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I'll try to draw this as good as I can. So it's 12 feet high. It's 5 feet long. So this looks like that's about 5 feet. And it's 9 feet wide.

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So this is my best rendition of what a tank looks like. So the tank might look something like this. That is my water tank. Let me draw it, draw the whole thing. So there is my water tank. And I'm going to make it transparent so that we can see what's going on inside of the tank. So here we go.

There's like a helicopter outside or something, I don't know if you all hear that. But let's see. So there is my water tank 12 feet high, 5 feet long, and 9 feet wide. And then they say there's a solid metal box which is 7 feet high, 4 feet long, and 8 feet wide sitting at the bottom. So let's see if I can draw that. So let's say it's 4 feet wide. Or I guess they say 4 feet long, 7 feet high. So let's see, 4 feet might look something like this. It's 7 feet high, which might look something like that. Obviously, I'm not drawing it perfectly to scale.

So it might look something like this as it's sitting in this tank. So this is that metal box. And they say it's a solid metal box. It's not like any water can fit in here. So let me make it as a solid metal box. So this is a solid metal box. And then I'm going to fill the whole thing with water. I'm going to pour water into this thing.

Legendary major winner Sam Snead shot 34 aces during his career and made one with every club in his bag except the putter. By Mirror. Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice. Follow irishmirror. Subscribe to our Daily newsletter Privacy notice Enter email Subscribe.

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Drew comes in to tell Adam he can keep his job and sees him hugging Imogen and asks where his girlfriend is. Adam says that she found a Todd and Drew tells him he got the job but not to screw up. After Adam decides he is going to impersonate Becky and send a message to Todd, Drew helps him write the message. After they go to their house and Adam brings down pizza and Drew is excited. Drew is talking to him about the campers wanting to know when he will be well again.

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Audra is worried since the doctor is late, but Omar calms her down. The doctor arrives into the room and calls Adam a "she", Drew and Audra correct him, saying that Adam is FTM and that he had just started estrogen blockers. The doctor reveals that Adam suffered severe chest trauma, multiple vertebral and rib fractures, damage to his spleen, and possible traumatic aortic disruption. The doctor says that they will need to operate on Adam and gives the consent form to his parents. While Audra looks upset, Drew hugs her, reminding her that Adam is a "fighter". Drew arrives back into the room after getting a variety of food for his parents.

He asks if there has been any news, but Audra says that Adam has only been in surgery for 45 minutes so far. Drew gets a text from camp and decides to check into camp to tell everyone that Adam is going to be okay, but partly to escape the hospital room. He hugs Audra, and she promises to call when he is out of surgery. When Drew arrives back at camp, Imogen and Dallas greet him, and Drew reveals that Adam is in surgery. Drew claims he wanted to make sure that they didn't destroy the place, but Dallas honestly says that everything is fine, though Imogen claim her group needs help since she realized that Drew was looking for a distraction.

Colton asks Drew which one he thinks Adam will like better, but Drew says he'll love them both without really paying attention to the cards. Colton makes Drew promise to give a fist bump to Adam for him. Dallas sits down next to Drew, asking if he has heard from the hospital, though Drew reveals he has heard nothing. Drew says that he should get back since he wants to decorate Adam's room with the camper's cards, and Dallas decides to come with him.

Drew glares at her along with Bianca and Dallas. She questions, "Me? But I wasn't even there. Becky starts to sob and then Bianca says to Drew that they should go his parents are waiting. Bianca and Drew walk away from Becky while she continues to cry. At home, Drew is seen playing video games, most likely as a way to Distract himself from Adam's death.

Bianca comes down accompanied by Dallas and tells Drew that everyone was asking about him upstairs and she brings him his favorite sandwich, egg salad.

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He says he needs his brother back. Bianca keeps herself from crying and says that he was the best brother. Bianca responds shocked. He says that he keeps blaming everyone else but it was him. Drew says if he did anything different that his brother would still be here. Adam said he didn't know he says in the past few years he has lived more than he ever thought he could. Drew continues to watch the video and smiles at his brothers memory. He later on goes to the bonfire and before he enters Dallas comes up to him and they embrace. Bianca looks at him and smiles proudly.

Then Drew asks, "So how do we move on? I mean what do we do? Drew has his arm around Bianca. Drew tells them he couldn't sleep so instead of staring at the ceiling he decided to go to the school and he says the welcome back assembly is all ready. When he shows his friends Clare is surprised and tells him he "really went all out" and he said he wants to make this senior year the best one Degrassi's ever had.

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Once people arrive he introduces some of friends on stage. He starts to explain what the new year brings but passes out on stage in the middle of his speech. Clare attempts to propose a texting and driving event to honor Drew's deceased brother, Adam, but Drew doesn't like the idea. He argues that there should be a beach bash dance instead. Alli says people can learn from it and Becky tells Drew it's what Adam would've wanted but Drew tells them that Adam would've wanted a Degrassi beach bash dance instead.

