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You might argue that asking about strengths and weaknesses is also a way to gauge self-awareness, but it's such a standard question that it's easily pre-prepared and met with a canned, safe answer. You don't just one day wake up self-aware So a person with an authentic and ready response about what motivates them has almost certainly spent time in self-reflection and has a good idea of the type of corporate culture that is right for them. This person has a good understanding of his or her personality, values, work style, behaviors, and emotional triggers.

If you've spent the time to figure out what motivates you, you're also most likely someone who did so to make a change, which is key. Knowing strengths and weaknesses is great, but having the desire and insight to grow from them is even better. Self-awareness is a key factor of emotional intelligence , and a foundational skill particularly important for roles heavy on management and collaboration. I used the word "skill" there instead of "trait" because while some people have higher intuitive self-awareness than others, it can and should be developed. A self-aware person has a good understanding of their emotions and behaviors good and bad , and generally that makes for a more empathetic and confident person who knows him or herself well enough to not be overrun by the opinions of others.

Without self-awareness, employees are hard to coach because they don't really understand the triggers behind their thoughts and behaviors. This roadblock often leads to frustration from the un-self-aware employee's colleagues, who see that person repeating problem behavior which probably impacts them. The space complexity questions i learnt here are extremely good. Interview bit provides a great structure for technical interview preparation; you can focus on topics that you are weakest in and systemically eliminate your programming knowledge gaps on a week by week basis.

It helped me a lot in terms of learning individual skill sets and the time limit and advanced test cases. Many web like this provides too simple or too complicated that cannot be done within given amount time in real interview and seems to just feed problems falling into random category. As students we are used to writing code that just works. In an interview each and every line of code that you write matters alot. You need to practice writing elegant and clean code and force yourself to use the good programming practices we all know but are too lazy to actually adopt.

I strongly suggest w ww. It has extensive coverage of all the interview style questions and their format is such that you get addicted to solving problems since there are daily goals and each question yields some points depending on how well you did in that question. Most of my prep was on this website and it significantly improved my coding habits as well. They have questions based on all the interview topics and commonly used tricks. Like you might not know "Backtracking" and "Two pointers" are 2 very popular classes of interview questions.

In order to complete the interviewbit "course" you are forced to clear at least one question from each sub topic. I strongly suggest www. I really like the way problems are classified into different topics data structures and further sub divided into various buckets. It help candidates to target topics they are looking to brush up without wasting time on repeated problems.

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Perseverance is pivotal for success and InterviewBit motivates you to "Keep the streak going! I heard about InterviewBit from a Quora blog post by Anshuman Singh, the co-founder, and I really liked how it's well structured and gamified, so I decided to give it a try. Although I had some competitive programming experience, I found it very useful in some topics like linked lists, hashing, memory constraints, tricks..

I kept practicing on InterviewBit and ended up in the top 20 in June's contest. They kept their promise and offered me a mock interview with honest feedback, which was really helpful to find my weak spots and work on them. They also helped me getting referred to Zenefits. Many of the interviews questions were similar to the problems I had solved on InterviewBit, I passed the interviews and got the job offer.

Many thanks to the team for such a great website! I had been practicing competitive coding since the last 2 years. I was comfortable with most techniques used in programming interviews.

A word of caution:

The problem I faced was the implementation of these techniques. The way I implemented them was more focused on the speed of the implementation and the size of the code, rather than on code clarity. When I started InterviewBit, most of my code had lots of global variables and single letter variable names. InterviewBit helped me a lot in this regard.

After doing each problem, I would go through the complete solution for the problem. There was usually a lot cleaner way to implement the very same logic that I had arrived at. Thanks a lot InterviewBit. When I decided to prepare for upcoming coding interviews, I first went to websites like leetcode. I did not like the lack of structure: there are lists with hundreds of problems, and no obvious way to choose from them apart from random sampling.

Which was not efficient enough, because I had just a few weeks to prepare. When I stumbled upon InterviewBit, I found much better structured content. I liked interactive features that worked as my own virtual coach -- giving suggestions on which problems to solve next. Overall, I was guided via a great overview of algorithms, data structures, and problem types.

