa digital assistant , which quickly responds to voice commands and can hear you from across the room.

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It's important to note that neither Kids Edition tablet has Alexa. So, while the Fire 7 isn't the fastest or longest-lasting Amazon slate that'd be the HD 8 , it's still a solid tablet considering its super-cheap price. The The last thing you want when you hand your kid a tablet is for them to come back a short time later and say, "It's dead!

Charge it! Not only is that higher than the average for all tablets, but it also beats the Fire 7 Kids Edition's time by more than 3 hours. It's also faster than the 7-inch kids' tablet. The included foam bumper means this slate can survive any drops and knocks your child can throw at it, and a two-year, no-questions-asked warranty means a free replacement if Junior actually breaks the device. The tablet also comes with a year of Amazon's FreeTime Unlimited service, a digital treasure trove that features more than 15, age-appropriate games, movies and TV shows, including most of the popular programs from Disney, Nickelodeon and PBS.

Detailed parental controls let you decide everything from what hours your child can use the device to what apps, content and websites he or she can visit. You can even set educational goals so your kid has to read for a certain amount of time in order to get playtime. Pros: Best-in-class parental controls; Wealth of free content; Accidental damage coverage; Long battery life; No ads.

Forget about having a bedside alarm clock, you can use your Kindle Fire. This app gives you a wide selection of clock styles, you can set multiple alarms, set a sleep timer to help you drift off, and access live weather updates. This alternative keyboard allows you to slide your finger from letter to letter instead of traditional tap typing although this is still supported for those who prefer it. Its real strength is the uncanny predictive ability and its accurate autocorrect. It learns about your use of language and understands how you like to string words together.

The more you use it, the more accurate it gets, and the faster your typing becomes. When you have a vacation coming up the anticipation and planning is half the fun. As the leading resource in this space, TripAdvisor can draw on a wealth of honest user reviews from people like you. The app distils the website experience to make it more palatable on your Kindle Fire.

TuneIn Radio. With access to over 70, radio stations there is simply no better radio app out there than TuneIn. You can also save your favorites and search for specific content with ease. If you want to be able to record content then the pro version only costs a buck. The app basically aggregates recipes from top food websites so you can compare notes to find the right blend for you. You can also use it to store your own favorite recipes, generate shopping lists, and stay organized in the kitchen. The app brings you a world of entertainment that can be streamed directly to your Kindle Fire in glorious HD.

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ES File Explorer. The Kindle Fire lacks a good file management app so if you want to be able to explore your device and find all of your files then this app is a great choice. You can also use this app to sideload other apps and games from outside the Amazon App Store, but again, be careful about what you install.

Whenever you come across something that you want to remember later, you mentally put a pin in it. Thanks to the social media site Pinterest, you can do your pin-placing digitally with your web browsing experience. Dive through the depths of the world wide web, grabbing recipes, interests, and inspiration for later. HBO Go. Few channels have the collection of content that HBO has. With great original shows, excellent in-house films, and tons of talent, why mess with it? Put it all together in a package and let people enjoy it.

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Technically still life, but a far less interesting one. Whether you need a little background music or you want to totally jam out with total disregard for what any onlooker might think, Spotify has you covered. This completely ad-free music service has millions of songs housed within its massive database of music that you can access anytime, anywhere with a Spotify account. The Kindle Fire is a treat to your eyes—why not let your ears share in that joy? Pulse News.

How To Install Google Play on Amazon Fire HD Tablet - Get Android Google Play Store on Fire HD Guide

Pulse scours your favorite websites and social networks for articles that interest you, then delivers it in a streamlined interface that makes even the most mundane local interest piece look sexy. With new stories popping up as they go live and links filtered in from your informed friends, Pulse News is the best way to stay in the know.

AccuWeather for Android. While the Kindle Fire is a great little device, occasionally you have to set it down to go outside. Check in with AccuWeather for Android and get all the weather-related information you could want. Radar overlays on Google Maps, hour-by-hour forecasts, and severe weather notices make this app as good for amateur meteorologists as it is for simply checking the weather..

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Pocket Formerly Read It Later. Even better, you can mark a site on your desktop while logged into Pocket and read it later on your tablet. This handy app will even mark your scroll location, so you can pick up exactly where you left off. You can even buy your tickets in advance, a feature available for over 16, movie screens.

Wi-Fi Analyzer. It then spits out detailed information and graphical views, directing you as to which will provide you the best network connection. That problem is non-existent for Evernote users. This powerful tool serves as the ultimate thoughts and ideas journal, allowing users to save everything from notes to snapshots to web pages—anything that may hold inspiration for later.

The app comes with an intricate budgetary planning and monitoring tool, breakdowns of spending habits, bank account management options, and payment and balance alerts. That will probably still be a mess. Rdio is the perfect app for those days when life requires a soundtrack. You can even favorite tracks and come back to them later. Rdio also offers a social aspect, allowing users to create and publish playlists which can then be shared among friends, followers, and influencers. Now you can on your Kindle Fire with imo Instant Messenger.

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  • The ability to pass along text messages, voice chats, and multimedia attachments, makes it the ideal all-in-one app for communication. The app puts a battery meter right on the status bar, so you can take a quick glance to see how much power is remaining. If you notice that your battery seems to be draining far too fast, this app will tell you exactly what is responsible, so you can do something about it.

    Splashtop Remote Desktop. Forget a file on your desktop? Want to tap into some of the tunes you keep stashed on the home hard drive?

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    This app has you covered. Publisher: HootSuite Media, Inc. Social networking has become a full time job. With tons of networks for different purposes and unique friends spread across all of those networks, it can be difficult keeping up to date with everyone.