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Praise for Whoredom in Kimmage:. She is a realist and a miniaturist, and one of the pleasures of reading her comes from watching her show how each small detail, no bigger than the shape of a crooked, broken-toothed smile, fits into the bigger canvas of Irish life. It's a serious feat to put a living, breathing Irish bar between the covers of a book--and a great one to make that bar seem to contain the whole of Ireland.

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Yet she regards her own character -- the unillusioned, soomewhat puritanical American stranger -- with the same sardonic eye that she focuses on everyon else in the bok. You find yourself simultaneously laughing aloud over the details and apalled by the picture those same details make up. Take Our Poll. Cameryn Mahoney: A 17 year old forensic prodigy that is the heroine of the series.

Adam: A suspect in the murder and friend to Lyric and Cameryn. Fascinated by forensics, seventeen-year-old Cameryn Mahoney persuades her father, the county coroner in sleepy Silverton, CO, to take her on as his assistant.

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But she never expects her first case to involve the death of a friend! Rachel Geller, a beautiful young waitress, is found strangled in a field with a Christopher medal around her neck—clearly marking her as the fourth victim of a serial killer. But as she follows her instincts and gets closer to the killer, Cameryn suddenly finds herself on the verge of becoming his fifth victim! Do you remember the Christopher Killer? Cameryn tried to feign interest in the case because Lyric did try to follow Cameryn and her forensic statistics.

But paybacks were not fun. From The Best Bad Reviews:. This book was kind of interesting, but it also sort of grossed me out. The main character wants to be a forensic pathologist, so she talks her dad into letting her be his assistant by helping him check out crime scenes, and attending an autopsy sick!

Captain Crunch you better watch out!

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A Message from Timothy Mahoney + a film clip – Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy

Amazon Rating-US: 4. Amazon Rating-UK: 5. GoodReads Rating: 4. Library Thing Rating: 3. Total Score 4. Moore and Sheriff John Jacobs. As assistant to her father, the county coroner of Silverton, Colorado, Cameryn Mahoney has seen more gore than the average seventeen-year old.

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First Clues Mysteries for Kids. Bookshelves of Doom. Lili Lost in a Book. Youth Services Book Review. Amazon Rating: 4. As the assistant to her father, the county coroner of Silverton, Colorado, Cameryn Mahoney gets to witness all aspects of death, including the autopsy room. Yet somehow that feels easy, compared to her personal life. Things only get worse when she and her mother pick up a mysterious young hitchhiker.

Cameryn senses that the girl is running away from something, but before she can find out more, the girl is found dead a gun in her hand. Is it suicide? Or something even more sinister? Books and Other Thoughts. The Flashlight Reader. Cameryn had thought she was in love with him. He was smart, strong, and would do anything for her, even kill. Now he is back for his second. I will love you until your dying breath. Please believe that I will find you, my Angel of Death. We are bound by cords you cannot break.

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Two worlds, intersecting separate pieces that the fates will never break apart. Trust that I will be with you soon. Library Thing Rating: 4.

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