I got in touch with InterviewBit team after leveling up. They were very nice with offering me a mock interview session, which was very helpful for finding weak spots in my algorithms knowledge, system design and coding skills. Practicing with InterviewBit helped me to pass through phone screening interviews, prepare for on-site interviews, and eventually get a job offer that I'm happy with.

Preparation using Interviewbit has been substantial in cracking the written as well as face-to-face technical interviews at MH. The topics are well structured. Points, time limit, leader board, etc. Very much recommended. I would strongly recommend this site for someone who wants to learn backtracking and DP, I believe it is one of the best resource for interview prep on those topics.

Already being familiar and in fact, good at competitive programming, I was struggling with my coding interviews because of the contrast between two things. I initially tried reading interview questions from other websites, but it wasn't really productive. After being introduced to InterviewBit IB , I had the whole collection of problems with me; organised according to difficulty, topics and companies.

It was really fun to code at IB; and to be honest its actually a little addictive once you start doing it. To anyone who is preparing for technical interviews, I can't suggest anything better than IB.

What will I be asked in an interview for an English degree?

You'll not only achieve your goals but the journey will be equally awesome too. I joined InterviewBit before 2 months. Except Greedy and Graphs I covered questions from almost all Tracks at least one question from each bucket. Some of the best features which I really liked about InterviewBit are: 1. They have the concept of streak, which keep users motivated to spend around hours each day. The concept of "Seek Help", which is useful if someone is stuck and cannot figure out the bug in the solution. They have strong test cases, which ensures that the solution which passes all corner cases gets accepted by judge.

Their judge also checks if "Time Limit" and "Memory Limit" is strictly obeyed in the solution. Constraints are not mentioned in the question as they want users to come up with the best possible solution. They provide hints which open in some fixed intervals after which the question is opened , as are provided in interviews, so that users can formulate the solution based on these hints.

How to use Cracking the Coding Interview Effectively

InterviewBit has been really helpful because the question available on this website are exact in the same form that are asked in technical interviews and coding round, even the coding environment is same as that we face in coding round of placement process. I will recommend InterviewBit to get an extra edge over other candidates. The coding problems are divided into categories, which makes it very easy to prepare for any job interview. Programming problems are maintained and extremely up to date. Practicing on interviewbit really helped me in cracking Amazon's interview. InterviewBit is awesome coding resource!

The questions were all really good, and the gaming aspect kept me going way longer than I would have otherwise. I got offers from Amazon and Ebay. InterviewBit was pretty much my only resource for data structures and algorithms. Two months of timed interview questions and you get used to being under pressure. Editorial answers help you improve your coding style.

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The questions are organized logically, so that once you have finished it, you can be sure you have covered all necessary topics. Cracking tech interviews became cake walk after solving questions on InterviewBit. InterviewBit dramatically changed the way my full-time software engineering interviews went. Just 30 minutes on the site every day will help you tremendously.

The problems here are very similar to those you will be asked interviewing for tech companies and the structure of InterviewBit really facilitates learning. If you want a software engineering position, there is no better way to prepare than using InterviewBit. Practice every day and there is no job that is unobtainable :.

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InterviewBit is an excellent well organized platform for technical interview preparation and it helped me to land a job at Google. I heard about this website via a post on Quora and within a span of few days, became addicted to it. Key points I liked were: - The concept of scoring, kept me engaged.

I would recommend InterviewBit to everyone who is planning to go for technical interviews. I definitely credit InterviewBit for my success with Google's tech interview. All the questions were perfectly molded and it helped me get back to the peak of my coding skills. Earlier I thought I had almost lost touch, but once I finished your site, all the things I had learnt over the past 3 years in competitive coding came back to me. Plus the ability to think solutions fast and code it up also were a great boon.

I started preparing on interviewbit with the start of my Google internship.

10 Data Structure, Algorithms, and Programming Courses to Crack Any Coding Interview

I learned a lot of concepts I did not know, as well as increased my practice in the concepts I already knew. Interviewbit has a major contribution in my knowledge and confidence in technical interviews. Thanks a lot guys for the help! One of my friend told me about this site when I started preparing for my tech interviews.

The best thing I like about interviewbit is that one will find the questions to be neatly stacked in terms of difficulty level and also grouped together in a specific way. Also it helped me in solving questions which were company specific. I really liked the timer thing. One can keep track of his progress while solving the problem. It was really helpful as for coding interview you are supposed to solve 2 questions in 45 mins, so keeping track of your time is really important. In all to practice for programming interviews this is the right place.

