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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Productions continued to be popular, in particular Barber of Seville, which was extended for two nights because of such strong attendance. But, change was imminent and shifting sentiments were felt. Meanwhile, Wegeforth set out on an around-the-world trip in and brought back all sorts of additions to the Zoo population.


Thanks to Amero for keeping that story alive. Wegeforth was an indefatigable world traveler, constantly scouting and acquiring animals for the Zoo. In , Wegeforth, the visionary of the San Diego Zoo, died at the age of Davies Ephemera Collection. Upon the death of Dr. Harry Wegeforth, the very capable Zoo Veterinary Pathologist Charles Schroeder resigned — a great loss, though he returned to the Zoo as director after Benchley retired in The potential for enemy bombings that could frighten the Zoo animals caused the administration to provide employees with firearms for use against any animals attempting to run free.

There were also regular air raid drills that actually did disturb the animals, and because the Zoo remained open to the public throughout the war, there was additional concern for the safety of guests. All this was accompanied for a period of time by reduced numbers of visitors and lower receipts, which meant fewer resources were available to maintain infrastructure, care for animals, and support education and research programs.

Many male employees were also drafted into the various branches of the armed services, leaving specialized jobs unfilled. He became quite a celebrity as a result, and the Zoo received worldwide publicity. Articles about Lee leaving his job to serve in the military were published across the country and even internationally. If there was a brighter side to the war effort, it was seen in the surge of patriotic volunteerism. As the Zoo entered the second quarter of its life with the United States at war in Europe and Asia, individual Americans and institutions eagerly pitched in to further the war effort.

One of the patriotic ways in which the Zoo did its part was to plant a vegetable garden in Mission Valley. Because gas and tires were being rationed, the Zoo also suspended its visitor bus tours. At the same time of war-inspired personal sacrifice, the Zoo was gaining stature in the scientific world. In , only three years after the birth of the first captive Andean Condor in the world at the Royal Zoological Society in Amsterdam, the San Diego Zoo was the site of the first captive Andean Condor to be hatched in the United States.

Another cause for celebration, the birth of the first hippopotamus at the Zoo took place the following year. With the conclusion of the war in , gas rationing ended and the popular Zoo Bus Tours resumed. By that time, the Zoo had more than 2, animals. The media delivered fresh stories of the animals, sharing them in print, audio, and later in the visuals of television, and, much later, online via YouTube.

Today, social media encourages even wider sharing of these stories in the 21st century, but, in the s, it was exciting to communicate with audiences listening via radio. An evening show called Animal Kingdom debuted on radio station KSDJ in , beginning a series of programs that discussed natural history.

The discussions were brief and not rehearsed, so there was an immediacy to the experience. In , the Zoo built a new flamingo pool, a very popular spot for the public to view the graceful and colorful birds. A dam was also constructed across the lower drainage basin. The year was topped with the opening of the Balboa Park railroad close to the Zoo entrance.

The miniature railroad has remained a beloved attraction in the park ever since. In an important step, the Zoo initiated water reclamation in That was four years after the conclusion of World War II, and it is as relevant today as it was then. An interesting side note is that in , San Diego experienced its first snowfall in 99 years. What must the animals have felt about that! The first Dr. Harry Wegeforth Day was declared in , but after , the name reverted to Founders Day.

The creation of a publicity department in was a crucial step in further spreading the word about the Zoo around the globe. The inquiries and requests submitted on a daily basis were becoming formidable in number. Media outlets and platforms were about to proliferate and a formal publicity department was essential.

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Doug Oliver hosted the local program. It was hugely popular. For the first decade, the local show was shot in black and white, but the episode national Zoorama was filmed in color. Tilton had a film studio and had produced one or two feature films at that time and was the premier independent film producer in town.

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In those days, that meant cutting the film with a razor blade and splicing scenes together. I traveled back and forth between San Diego and Hollywood, where I checked all dailies and footage at laboratories and made sure the program arrived at CBS on time. When Dale stepped onto the moving sidewalk, holding his hand held microphone, and touched the railing, he got a full volts through his microphone and his body and he let out a scream and an [expletive deleted] as we heard what sounded like lightening on the sound track.

We almost killed him. Of course, the footage was saved for the blooper reel. Celebrities galore appeared on Zoorama , including Arthur Godfrey, a very big name at the time. But the animals were the real draw. Gardner still recalls the incredible strength of the Zoo apes. The orangutans could pull more than double the weight of a strongman. Each segment was about seven minutes long.

So we really had to be ready. We had to know what we were doing but the real pressure came from the California Bell Tower. The chiming bells were so loud that they ruined the sound track and we had to start over. It chimed the hour and then chimed in and minute intervals. So we had to wait for the chime and then roll film right after the chime to be finished in our seven minutes or we had to wait until the next chime.

Adding to our pressure and stress were flyovers by jets, ruining the takes in between. An Official Zoo Greeter was designated in and it was none other than a salmon-crested cockatoo named King Tut. He had been donated by Mrs. Putnam of La Mesa. Four koala bears arrived from Sydney, Australia the next year, on loan to Paramount Studios for a film titled Botany Bay.

How does it work?

The first Kiwi safely arrived from New Zealand in It was a point of pride that it was the only one in the Western Hemisphere. Koala bears continue to charm tourists and have remained quite the attraction. That was in It became a very popular spot for families, as much for parents as for children.


