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Dolores Cannon came to talk to me in spirit. She had watched me for a while studying her material, and wanted to say hi. Dolores confirmed that what her patients had all been telling her, during their deep state of unconscious hypnosis, was true. If you have not watched any of her YouTube clips or read her books yet, I recommend to do so. It really makes you think. Dolores told me she was still going through spiritual training on clearing past life Karma in the afterlife, and was waiting on a judgement whether she needs to incarnate to a physical body again, or are free to stay in Home Source.

I am not sure who was going to judge this, or if it is Dolores herself who are the judge on her spiritual growth and clearing on Karma. When I asked if she was doing well, she confirmed she was doing great. Dolores also mentioned that if I will study her books, I will get close to the truth about the existential questions I am seeking answers on, and know what to expect when crossing over from this physical reality.

I normally find it easier to watch video clips, but her books are next on my list. Back to the conversation of the truth I am seeking. In a sense, I have already gotten my answer to life after death and reincarnation from having past life recalls. I am describing one of my past life recalls in the second episode of Conversations With Spirit And Extraterrestrial Beings.

My second past life recall was of me as a Native American Indian Medicine woman. This explains my love for the Native American fashion of feather ear-rings and Pocahontas shoes. I have a dream catcher next to my bed, and am very fascinated by their spiritual believes and rituals. I have been told by several psychics and mediums that I have healing hands. This has been confirmed also by my Spirit Guides, who encourage me to work with healing.

I think it may become a reality in a near future. I also found a connection between my RH negative blood group and the Cherokee Indians. Pretty cool. This is a validation of the fact that life does not just end when we die.

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I think reincarnation will be seen as natural as breathing air in the future. The more I ask, the more information I receive about the true nature of human beings, and why we are here. I need to jump ahead to current time again, December 9, , to give you an example. I asked my Spirit Guides the following questions:.

Now, it sounds like I was all depressed asking this, but that was not the case. I just have a deep desire to know what we are meant to do in this lifetime. The answer I received was that the purpose with the whole amnesia process, when incarnating here on Earth, is simply to gain the memory back and realize your true self and where you are from. My Masters explained that if we can relate to each other with pure unconditional love, we will increase the frequency of the whole planet. Evil and corruption cannot exist on this frequency and we will move towards creating a new Earth.

We will also get our true powers back, and be able to manifest whatever we want to create in life just by thinking of it. The manifestation by thought is a power we first have to earn by increasing our frequency and to be able to keep this high vibration. If we do not have an intent of pure unconditional love, and if this gift would come in the wrong hands, it could possibly be used to destroy humanity and the whole planet. Keeping the frequency of unconditional love is not an easy task. Try to only think loving thoughts for a whole day.

Even for this short duration of time, it is close to impossible. Just hit the afternoon traffic and you are back to square one. On this particular night, when lying in bed still awake, they showed me two visions. The first vision was of a year old boy wearing a brown T-shirt, and he was being pushed out from a portal or a stargate, into a deep forest.

The boy was nervously looking around, not knowing where he was. Still, I am not sure what this vision was about, but I think it may be a metaphor for the amnesia we are put in when incarnating on Earth. We are born here on Earth, all confused, and have to find our way back to the Divine connection that is our home. The other vision was of me my face. I saw myself in a mirror, and I had crystal clear, slightly larger eyes, with very small to non-existent pupils.

My eyes were light blue as the clearest ocean. I remember thinking; damn, I look good. I did not see anything else. The vision stopped there, and I was thinking it was so odd. What was that about? The next morning, I opened up YouTube to watch a video clip, like I always do in the morning to keep myself entertained while getting ready. The video clip had a photo of a young girl with crystal clear, big blue eyes, like the ones I had in my vision.

Dolores Cannon’s Most Famous Books

I was instantly thinking that I had to watch this video. In short, the video was about the star children, who are coming from other dimensions and planets within the Universe. You can watch it here:. I could not help thinking if this synchronicity was meant to tell me that I am one of the star children. Adding to this was that about two weeks prior to this incident, I asked my Masters where I was from.

On two different occasions they showed me the name of a planet called; Ana eXon how I saw it. The first time I was told this, I thought I probably had a vivid imagination and was making it all up. I was seriously debating whether I was going nuts. However, some days later, I decided to Google it. It turned out to be one of five planets in the Hevrov Star System. Last night, my Galactic friends were working intensely on me.

I woke up several times throughout the night, and for every time I awoke, they were still there. I felt blissed out, high and groggy. I noticed that my dog, Abigail, who was spooning me in bed felt groggy too. She has extreme fear of fireworks. I feel so bad for her and I am terrified she will get a heart attack from the stress. I hope you enjoyed this episode.

Conversations with Extraterrestrials: Nine Case Studies

If you missed the first two episodes, you can find them here:. If you have any comments, please feel free to share them in the comment section below. I am very open to a discussion about this phenomenon, spirituality, and extraterrestrial life. Anything in fact. Make sure to check in, now and then, for the release of part 4. If you would like to share this with your network, I would appreciate it immensely.