Thank you guys for giving me such a platform to help me getting into Google!! With no Computer Science backgound, I started working on problems here in mid June. The diversity of problems and the test cases are just awesome. From my Citi interview, I can say almost all the problems were some modifications of what I had solved here.

That really helped in getting through initial rounds where usually people see candidate's problem solving ability. The role of Innovation Cryptocurrency Engineer required other knowledge of cryptography and blockchain in specific, but I would say the mind set interviewbit helps you attain is extremely useful. Thanks to interviewbit team for making one more dream a reality. Keep the awesome work going on. I practiced problems on InterviewBit and when I gave the real test to get selected at Samsung, it seemed too easy to me.

I'm glad I devoted my time on such a good programming practice platform. I was getting bored by the GeeksforGeeks preparation style. I heard about InterviewBit and decided to try it. Level wise organisation of topics and their tutorials attracted me in the beginning. Time constrained scoring and avg. Support of community and founders when you are stuck at any problem is also good. Complete editorials are a plus point. Overall I think the feeling of competition with peers and not just doing questions alone is what kept me motivated all the time.

Thank you Interviewbit Team!! InterviewBit is like a one stop solution for programming Interviews. The interface is awesome and the questions have been carefully selected. The classification of questions based on type and previous companies really helped me a lot to focus on my weak areas. Also if I got stuck I could use hints or ask others to help. Another fun part is debugging others solutions. I am really grateful to InterviewBit.

I would strongly recommend others to give it a try. It would really help them to brush up their skills. InterviewBit helps set the right expectation about the kind of problems to expect in an interview. Apart from that, it helped boost up my confidence for interviews. Thank you very much Interviewbit team. Hope you reach out to many more people. InterviewBit helped me clear the technical rounds of some of the best companies, like Amazon, Walmart, Practo and more, and finally land an offer from Flipkart.

The best part about InterviewBit is the hands on practice that you get while coding. It hones your knowledge as well as the implementation skills. That is what makes it so addictive. I can farely remember a few questions in Interviews that I answered based on the concepts I learnt from InterviewBit. I would recommend InterviewBit to anybody who wants to jump start their placement preparation. The Questions on Interview Bit helped me get a good grasp on the concepts that are frequently asked in the interviews. That has been a huge confident booster for me.

Most questions that I faced in interviews were similar to the ones I had solved here, enabling me to avoid getting nervous. Interview Bit is a great initiative to strengthen the tech interview preparation. One can find all the valuable resources, questions and expert guidance on a single platform here. Even the website is amazingly well designed. In the end, I would like to thank Interview Bit for their significant contribution to my interview experience and I wish them luck for the future. Interviewbit helped me to make my basics clear.

Being a competitive programmer, I pay less attention towards questions based upon linked list and arrays. I practiced linked list and other basic topics only to brush up for the placement season. Directi and Housing interviews were just too easy after the practice here. I want to thank InterviewBit for boosting my confidence in interviews. Directi was the first company that I had Interviewed for, on campus. I had little over a month of preparation time. I used to solve about questions in a day during my internship, and when I took time off, I used to work all day.

That was all the preparation I had. The one thing I remember was that, I never saw a question similar to ones that I had already solved. The biggest advantage I had by using InterviewBit was that I programmed those questions and saw them working. A lot of students tend to miss the part that they have to get in touch again with programming these sort of questions.

This was a game changer for me. It made me solve questions using a practical than a theoretical approach during my Interview. InterviewBit is the first of its kind in terms of a real interview preparation platform. They got the perfect balance between learning and competition for personal development. About two months back when I had to start preparing for Campus placements, like all students, I was suggested to do Codechef and GeekforGeeks.

I didn't know what that meant, because each one of those platforms have thousands of questions on them and I didn't know where to start. At InterviewBit, I found the perfect organisation of topics and it had just the right amount of dept needed to prepare. I did not need to look at every question ever asked in an interview, but rather just the variety of question from each topic. The concept of "Buckets" for each topic is phenomenal, and it lets you personalise your area of focus. The interface was top notch, and concept of Expected Output and Hints, really just gives you a push when you feel lost.

