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If you got one right. You might have already been nice with Violet in book 1, but remember that it was Dean 's advice to do so from now on. If the timer ends, you also get " Art of Waiting ". If you waited in choice 3.

If you dove toward the pool. If you chose to wear the Red Dress that you can purchase in the previous chapter, each of the suitors will compliment your look with the following achievements:. If the timer ends, you forget the steps. If you paid diamonds for the boudoir photoshoot earlier in this book. If you wear the Silk Seductress outfit. If you wear the Seet Dreams outfit. You have reached the end of Rules of Engagement, Book 2.

For choices in Book 3 , click here. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Choices that have no outcome on the side have not been explored yet, please help this page by contributing those answers Contents [ show ]. Categories :. The Haunting of Braidwood Manor Choices.

Hero, Vol. Home for the Holidays Choices. The Junior, Book 1 Choices. Veil of Secrets Choices. Across the Void Choices. The Senior Choices. A Courtesan of Rome Choices. The Heist: Monaco Choices. Della vows to try the best she can to be the best mom her boys deserve to have starting tonight. So, Della begins baking cakes in a rather awkward way in order to make up for all the life achievements and holidays she missed in one night. After the boys minus Louie enjoy their cakes and their mother's puns, Della presents them with a fireworks cake loaded with fizzy rocks, which was actually claimed unsafe by the government to eat at some point.

However, Dewey takes a bite but ends up with a stomachache. After Della brings her sick but otherwise, happy son to bed, Della tries to make him feel better with a bedtime story. However, her choice of a story: The Princess and the Peacock proves to be a bit babyish, as pointed out by Louie since they are all grown-up now. Despite her sons' encouragements, Della decides to tell them a real-life grown-up adventure story starring her at their age and her battle against the android known as the Gilded Man at El Dorado, which she and her family stuffed in the garage.

But the story proves to be a bit too scary for them when they find it hard to sleep afterwards. The next morning, after a decent haircut and complete make-over, Della wakes her sons up with one of her loud celebration horns.

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Della reveals she hid a few horns in a secret stash inside an armour away from Scrooge since he didn't want her to have them. Then, Della proceeds to teach them shield-surfing, which excites and amazes the boys. Because Dewey is still sick, Della prefers if he rests while Huey becomes the first one to learn despite not being able to hear very well from all the noise made by the horns. After an incident gone wrong, Della feels ashamed and embarrassed despite her sons defending her against Mrs.

Beakley's judgement. Later, Della enters Donald's houseboat where she takes a glance at all of her sons' pictures, adding her own family photo with them. Della states that Donald did a good job raising the boys for her and that he really earned that vacation with Donald having finally crash-landed on the Moon. With Della back home, she decides to take over from here until she notices Launchpad in one of the pictures. When Launchpad comes in to introduce himself, Della gets upset after he tells her that he's a pilot too; naively thinking that Scrooge had replaced her since her disappearance.

Upset, Della goes over to confront her uncle until she eavesdrops on a conversation in the dining room concerning her and her recent actions. Though glad that most of her sons defend her against all the results of her actions, she quickly becomes shocked when she learns that her son, Louie is terrified considering he's not used to having a mother despite being happy that she's back.

However, Della becomes even more shocked and heartbroken when she partially hears Scrooge saying that she is not a mother up to a point where she runs away while bursting into tears and crying. Depressed, in the garage, Della reminisces about the good times she had fighting monsters while complaining about the results of her actions, which have led to Dewey being sick, Huey injured, and Louie terrified including the obstacles she had to face to make it back home.

When asking herself whom does she have to fight to be a part of this family, she accidentally reactivates the Gilded Man after kicking it in anger. Wanting revenge on Della and her family for defeating it years ago, the Gilded Man attempts to destroy her first. After temporarily subduing the robot, Della thinks that fighting it and saving her family will prove her worth and that she is a good mom to her kids until Scrooge angrily enters the scene.

Della is upset when she can't find what she's looking for to defeat the robot while Scrooge distracts it until she unwittingly causes the robot to go haywire momentarily by triggering Scrooge's car alarm. When Scrooge and Della hide, they get into a small argument until they find themselves being chased by the Gilded Man. Making it out of the garage, Della and Scrooge run until the Gilded Man stops to seize the Sword in the Stone to use against them. After the Gilded Man somehow uses the sword, knocks out Mrs. Beakley, and Webby disarms it after trying in vain to crush Della and Scrooge, Della proceeds to try defeating the robot from the inside like she did last time, unaware that she has grown now when she finds herself stuck inside.

Then, the boys use their mother's horn against the Gilded Man just as it is about to crush Scrooge and Webby. Discovering the robot's weakness, Della tells her sons that it hates noise. After the boys tape all three horns together, Dewey throws them at Della, who uses them to create louder noise with her robotic leg, which causes the robot to go haywire again while crumbling into pieces.

Realizing that Louie is about to be crushed by the falling robot, Della tries to get out to save him, but finds herself caught by the robot's debris on her robotic leg. Luckily, Della disables herself from her robotic leg and jumps out to save Louie just in time. Though the robot's arm partially falls on them, they miraculously survive. Touched by his mother's bravery and sacrificial attempt to keep him safe while risking her life for him, Louie finally accepts Della as his mother as he tearfully thanks and hugs her.

