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Who is your enemy? Is everything you are told the truth or are they just convenient… Meer. The Irish Joke Book is a comprehensive set of jokes about the Irish. Brendon Kelly pokes fun at the Irish from the troubled times… Meer. Prepare to be captivated by simplicity and gentleness. Be ready to share the poet's anger at some of the outrageous happenings… Meer. Here is a comprehensive handbook of twenty-two chapters covering all the major issues a counsellor or psychotherapist might meet… Meer.

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Xlibris Nz. Boeken van Xlibris Nz. Filter resultaten. Buks Lundt The Burning Spear. Direct beschikbaar. Verkoop door bol. Ebook Op verlanglijstje.


Hunter J. Burke The Executioner'S Daughter. Mike Todd Galapagos. In winkelwagen Op verlanglijstje. Vicki Mitchell Gingerpuss. Alex Brebeanu Logic Load System. Methods of Load Progression in Strength and Conditioning. James Irwin Rapture Reality Check. A Handbook for Counselors and Psychotherapists. Aspinall My Kit of Knowledge. Gunasilan Debecker Principle of Harmony in Healing. Unity in the Mystery and History of Medicine. Jane Comer Short Cut to Nirvana. Robert Edwards Rising Together. Brendan tries to suss out what is symbolism and what is fact in Brans out of body experience, while Natasha try to goad some overly ….

Catelyn makes it to Winterfell! We skip the sailor talk and get right into the meat of the chapter, with the first appearences of Varys and Littlefinger. We debate the correct way to duel your lost love's new fiance, …. Episode 20! We break out the champagne and get profoundly silly as we contemplate Jon's new life on the wall. Royal councils! Secret meetings!

The west wing has got nothing on this chapter of Game of Thrones. We get a full dose of Littlefinger brand snark, a …. Welcome to the Wall! Tyrion take's on the most exciting tourist destination in the 7 kingdoms, with beautiful views, charmingly misanthropic locals, …. It's tough growing up in Westeros, especially when your sister is fitting in, but your only friend has been chopped in half by the royal guard. It's right into the thick of it in this chapter! Brendan's not going to take another Daenyris chapter lying down, and he's fired up and ready for all comers.

We talk magical gonnerhea, boner killing, and appropriate …. Bran has a new life! Tyrion returns to winterfell! Brendan and Natasha are digging more into age, authorial intent, and tiny hounds the size of spiders. Trust no one! Intruige, conspiracy, honeyed milk! They're all going down smooth in Kings Landing. Who killed Jon Arryn? The Queen? The Grand Maester? Bad clams? We play our own version of Clue. Brendan …. We're back up to the wall with Jon! A new recruit brings out the worst in some, and the best in others, as Jon finally adapts to life on the wall.

Harrowing true tales of gym teachers are discussed, as well as questions …. Things are getting hot in King's Landing, and it's getting a little silly in the Unspoiled studio. We dig deep into consipracy theories, geneology, …. A short one! Catelyn confronts Tyrion on her way back to Winterfell.

This wasn't supposed to happen! What's going to happen? Will two headed bird omens really be the problem? Is that what George RR Martin had in …. It's time for a tournament-- forget your precious modern sports, people barely die doing those. Lets do this the Westeros way, everyone put on your fanciest armor and try to not quite kill each other! Sansa's carried ….

Flower knights, ridey mountains, hounds, and kingslayers! It's the end of the tournement. It's time for chaos, investigations, and drinking beer with the king. What didn't happen this chapter? Kick your Monday off …. What's been going on with Catelyn and Tyrion this whole time? Nothing that I predicted. The hills have eyes, and the hunters are now the hunted Try to catch cats, you end up catching two fat guys hatching a plot.

That's the saying right? Something like that? It's Arya, she's slick as a …. Turn in your badge and gun Ned! You're a loose cannon! You're off the case, and if I catch you pursuing it, I'll have you behind a desk until …. What is with these mountians!? Catelyn seems to have lead us into the worst part of Westeros so far, the Vale! We continue our chapter by chapter dissection it's a loving dissection of George RR Martin's Game of …. Littlefinger brings Eddard straight to some clues, and then Jamie shows him what it means to mess with the Lannisters. We talk prostituion, …. We go back to the Dothraki sea to check on our two favorite Targaryans, and find them doing the same old dance.

