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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Your ears will hear Bb as the root, and therefore when you play the G, it will sound like the 6 th degree of Bb , rather than the root of the Phrygian scale.


Lick 3 is an excellent example of bringing out the 13 th in a 7 chord while still maintaining the harmony of the 7 th chord. Starting from the Bb root, the lick progresses up a major 3 rd to D, but then jumps right to the 13 th G instead of completing a Bb major arpeggio.

The second half of this lick features a chromatic approach to the 3 rd of Bb D , finally ending with the root. So, in this example, Eb and Db are approaching the D note on beat 5.

Wes Montgomery’s West Coast Blues for Guitar

If you want to learn more about chromatic approach notes , you can read my lesson on the subject through the link. This next lick is a great example of using triplets in a Bebop setting. Check out the tab and video below in order to learn the lick. The lick itself involves a bit of a substitution. Because of the use of triplets , this lick is sometimes demanding in terms of speed.

Harold Land - West Coast Blues (Audiophile gr. HQ Vinyl) - Blue Sounds

Start slowly and really get the timing down before playing faster. Beginning on the 9 th of Bb7 C , this lick dances around the chord tones of the Bb7 chord and the 13 th of Bb7 G.

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  • Using a bit of syncopation in the rhythm, Wes creates a captivating line that you can add to your vocabulary. No Wes Montgomery lesson is complete without a lick featuring octaves.

    Soul Society - West Coast Blues [ Official music video ]

    Use the video and tab below to get the notes for this lick. Using nothing more than the Blues scale the pentatonic scale with an augmented 4th , Wes creates a versatile line that you can use over any dominant 7 chord in Jazz. As I mentioned earlier in the article, nothing helps to internalize new solo material better than learning a given lick in as many ways as possible on the instrument. Finally, I love to hear your comments and any questions you might have about the lessons and Jazz guitar.

    Join other subscribers in recieving nothing but the best Jazz guitar lessons. Terence, first, thank you for the lesson…..

    Wes Montgomery - West Coast Blues Lyrics

    The theme is very good so is Wes Montgomery. After receiving your mail I did in the song….. Nor the tour around. The version I have is from the James habersol series……could it be possible to listen to your chord progression. Best regards from Spain, JJ.