Clare says that a vote will be held at tomorrow's meeting and Drew reluctantly agrees. Later he is playing video games with Dallas. Dallas says he's going to bed. Drew thinks its because of the victory dance he did but Dallas explains it's because it is 1 AM. Dallas senses something is wrong with Drew and asks him what is wrong. Drew still can't believe Clare proposed a no texting and driving campaign and Dallas says Adam is just still on people's minds. Drew explains that it won't bring Adam back so they shouldn't have to dwell on it. Drew says he's going to try and get some sleep and Dallas says goodnight and walks away.

Drew turns over a picture of Adam and then takes his sleeping pills. Drew is still sleeping by the time school starts and is half asleep when Bianca calls him. Drew is still groggy when he and Bianca have a conversation and she asks if he should be in class and then states it's AM. He looks at his watch and gets out of bed and asks Bianca if she knows what this means.

She guesses detention but Drew says it means that he slept for hours. Bianca points out he fell asleep talking to her on the phone last night. Drew doesn't remember and Bianca states that he was groggy and she found his grogginess cute. Drew is just glad he finally got some sleep. Drew says he has to get to class but tells Bianca to feel free to call him back and leave a message. Drew sees Imogen outside with beach bash props and asks if he's still dreaming. Clare confronts Drew assuming he ordered the beach bash props but he claims he didn't.

Clare shows him a delivery order forum and as he walks away with the forum Imogen stops him to ask him if they find out who ordered all the props they will ask that person to get a mini wave pool, too. Drew tells Imogen he will ask before walking away. Drew tells Dallas about the problem and he finds it hilarious.

Drew thinks Dallas ordered all the props but Dallas claims he didn't and Drew did. Drew is confused and doesn't remember and Dallas explains that Drew was making a lot of noise in the kitchen around 3 AM and got up to see what was wrong. Dallas says Drew was eating ice cream and placing an order online. Drew brings up that Bianca says she talked to Drew in the middle of the night but he didn't remember.

Drew then explains to Dallas that he took sleeping pills and he thought he slept so well. Dallas tells Drew the pills work for some people but others get crazy side effects. Drew asks if he really ordered all this himself and Dallas confirms Drew did. Drew asks Dallas what he's supposed to do and Dallas tells Drew to pray for a miracle and hope he wins the vote at council. Clare asks Drew what all those "little girls" are doing in the council meeting.

Drew says he filled some open positions and that they are the new council members. Clare proposes her texting and driving campaign which receives 8 votes and Drew proposes his Degrassi beach bash dance which receives 9 votes. Drew asks the council members if they are ready to party and Clare asks "what is this? Clare tells Drew that if he is going to run student council this way then he's on his own. Clare also states that he better get some sleep because it will be hard to control all these "children". Drew tells Dallas he will sleep just fine. Dallas says he hopes so and Drew explains to everyone that they have a dance to plan and to start off he needs everybody's contact information.

Drew is having trouble sleeping and he takes his medicine. Drew tells her that she's great and that he is really happy she fell into his arms. Drew also flirts further calling her the prettiest girl and tells her that she has the prettiest eyes. In You Got Me , Mr. Simpson asks Drew if he followed all the rules in the student handbook for the beach bash. Drew says he has and Mr. Simpson asks if he booked the police officers, talked to the cafeteria ladies, and rented a sound system. Drew said he did all of those even when he didn't. Simpson suggests talking to Clare but Drew tells him he's got everything under control.

Simpson tells Drew he trusts him and says "hang ten" before walking away. Drew then blamed his medication for making him do strange things. Drew says not to worry because his doctor won't give him anymore sleeping pills.

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Drew just says to "tell them we're not" and turns around accidentally hitting her on the head with his blow up palm tree as he walks away. Drew is bouncing a tennis ball of the wall and Dallas asks him what he's doing because it is 3 AM. Dallas thinks Drew is thinking about Adam but Drew confirms it is just a lot of work to get ready for the beach bash dance.

Drew explains that his doctor won't give him any more sleeping pills because they are habit forming. Dallas suggests working on the dance but Drew claims he can't because there's too much, he is too tired, and he doesn't even know where to start. Dallas looks over the list and says he will take the food, cops, and decorations. Drew thanks Dallas and he tells Drew that he can be thanked by Drew showing up and making the dance happen. Drew begins bouncing the tennis ball again and Dallas catches it as it is bouncing back toward Drew and walks away with it.

Drew starts to make the playlist for the beach bash dance but then he clicks on Adam's Workout Mix his late brother's workout songs and he closes the laptop. He then takes his pills to help him sleep. She knocks on the door multiple times but he keeps sleeping. She calls him an idiot and lets herself in. When she gets Drew to wake up he is groggy and doesn't fully know what's going on but says he doesn't want to go to the dance and that he already took the sleeping pills. Drew says that he doesn't think Clare would dance with him after what he did. Maya and Miles share a laugh.

