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The below-given list comprises 4 of the best Italian stiletto knives of the year Have a look below:. This Italian stiletto is a vivid representation of the famous Italian switchblades of the 's.

It is perfectly legal to carry this version of the Italian stiletto in the state of California. The length of the blade is no more than 6-inches; also, pure Japanese stainless steel has been used in the manufacture of the blade which contributes to the rather refined needle-point and the narrow blade. The knife's middle handles have been molded with aluminum and subsequently coated with voltage-expelling plating. The strong spring locks are made of stainless steel; not to mention the fact that one can unleash the blade of the Italian stiletto very quickly by merely pressing the thumb button.

There is a vast variety to choose from when it comes to the Tac Force Italian stiletto knife; the one that is being reviewed here comes in the color black.


The blade of this Italian stiletto knife is strong and durable as it is made of a stronger version of steel; the surgical grade. This blade ensures that the stiletto knife stays free from the buildup of rust and corrosion. The length of the blade of the Tac Force Italian Stiletto knife is 3. In its closed form, the length of this Italian stiletto knife will be 4.

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This version of the Italian stiletto is an "assisted-opening" knife which means that you can unleash the blade in a smooth and swift manner. This Italian stiletto is the tinier version of the previously mentioned "Ti-Lite" Italian stiletto knife. The design of this Italian stiletto is based on the classic Italian stiletto of the s.

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However, these are perfectly legal to carry and own in most of the parts of the United States. The blade of this Italian stiletto is no longer than 4-inches.

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The pocket clip of this Italian blade is made of stainless steel which makes it easy to carry. This Italian stiletto is easy to maneuver with respect to its lightweight and compactness; all you have to do is press the thumb stud and the blade is ready to be used. In contrast to the previously mentioned Italian stiletto knives, the Devil's Brigade has a fixed blade.

The original version of this Italian stiletto was manufactured back in the year The original name of this Italian stiletto is "V Combat knife". This version is the sturdiest as it was specifically designed to handle pressure and abuse; in fact, it was manufactured for the American forces during the WWII. Due to its efficacy on the battlefield, this version of the Italian stiletto turned legendary and is popular around the globe till today.

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  • The length of the blade is at least of 7-inches which is longer than any other Italian stiletto knife; however, in contrast to the rare length, the Devil's Brigade Italian stiletto knife is rather lightweight. The above-listed version of the Italian stiletto knives are "automatic", also known as switchblades; the only exception is the "Devil's Brigade Italian stiletto knife ", which is a fixed-blade Italian stiletto.

    As compared to the spring-assisted opening knives, the Italian stiletto is better for self defense as well as thrusting and stabbing. Looking for a tomato knife?

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    A prosciutto slicer? A pesto knife? A sponge cake knife?

    Best Italian Knife under $100

    And as always, each knife made by Coltellerie Berti translation: Berti Cutlery is created start to finish by the same artisan look for the initials on the blade and expected to be put to work for a lifetime of cooking. Prices, too, reflect that devotion to craftsmanship. Founded by David Berti in —he taught his son, Severino, who, in turn, taught his son, Alvaro—the company is currently run by Andrea Berti, son of Alvaro, who has maintained tradition while venturing into new territory by offering the option of laser-cut blades and Lucite handles.