Then, the other boys come in to hug their mother. When Webby asks Della how she got free, Scrooge states that she coped with change and adapted to unforseen challenges like any good parent would do while giving back her robotic leg. After reattaching her leg, Della admits to her boys that they are not used to having a mother and that she is not used to being one, but promises to figure it out as they go along in time. After hugging her kids again, Della asks everyone what they want to do, to which they reply with joy about adventuring and treasure hunting.

So, they decide to get started. Then, Della states that Donald sure is missing out on some quality family bonding time, when in fact, he finds himself captured by General Lunaris and the misguided Moonlanders on the Moon after chewing on Oxy-Chew. In " Raiders of the Doomsday Vault! However, Scrooge points out that their trip is more of a business venture than an adventure. Della and Dewey appear excited when they learn from Scrooge that they are on their way to the Doomsday Vault until he reveals that it's actually a sterile seed depository built and formerly owned by the late Ludwig Von Drake , now owned by his children: Corvus, Anya, and Klara, in case of an apocalypse.

However, due to the damage caused by melting permafrost, Scrooge intends to convince the owners to hire his company to fix it. After Della makes a rough and wild landing without crashing the plane, the three come face-to-face with Flintheart Glomgold having arrived to seal the deal as well. During Scrooge's presentation on how he intends to keep the seeds safe, Della and Dewey become even more excited when they learn that the vault harbors golden seeds of the Fabled Money Tree of Oramorus.

When they find out that Scrooge intends to lock them up for safety, they are disappointed, but decide to get a head start to take a good look at the money tree seeds anyway before Scrooge does otherwise. Seeing as to how her son thinks like her and is running toward adventure, Della states how proud she is for her son's love for adventure and then, challenges him to a race to the Cloudslayer.

After singing and listening to Powerline 's " Stand Out " song on the plane's radio from an album case while flying straight to the vault, Della proceeds to ruffle Dewey's hair and kiss him. Then, she reveals that all she ever thought about was teaching her kids how to adventure during her times on the Moon including avoiding horrifying Moon monsters , but clearly states that Dewey is already a natural at everything.

When Dewey refers to himself as a co-pilot, Della joyfully encourages him to take the stick and fly the plane instead as she refers to him as pilot material. Though Scrooge won't allow Dewey to do anything, Della tells him that he's her kid and believes he can do anything; much to Dewey's joy when he refers to his mother as the best. When Dewey has a hard time learning how to fly, Della comes over and kindly teaches him a few tricks. At first, all seems to be going well until Dewey accidentally crashes the plane into a cave. Though Dewey apologizes, Della couldn't be more proud of her son than she already is when she considers his first try perfect and hugs him.

Then, Della asks him if he wants to exit the cave through the easy tunnel or the "fun" one, to which Dewey chooses the second option. After having fun sliding through the cave's dangerous tunnel, they finally make it to the vault. Della stops Dewey from getting closer to the broken bridge and then, they jump over it. Once inside, Della accidentally triggers the vault's security system, which keeps them trapped inside.

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Then, Della and Dewey listen to a recording made by Ludwig Von Drake on how to pass through the doors. When the first door won't open due to the color code system being frozen solid, Della partially shows off her anger.

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When Dewey notices an air vent, Della decides to send Dewey inside so as to let her in from the next room; given his size. Once Dewey is in the next room, Della instructs him not to touch some panel or trigger, but it's too late. Then, the roof of the room comes down on Della as she tries to hold it back with her feet in vain and Dewey is having a hard time figuring out which wire to pick and disable despite his mother's encouragement. Luckily, Dewey manages to override the system with his sweat and is overjoyed to find his mother still alive and well. Della cheers for her son's "strategy" and "achievement" and they proceed further to the vault.

Once inside the vault, Della uses the computer to locate the drawer with the money seeds inside and the giant claw arm to retrieve them, but it malfunctions; much to her frustration and anger. Just as she is about to reluctantly give up on her first adventure with one of her sons, Della notices Dewey climbing on the claw and then, jumping straight on one of the drawers while the claw falls and breaks one of the glass containers containing growth serum. Knowing this could be dangerous, Della tries to talk Dewey out of it, but at the same time, shows slight confidence that he can do it as she allowed him to believe before.

When Dewey loses his grip and slides down fast, Della is shocked until he finally gets a grip again and makes it to the right drawer. Unfortunately, after opening the drawer, Dewey accidentally drops the seeds and they begin to grow at an enormous rate once in contact with the spilled growth serum.

I almost died, and all I could think about was you. I just want you. But just because we're leaving, and that hurts, there's some people who are so much a part of us, they'll be with us no matter what. They are our solid ground. Our north star. And the small clear voices in our hearts that will be with us Gates: You do whatever you need to do to get him back his little girl.

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Anything you need, Detective. Castle: Katherine Houghton Beckett, will you marry me? Gates: Yes, and it'll be your jobs if there's any blowback.

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I am not gonna have you two risk your careers. Castle : A kiss on the cheek? When did that start? Beckett : Just now. Yeah, I know, I'm as surprised as you are. Castle : Well, I don't know if I'm surprised, I mean you are pretty lovable. Esposito : You have a pregnant wife