Will these two crazy kids ever learn …. Bran times! We get scared it's going to be boring, but then it's exciting! So exciting! We Starks, Theon Greyjoy, podcast geekery, if women can use …. Hey All, sorry we missed intros and outros on this one, but check that audio quality! It's Tyrion at the Eirie, getting his sky cell on, until he talks his way into a trial by combat that's bound to end in travesty! Right back in like we left something! It's Chapter 39, where Eddard wakes up with a hell of a poppy milk hangover.

We get deep into dream analysis, and then talk about where to draw the line between hitting your wife …. Trial by combat! Good thing nothing can go wrong with thisor, maybe it's a travesty that ends with a good man dying? Either way, it's an excuse to talk about mideval armor in comedy, and what Tyrion's going to get up …. It's graduation day at the wall, and everyone's remembering the great times they had together.

Everyone except Samwell Tarly. We talk wall times, new plans, and I break out a monumental number of predicitions. There's …. Tyrion's out of the Eirie, but is his new situation any better? Of course it is! He let's us in a little on a very traumatic moment in his past, and we see an interesting development in his plan to get home safely. Kings Landing! Court procedings! Moonlight raids! False flag operations! Someone's out hunting humans, and the king's out to lunch-- who's there to step up to the plate?

It's Sansa time again in King's landing. There's squabbles, there's heartbreak, there's song, and there's stories. There are also some really bizarre metaphores from Brendan, and some strong Sansa opinions from Natasha. No more silliness! Everything gets serious as Eddard calls Cersei down to the Godswood to deliver a message-- take your kids, and get the hell out of town. The time for clues and hints is over, it's time to find out …. Danaerys eats a horse heart Average weight It's high energy in the podcast …. It's Eddard again! The king isn't dead, but it's pretty darn close.

Is it the end of Robert Baratheon? More importantly, what does this mean for Ned Stark? He knows he's going to do the honorable thing, but what that is …. Back up to the wall! Graduation days finally here, and Jon's ready to take his vows! Fortunately, Ghost breaks up all this happiness with his discovery of a severed hand. We make some pretty outrageous predicionts, …. Ned brings a piece of paper to a sword fight, in what may be the most lopsided battle so far.

Stakes are raised perilously high, and we realize what it really means to play the Game of Thrones. Arya's on the run! Who can save her? The mysterious guy who lives in the stable? Nope, only Arya can save Arya, and she does a pretty good job of it too. We join the youngest Stark for some serious action …. For a book that's all about family ties, you can't get much more different than Sansa and Arya. Sansa doesn't kill any stableboys, doesn't jump out any windows, and doesn't even seem to realize what's happening.

She …. Hey guys, your podcast hosts are back from the bar, and Zombies are coming down from the north. We decide our own zombie plan, …. Bran's still in Winterfell, though he may be the only person who still is by the time this book is over. Robb is marching north with his army of bannermen, Rikkon has gone feral, and Hodor is just wandering around nude ….

Let's go shopping with Daenerys! She goes to the market, and get's a free sample of the best poisoned wine money can buy! We try to figure out what a manticore is, argue about the edibility of horse hearts, and discuss …. It's a Game of Thrones! Wait, we knew that, but this time, it's specifically Risk. There's a battle a brewin', and it's time to figure out where to put the pieces. We bring our best John Madden skills to bear, and try …. Mountain tribes!

Tywinn Lannister! Corpse eating ravens! So much machismo in one chapter! Can Tyrion even make it through? Will anyones genitals be fed to goats? All bets are off, in this battle planning episode of …. The Lannisters are here and they're taking over! I'm sure it'll be a perfectly peaceful transition of power. Definately no beheadings, definately no ….

It's dark, the door is locked, and all hope is gone. And that's just while we were recording. Eddard is locked in prison, with his confinement only broken up by visions and Varys. What's that sneaky spider up to? It's time for more Catelyn, and the introduction of the late Lord Frey. We talk casting choices, class struggles, zombie apocolypses, Twilight …. Who's got post zombie depression? Seems like Jon might, but we don't! We go back to the wall, to see how Jon's faring with all the depressing family …. There are two great blunders in this world. The most famous is to get involved in a land war in Asia.