It is always hard to think of corner cases when starting the preparation; so the fact that I could see the cases for which my code was failing, that got my brain juices flowing again. Using InterviewBit, I always just felt like I was being taught all these concepts again by the best teacher possible and I never really realised that my teacher was any less than a human.

Tip 1- Breaking the ice:

If you are preparing for Interviews or if you want review the basic concepts again, you will struggle to find a platform better than InterviewBit. My Coding round question. You have developed something truly unique. InterviewBit has a really exhaustive set of problems which caters to the coding interview preparation. InterviewBit would always prompt you towards an optimal solution. It makes you think in a timed environment just like an interview.

The gamified approach worked wonder and made me addicted to the site. Thanks interviewbit team. I practiced solely on InterviewBit. The website helped me practice interview questions and solve new algorithmic problems. Gradually I got good grasp over coding problems and data structures. Categorization of problems is my favorite feature in this website.

Thanks a lot for this wonderful effort. Whole concept of InterviewBit is fantastic, I love practicing here. There are lots of questions available on internet to practice but there are a very few platforms where you can submit and evaluate your solution. I can safely say InterviewBit is the best among those. The concept of time boundation helps in boosting your coding speed. The Rank system is very cool as the competition drives you to do more everyday.

InterviewBit has played a great role in improving my coding. I have learnt a lot about STL. My codes are now shorter and cleaner. InterviewBit has been extremely helpful in my preparation. All the questions in my coding interview were similar to the ones asked here. InterviewBit has done an amazing job of clearing up my programming concepts and landing me a job I wished for. InterviewBit is one of the best initiatives to help people in preparing for Tech Rounds. Don't miss out people!

InterviewBit is one of the best designed online judges out there. It helped me find and solve good questions from all the areas of data structures and algorithms. In a few days, I got addicted and wanted to visit the site every single day. The questions on the site have been previously asked in the coding rounds of well-known companies.

That served as a confidence booster for me. InterviewBit is like your personal mentor.

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You never end up wasting time on single problem as it keeps track of time and gives hint if you're struck. Also it shows average time to solve each problem, so I could judge my skills and concentrate on my weak areas. Videos are very nicely prepared and explain concept in a simple way. I would recommend InterviewBit for improving your coding skills. Thank you InterviewBit.

Kudos to the team. I came to know about InterviewBit from a friend. It is a great platform for practicing and revising topics and key concepts for interviews. I could relate all the questions that were asked to me in my internship interview to what I had solved on InterviewBit. All topics are covered very well facilitated with top-notch questions. Help is also prompt if you get stuck and people are also out there to help you.

Some universities — such as the University of Manchester — set a specific written task for students to complete. This often involves analysing a short poem or prose passage, focusing on aspects such as tone, language and form. The University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge ask applicants to submit marked essays, such as A level coursework. These should not have been rewritten after marking — a member of staff is required to confirm this. For this type of task, applicants are given a set amount of time typically 20—30 minutes to read and make notes on a piece of text.

This is then discussed with around five other candidates, under the observation of one or more interviewers. You can prepare for this by participating in class discussions at your school or college; this will help you get used to articulating spontaneous responses. Your interviewer s may give you an unseen piece of text to read aloud and analyse on the spot.

To prepare, you should practise reading out loud, paying close attention to the pauses and sounds in the text. This is particularly important when reading poetry.

A word of caution:

You should also make sure that you can explain how and why these are effective. The UCL admissions test for prospective English students often includes a timed close reading exercise, for which applicants are asked to write a short critical commentary on one or more unseen passages of prose or poetry. NB — while UCL is currently the only university that openly states it uses this type of test, be prepared in case other institutions ask you to do it too.

There is no definitive list of interview questions for prospective English students. However, there are a few common areas that you should prepare for. This question is often seen as a way to ease you into your interview. Take the time to note down any key themes and literary techniques as you read. Feel free to consult your class notes, but also try to form your own opinions. What do you like or dislike about each text? How do you see the characters? Oliver Harris is a professor of American literature at Keele University.

Consider its choice of modules, its specialisms, and its teaching and assessment methods, and think about how these match your interests and way of learning. Check if there are any writers among its notable alumni, and — if possible — be prepared to talk about their work. If you apply to Oxford or Cambridge your research should be specific to the college that interviews you as well as the university as a whole.