She left her beautiful home country for her love of the sun and warm weather. She does not cope well with the cold and darkness during autumn and winter in Sweden. Click To Tweet CT: If you had the opportunity to go back and do something a little differently, what would it be? CT: What kind of manager are you? Has this evolved with the growth of Ino-Rope? I try to protect them as much as possible and not to scare them too much, especially when we have cash flow issues … I meet with everyone once a week or they all get a chance to speak, my office is open 24hours and I watch over them to chase away the slightest worry Of course, my way of doing things has evolved, cf.

Are there any challenges that are particular to the region? Share this The following two tabs change content below. Bio Latest Posts. If you want me to geek out, ask me about digital tools and writing prompts! Latest posts by Claire Trevien see all. One evening in , following a series of UFO sightings, Maryann was in her home watching TV when she became aware of a presence. Although she couldn't see anything, in her mind's eye she sensed a strange being. The figure was thin, bald, with a large head, gray skin and dark almond-shaped eyes. In other words, the typical gray-type alien.

At that point, Maryann began to experience the phenomenon of automatic writing. Messages that she believed were from the alien began to be transmitted through her. Says Maryann, "He's very interested in our interest in him and his race. They're vastly interested in us. They're almost more fascinated in us than we are in them.

We don't think the same way they do. He said, 'We live in oceans. Their ships are underwater.

Fermi paradox

They're very benign. They have no nuclear warheads [or] this kind of stuff. Like many contactees, Maryann was given information about upcoming natural disasters. He didn't predict anything else. He just said we're in for some big type of natural disaster. I get the impression, thinking back to what he talks to me about, is that they're almost here to warn us. Not of an impending doom type of thing, like the world's going to blow up, but they're not here to hurt.

They're here to observe. The alien told Maryann that their race is much more numerous than all of humanity. This is not just five or ten or twenty ships roaming around. We're talking—from what I get from him—millions and millions of these people. And they've existed before we recorded time and history. The alien told her that they were conducting a program to contact small groups of people across the planet. They have jobs like everybody has jobs down here.

His job is to find people who are receptive enough that he can talk to. And he was really worried about whether or not I was really scared I get the impression that I am not the only one he talks to. In fact, I think that it's like a job for them. That's kind of the impression I got, is they kind of probe different people.

It's like his job is to find people who are receptive. Marianne has made contact with the alien on several occasions, and has been given much more information. Even more amazing is that Melinda has been able to recall many of her experiences consciously, without the aid of hypnosis. She is what UFO researchers call a conscious abductee. While she has had virtually the entire range of UFO experiences, one of her most dramatic occurred in July while driving with two friends through the Los Angeles forest.

All three experienced a two-hour-long abduction into a metallic craft piloted by grey-type ETs. Once on board, they were undressed, examined, separated, and given separate messages. Melinda Leslie was able to recall the entire event consciously. As she was laid out and examined, she hammered the aliens with questions, none of which they answered.

She saw her friend sitting in a chair with a bizarre-looking headset on him and she screamed out, "What are you doing to him? One of the aliens replied, "It's all right, we're giving him information. It's all right.

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  8. We're educating him. Melinda continued to let out a stream of questions, however, she was rarely answered, and then, only in an evasive manner. Says Melinda, "They don't give you straight answers. They say, 'It's okay. We need to do this. You understand. At one point, the three friends were separated and placed into different rooms. Melinda found herself in a room with a dozen greys. One stepped up to her and said, "Now, we're going to do something. Don't be afraid, but this is very important that we do this.

    We're going to put this over your head. What followed was a bizarre procedure. Melinda was immobilized by a device placed over her head. The aliens stood in a circle around Melinda and pushed her back and forth like a punching clown. Melinda felt she was going to fall, but each time she was caught and pushed again. Finally, she relaxed. At that point, they stopped and removed the device. One of the aliens said, "You needed to learn that You needed to learn to trust us. Meanwhile, Melinda's friend, James, was receiving a different message.

    Says Melinda, "James said when I was out of the room, they came over to him, and they showed him a device, a bunch of stuff. They told him how to make a UFO detector, and they gave him the information. He said, they said because they wanted him to document and videotape them. When sightings happen, they told him he has a mission to document this stuff. According to James, "They showed me how to do this. And they explained the whole thing technically to me, and I was given the information how to build those.

    They were done and they made sure I understood. And I said, 'Yes, I understand. Melinda's other friend was unable to recall much detail other than being taken onboard and examined.

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    Melinda continues to have experiences and has lectured extensively about her encounters. However, the patterns are usually the same. For the most part, aliens are not only extremely taciturn; when they do speak they are often evasive. When abductee Travis Walton was taken onboard a UFO, he asked numerous questions of the aliens, none of which were answered. When abductee Betty Hill asked her abductors where they came from, they told her, "You wouldn't understand. But as the above cases show, the aliens do sometimes reveal information about themselves, their feelings, their intentions, their desires, fears and beliefs.

    By piecing together these accounts, we are beginning to get a clearer picture of who the aliens are and what they are doing on this planet. The main message revealed by the aliens' conversations is that they have a strong interest in humanity. Whether they are removing genetic material, imparting spiritual knowledge, predicting natural disaster or studying our emotions, the aliens are obviously fascinated by humanity.

    The conclusion is clear. For whatever reason, they are deeply interested in us. And if the patterns reveal anything, the aliens will remain here for a long, long time. X OOPS! Please wait while we add the items to your shopping cart Search Results. Your Account. Your Wishlists.

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