The second worst is to get involved in a …. It's time for battle, but it's also time for Tyrion to get a little Tyrion time. Can you be lonely in an army full of Lannister Bannermen? What's …. The Battle is on! The Young Wolf is out slaying lions while his mother wolf looks on with concern. Brendan tries to work out the last few clues ….

It's Monday, are you ready for some blood magic? Big things are happening with the Dothraki. Khal Drogo is dying, Daenerys is about to give birth, and everyone's fighting to the death. Sounds like it's time for a new …. Some serious stuff happens in this chapter! I'm not going to spoil it yet, but a lot of it isn't about Arya. Stop reading this and listen to what happens when Joffery makes his first royal decree about the fate of ….

This chapter opens with two boys who have realized that there father won't be coming home, even before the ravens have time to make their way to …. Hoo boy! Joffery is crazy! As if having her father beheaded wasn't enough, Joffrey takes Sansa on a horror house ride through his sadistic mind, as he reveals his plans for his future. You know you're in trouble when …. Belated episode! Daenerys wakes from a dream to find that things are very strang. Loosing magic on the world has only turned things far worse than they were before.

How will she cope? What wil she do? Will Mirri live to …. We're inside the bivouac with Tyrion, Tywin, and Kevan! Tywin is not happy, and Brendan could not be more thrilled. How will the bald bruiser deal …. Wow, it's a short one! It's our last visit to the wall What's happening next? Will this episode end with Natasha in complete exasperation? Get one of these questions answered! Let's get …. King of the North! It's pretty much the last chapter! We've almost made it to the end, and it's big, political situation. Oh boy, last chapter and things got a little morose. We talk blood magic, sad movies, and things that make us cry.

There's also a misunderstanding about dragons that brings some real tension out in the room. It's our final Game of Thrones the book episode! We recap our favorite and least favorite charecters, our most surprising moments, and most unusual twists. We play a game of stunt casting with many of the parts in the ….

Brendan, Natasha, Brad, Tim, and Marco address differences between the books and the show, production choices, sex …. Say what you want about this episode, it's definately the longest! We give our final opnions about GoT on HBO season one, dispense way too much personal information, and get really into Zen and the art of deer skinning. This TV show is full of words and has too many pages! What's up with Hot Pie? What's up with incest? Why did people have to get blood tests before they got married?

We answer some of these questions-- and even talk a little about Arya "Lumpyhead" Stark. Hey, this tourny sucks, you wanna get out of here? I hear there's a small council meeting back at the castle that's so fun, the king's own mother …. Tyrion tours kings landing! It's all alchemy talk, an absurd number of mythic monsters, and Vary's beat you over the head subtle threats in this 'cast. Double ep! Two two two chapters for the price of one!

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What do you prefer? Bran's hungry like the wolf, but Arya is finding out what happens when you …. Jon's going out beyond the wall! Sam's trying to become a librarian to aviod it, and Old Bear Mormont is quizzing Jon about history. We spend about ten minutes on the chapter, then answer some questions from our …. Oh the cat's in the cradle and the iron throne or something. Catelyn's got to worry about Rob growing up too fast-- and possibly endangering Arya and Sansa through his new position as king of the North, and Blackfish ….

When Tyrion hosts a dinner party, you better have good conversation, or you might just end up with an infintite reservation at Castle Black. Janos Slynt learns that the hard way. Varys is here to run through the …. Wow, things sure are dire as the Nights Watch recruits make it up to the wall. It's all wormy apples and wolf attacks here. The bull even has to put …. Who the heck is this guy? Things are getting crazy on the Isle o' Stannis. The old gods are out, and the new god is in! It's Pirates, preisteses, and …. Oh boy! More new, boat related charecter POV's.

What's up with all these maritime people we're spending time with? Did GRRM go on a cruise or something? Theon brings up some intense reactions in our hosts-- in both …. Dragons, disgraced knigts, dothraki, and Daenerys. It's all that, plus three magi come to find our newly reborn hero, as she follows a mysterious new ….

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Jon's gone up above the wall. There's no one there, but we get to meet the most dour member of the nights watch, and Brendan and Natasha develop a couple new new business ideas! We're back with Arya and her motley crew of Night's Watch ruffians. Despite Yoren's best efforts, they can't seem to find a safe way north, and …. This is one of my favorite epsiodes we've ever done. Tyrion's running around King's Landing, commisioning huge chains, climbing into secret tunnels, you know, fun stuff!