Clare says the dance is great and claims that Adam would have loved it. Drew asks Clare why she would say that and Clare repeatedly whispers in his hear "Adam". Drew tells Clare to leave him alone. Dallas interrupts Alli and Leo to tell them that Drew is getting naked. Drew begins stripping and saying the ocean is beautiful.

Clare asks him what he's doing and Drew claims that he's getting away from her. Drew shouts "Cannonball! Drew is confused and then runs off. Clare finds Drew and asks him what he's on. He's confused by the question and just tells her that he's on a couch. Drew begs her not to tell Bianca and Clare says she will leave that up to him if he even remembers the conversation in the morning. Clare asks what kind of drugs Drew is on but all he says is "I'm so sick of missing him". Clare recognizes that Drew is talking about Adam. Drew describes Adam as his "rock" and his "moral compass" and he states that without Adam he is lost.

Clare says everybody is lost without Adam, and that she thinks about him everyday. When Drew asks what do they all do without Adam that's when Clare offers to come back to council. Drew says she doesn't have to. Clare tells Drew that Adam would've wanted her to watch over Drew. Clare also explains only when Drew's ready that they will do something in Adam's memory to honor him and Drew states that he would like that.

Drew yarns and lays down across Clare's lap. She asks him again what he took, and Drew, already half-asleep, says a couple of sleeping pills. Clare is surprised by the effects. Drew states he is also surprised, then falls asleep. In Barely Breathing , Drew is seen talking to Dallas. Spiderwebs Bianca decides to break off her engagement with Drew and she breaks up with him. She thinks she is not the girl he met in high school and that she has changed so much since high school and Drew was devastated. In Better Man , Drew wants to get a job in politics so he interns for Mr.

In No Surprises , Drew is seen bungee jumping with Clare. In Basket Case , Drew flips out at Miles for throwing the party and he told Miles that his dad another plan for his campaign if he messed it up. In Close to Me , Drew is seen with Clare and Becky says to them she asked Imogen to go to the dance with her more intimately and Clare said that's where she went wrong and Drew says kissing girls are all that bad. In Army of Me , Drew is seen with Clare while there exchanging self sentences and Clare helps him to join a teen dating site to help him find a new girl to date.

Then Drew talks to Clare how she ruined Eden and him because she didn't show up for there second date and he tells her that Eden got this crazy idea that he's not over Bianca and she responds she asked me questions and I answered Drew then says he is over Bianca she says I know then he asks why she did that and then she responds that she is confused and that she says the she is Annabella for a test.

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He says he knew that already. Then he says if she wasn't in a relationship he would go out with her she says what with a shocked impression she says I thought I wasn't your type he says so I like the girls I like. Then she smiles. Then seen again in Clare's house and asking if she wants him to stay with her tonight and she reminds him she is with Eli and he says that she needs a guy that is always here and Clare responds who like you and then he says he thinks it's time for Clare to break up with Eli.

Then Drew walks out and says I'll leave you two to talk. In You Are Not Alone , Drew is seen sitting with Dallas hearing Zig and Maya talking about starting an artsy for the school to put on and he agrees to it and supervising it. After that he goes into class where Clare, Alli, and Dallas are talking about what club there joining and he says he is a good dancer.

In Enjoy the Silence , Drew is on a lie detector and Clare is asking him tons of questions and he says I came here to talk to you and you are trying to do humiliate me. In How Bizarre , Drew is in class presenting something to the class with Dallas and Dallas asks him what is wrong.


Drew answers about Mrs. Drew responds and you didn't invite me? Dallas says they hate him because he bailed on Clare. In My Hero , Drew and Dallas have a fight about the project and he thinks it better than working on the stupid project so Dallas responds, "I'll just be single D. Drew gets help from Imogen on what he should do to get his job back and he thanks her and gives her a kiss on the cheek and leaves.

Then he goes to the Hollingsworth household and asks for his job back and Mr. Hollingsworth said he needs to get out of here now then he accidentally pushes him into the pool and Mr. Hollingsworth gets out of the pool and that he wants Drew to leave now. After that he apologizes to Dallas and that he wants to be double D again. Then Drew goes to Clare's house to apologize and that he wants to have her as his friend again and that his life sucks without her so she responds she is going to study in the cafe with Alli and Jenna and maybe he can say hi.

In Believe 2 , Drew and Becky are in the woods scared hearing noises and it was Becky's mother who found the both of them. Later, they kiss. He is understandably shocked by the news, but eventually somewhat comes around when Clare tells him she plans to have an abortion. However when Clare tells him that she wants to keep the baby, Drew is expresses his shock by saying: "Oh my God.

In Wise Up , Drew tries to convince Clare that they cannot keep and raise the baby until Clare tells him that he is "off the hook" and he never has to see her again after graduation. Drew is okay with this but when he tells Becky, it is clear that she is not okay with this: she breaks up with him. After talking to Dallas who tells him that he may regret not being in the baby's life, Drew has a change of heart and tells Clare that he wants to help her and be in the baby's life. Both admit that they are scared.

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