The same year saw the building of a Zoo exit breezeway and gift shop. There were also some new residents on the property — animals who moved in to their new digs. Among the newcomers were Emperor penguins, a reticulated giraffe, a Chinese alligator, a flying snake, and a Hawaiian monk seal. Historian Richard Amero related a story about additional attractions in Added were a mouse tunnel, a snake pit, a turtle aquarium, and a house of spiders, scorpions, and insects.

Schroeder actively developed the Zoo property, one example being the iconic Flamingo Lagoon at the entrance. The mirror pool was replaced by the new and dryer Flamingo Lagoon. The first flamingo chick hatched in So much was accomplished in these years. In , Wegeforth Bowl was remodeled and a semicircular pool was added.

Additionally, guests could walk into the aviary for the first time because of a transformation of the Flight Cage. The Polar Bear Grotto, in iceberg-style architecture, opened in Martin is the one he should have asked. It would be more appropriate. After all, as I can't tell you the purpose of the handcuffs, it means that you might not be able to perform all necessary—checks. Hand them over," Martin says, holding out his hand. Martin can admit to himself that there is something satisfying about watching Douglas reluctantly obeying his orders.

Add to that the bet that he's going to win by the end of the day, and it's shaping up to be a more than good week. Now Martin has to work it out. He looks at the handcuffs. Checks, huh.

Reviews for the book There once was a hippo named gertie : a book of photos and limericks

He could check that they lock, he supposes. Not much else to be done with them. He takes one cuff and moves to close it. Douglas coughs. When Martin looks up, Douglas is shaking his head. Check in situ , like one does with checks.

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  6. Can't check something properly until it's actually in use, can one, Martin? Martin is fully aware of that. He waits, pointedly, until Douglas is gone, and then looks around the cabin. Extreme circumstances: he'll give Douglas extreme. He bets he can put them to a more extreme test than Douglas could. Aha, yes, perfect. He's seen the perfect test. He'll see to this and then their passenger will rue the day he gave the handcuffs to Douglas to test. Or even if he doesn't exactly rue it, he'll certainly see that Martin was the one for the job. He tries one lock. Then the second.

    Both functioning perfectly. Martin waits, expectantly, and Arthur beams up at him, also waiting. Or even Mum. But most likely Douglas. Because he's your co-pilot. Martin grits his teeth. I thought it might be some new pre-flight routine. Stretching the muscles beforehand. Or maybe a calming technique. All very Ben. Ah, Zen. I'm—" He refuses to say he's stuck. If you could go and get that from Douglas, that would be very helpful.

    Oh, and Arthur? No, no, no, no, no. Douglas cannot have done this to him.

    Ranch & Coast Magazine

    Martin takes a deep, calming breath. And another. They don't help. I mean, what use are a pair of handcuffs without a key? Nobody would use them if they didn't have the key. Douglas holds his hands out. They're empty. The bet. It looks like you just might have lost an unlosable bet. Jolly bad luck, Martin. He opens his mouth to try to formulate some reason for being like this that doesn't involve admitting that he got fooled by Douglas, but Carolyn interrupts. I don't want to know what idiocy you and Douglas are up to now. It's bad enough that I know all my employees are dolts, without adding details.

    Just, get down from there, please. Martin doesn't like the sound of that. Douglas, judging by the annoying snicker he makes, does like the sound of it. Not happening. We'll miss our take off time. And you all know what that means: extra expense. And we don't like extra expense, do we. They all know all too well how Carolyn feels about extra expense. You got yourself into this.

    Download the book There once was a hippo named gertie : a book of photos and limericks

    You'll just have to live with the consequences. Martin tries again, because he has an argument that Carolyn simply can't refute. She looks at Douglas and raises one finger, then at Martin and raises a second finger. Yes, that's two pilots. Looks like we have the requisite number on board. He can't do the rest of his flight checks from here, his headphones won't reach so he can't talk to air traffic control, and most importantly, he can't fly the plane. That leaves him with his little pre-flight motivational speech, the one he says to himself silently because Douglas wouldn't stop laughing that one time he caught Martin saying it out loud.

    And motivational speeches are all very well, but they don't take up an entire flight. Not one little bit. Besides, it's only a short flight. You won't hurt. I think my left arm is going numb already. Martin doesn't think any amount of boredom would be improved by Arthur spoon-feeding him chicken curry and rice. He can put a brave face on it. Though his arm really is starting to go numb. He wiggles his fingers. At least they still work.

    For now. You can't make time go slower. It's not scientifically possible," Arthur declares, certain as a small child in the ways of the universe. I'd never thought of it that way before. So when people say time goes faster, they don't really mean it? Martin really wishes it were true. He's got at least another hour to spend stuck like this, and that's assuming someone can free him the minute they land. So if he can't have food, he's at least going to have games. He is, however, hugely averse to bananas — he's probably allergic to them — and he never reads comics.

    But not milk or tea," Carolyn says immediately, and Douglas nods approvingly. Martin doesn't know how she's got it that quickly. Apples but not bananas. Coffee but not tea. Ah, Martin gets it. Or cheese. Where would they get cheese? Oh, I know the answer to that one!

    When conditions are really hard, animals will raid human camps for food. So if there are people on safari and they've made cheese sandwiches for their lunch, if a hippo gets really hungry and raids their camp and eats their cheese sandwiches, and really really likes them, then they could get a taste for cheese. Which means that, regrettably, we will crash.