So let's all dig in and figure out what the hell …. Bran chapter! We learn about some of the colorful charecters in the north, as Bran sits in on a meeting with some supplicants, talks with the Freys, …. Back into Kings landing to get some more time with Tyrion!

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This time he's setting loose some messages, to see who is loyal to who. Warning-- there's a bit of Washing mashine noise in the begining of the episode-- it …. Who can Sansa trust? She's kept as a hostage, beaten, abused, and never allowed to leave. When a note shows up purporting to give her a way out, …. It's Arya, and Gendry, and the whole crew of self sabotaging jerks. Will they be able to survive in the woods alone, after all the adults have …. Let's light it up! It's a big chapter this week. Tyrion visits the alchemists guild to learn about wildfire, takes some correspondence from one Robb Stark, and has a heart to heart with Cersei about the future of her ….

Bran's having a feast, then he meets some Crannog folk-- in two different ways! We discuss the chapter, and then play two new games! Let's go see Renly! We meet lady knights, tournament fights, and discuss servants rights. This is some in depth analysis people! Meet Brienne for the first time, see what kind of army Renly has gathered, and find out …. It's time to go beyond the wall, to meet up with Craster and his poor wife-daughters.

It's anything goes in this weird dystopian fringe of society. Will Jon come to the rescue?

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  • The Dragon Queen and the Two Princes: Unspoiled Universe.
  • Will a bear attack them for their teeth? Hey Theon, when will you learn? It's a calvacade of awkwardness today, as the would be scion of house Greyjoy gets massively humiliated by yet …. Tyrion's back, so you know things are going to get tricky! Joffery get's a crossbow, Circe gets stomach trouble, and Pycelle get's a trim. Very busy day in kings landing! It's our first special episode! Wow, this chapter got real sad, real quick. This episode we try keeping our spirits afloat when faced with the genocidal rampages of Gregor Clegane.

    It may have made us a little crazy. We then, in attempt to get things …. Daenerys is in the big city of Qarth! We discuss shark attack statistics, …. Howland Reed's kids are weird, and they want to talk to Bran about dreams. This makes us wonder about dreams, their place in life, and in art.

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    • We also answer a food question from the audience, discuss an …. Wake up Tyrion! You have to break your cousins brain and then go see your girlfiiend. It's a late night chapter, but a little low on intrigue for a Tyrion chapter, but it leads to some spontanious predictions. Dude, this chapter was a bummer. The depravities of Gregor Clegane hang over this chapter like a cloud, as we muddle through, trying to fing a light, amongst the ghosts of Harranhal.

      Catelyn goes to meet Renly and Stannis and try and broker some kind of peace. Unfortunately, these two aren't here to make up, they're here to fight for the kingship! An offhand remark by Stannis has us wondering …. Oh boy, did you forget about Sansa? Joffery didn't, and it's a way too close brush with sadism, followed by a rescue by Tyrion that Sansa clearly ….

      What is going on here? Something has torn apart normal reality, and left nothing but pain and chaos in it's wake! Or maybe not! Someone in this world is a mind murderer. Hey man, let's hang out in a circle of rocks and huddle. You huddling? Ok, it's time for a very unfocused episode. We dig into pre-history against …. It's back to Winterfell, to check up on Bran, and to learn more about Jojen's "green dreams". One of his prophecies has come true, so we do our best to decipher the message in the two new ones he presents. It's actually …. Tyrion time again!

      The small council is meeting, so of course it's time for intruige. What's Cersei think Joffery is doing? Why does Littlefinger have a very specific list of demands? Is thirteen an appropriate age to …. It's everyone's favorite Greyjoy, Theon! He's not content with the "butchers work" of just slaying seaside smallfolk. He wants the big lambchop at …. More weird things are happening at Harrenhal, Arya is writing death checks, but who exactly is cashing them?

      We look into this, as well as who should …. Catelyn makes it back to Riverrun, but there's tension on all sides. She can't tell people what she's seen at Renly's camp, and she's pretty sure that Robb's army isn't making the best choices. But at least she gets to …. What's up Qarth!? We haven't seen you in forever! Looks like Daenery's isn't getting the promised help as far as invading Westeros goes, but she is getting mairriage proposals.

      Brendan get's into Victorian stage magic, …. Everything is falling apart. Kings are being pelted with dead babies and everything is on fire. Shawdow babies! They make our dreams come true! Something very weird is happening at Storms End, and there's going to be a funeral and a baby shower, so we better get busy! Davos get's to see something truely bizarre, ….

      More adventures beyond the wall! Lots of hot stews, less than whole hands. It's all roughing it with the night's watch this chapter, let's get …. Wow, some true confessions come out in this chapter! Tyrion talks about Tysha to Shae for the first time, and then Varys comes out with a doozy of a tale that really captures our hosts imagination. Who wants to be arrowfodder? What's this got to do with commercials? Who the hell is Jubb App-a-tuba? This chapter is mostly about Catelyn getting battle news and wondering how many of her children are going to die, but ….

      This was a great chapter. Arya gets sneaky in a bunch of different ways, and makes stuff happen. Pretty great! Prisoners from the north show up with Vargo Hoat, and things don't go as expected. Plus, free soup! Oh boy, welcome, to a real haunted hayride of prophecy, illusion, and pure who knows what that is Daenery's trip into the home of the warlocks! Check it out, and see how many connections we can make! Ok, check on the walls, check on the shantytowns, see if those pyromancers are keeping schedule.

      We take a real trip through Tyrion's to do list in …. Back from Hiatus!

      حان وقت المرح

      This epsidoe was recorded in a hotel, so sound is not quite up to usual standards. Still, we get to see what happens with Theon when Bran and Rickon escape custody. Jon climbs up a rock face to kill some wildings, but ends up with an inconvenient prisoner. We discuss the chapter, and reflect back on Theon vs Tyrion as two men running castles that aren't so fond of them. Things are really all over the place in Kings Landing.

      We talk about spontanious matress combustion, the identity of …. The Wolf dreams are spreading! Now Jon gets a chance to see through his wolf's eyes, but he's not the only one in the animal magic game. What's going …. Guess who's coming to dinner! It's our friend Tyrion, and it's all bad news, all the time for most of this chapter. Are the youngest Stark kids dead? What's going to happen to "Tyrion's woman". Who's worse that Circe? Caetlyn isn't having a great day. Her sons are reported dead, so she heads down to the dungeon to finally get some answers out of Jaime Lannister.

      The answers she gets though aren't what she's looking for. Running through the woods, wolves on his heels, it's finally time for Theon to Just a dream! When is this kid going to finally get …. Ok folks, only one big episode this week, chronicalling Sansa, Davos, and Tyrion as the big battle goes down in kings landing.

      Who lives! Warlocks are back in business, Daenerys has worn out her welcome in Qarth, and in the marketplace she gets a few things she wasn't looking for. We talk monster names, seaside smells, and phantom turtles. We also annouce …. Harranhal under Roose Bolton isn't much better than Harranhal under Tywin Lannister it turns out, and in some ways it's much, much worse.

      Arya …. Back to the throne room with Sansa! We learn who did well and who just didn't get killed at the battle of Blackwater. We also learn Joffery's reaction to a "war wound" that surely shamed all the half dead veterans in …. It's the greatest showdown in history. The Bastard of the Dreadfort shows up to show Theon, the Garbage of the Greyjoys, how being an awful human …. He's alive! Except for the nose! Tyrion is getting pretty rough treatment this chapter, besides having been been stabbed in the face, he also get's a podcast that mostly ignores him to pose complicated ….

      This is a short preview of our new premium podcast "The Gilded Eagle", where we take on other content than regular unspoiled. You can buy the full …. Jon almost meets his end at the hand of the wildlings, but is instead given a very dangerous new begining. We're almost to the end of the second ….

      It's the beginning of a new book! We finally get to see what ol' boily Chet is up to, and find out that maybe everything isn't going swimmingly with …. The First real chapter of a Storm of Swords, and the first Jaime chapter. Who's more into the action scenes, and what's going on between the Kingslayer and the Beauty? Catelyn has to pay the price for letting Jaime out of the prison.

      She has to spend time with her father! More familial troubles break out when her brother reveals he's ruined her entire crazy plan. Looks like no one …. Arya's on the run, but not in her dreams! Get out of my dreams, and into my wolf-mouth, is a thing, that you probably never should say.