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She's just crying wolf again. Don't cry wolf too often. No one will come. Raise a false alarm, as in Helen's always crying wolf about attempted break-ins, but the police can never find any evidence. This term comes from the tale about a young shepherd watching his flock who, lonely and fearful, called for help by shouting "Wolf!

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The tale appeared in a translation of Aesop's fables by Roger L'Estrange , and the expression has been applied to any false alarm since the mids. COMMON If someone cries wolf , they claim that they are in danger or trouble when they are not, so that when they really are in danger or trouble and ask for help, no one believes them or helps them. Tom was just crying wolf. He wanted attention. Farmers have cried wolf in the past but this time, the industry really is at crisis point. When a wolf did actually appear and attack him, his genuine cries for help were ignored and no one came to his aid.

To raise a false alarm, to ask for assistance when you don't need it, and by extension, to exaggerate or lie. When they came to his rescue, they learned of the false alarm. However, when a wolf actually menaced the flock, the villagers disregarded the shepherd's calls for help, and the wolf ate the flock and in some versions the boy. It means that by liking Game Wardens Facebook page here and sharing a post about Cry Wolf on social media you get two dollars off your copy of the game.

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  • You get to keep some of the money I would have spent on advertising. We ask that if you commit at this level that you follow through with sharing and continue the spreading the love of this game! Get one copy of the game shipped to your door in the United States with no obligation to share your joy with anyone on social media. Reward-One Copy of the Game and your likeness will be featured on at least one of the Cry Wolf cards in every copy of the game.

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    A high resolution image of the illustration you are a part of will be emailed to you. Get one copy of the game and become immortalized by being drawn into every copy of the game printed on the Cry Wolf Card. You will submit a photo of yourself and our artist Ramiro Liquer will draw you in his style. The final position and pose will be the sole discretion of the artist. Your clothing will also be changed to reflect the mood of the cards. Add 16 dollars to any pledge to ship each additional copy of the game to a location in the United States.

    This project does not feature any stretch goals. We have excluded them in order to ensure swift delivery of the product at a price point that will allow me to ship the games with minimum risk to backers. Instead we have included some of the common stretch goals in our accounting for minimum funding. All of the cards will have a linen texture at base funding and feature full artwork. This game will ship only to the United States and will be sent directly from the print on demand service The Game Crafter.

    They are professionals that will ship your game in a small box just like this one. This is why we have worked with the print-and-play community to make the highest quality print and play possible, including multiple languages and paying attention to details such as using A3 paper sizes. If you still want to buy the game, I hope to make it available for purchase after the Kickstarter rewards ship.

    Romiro Liquer brought this beautiful and refined story to life. Here is a snapshot of our process. We have intentionally worked to reduce the risks associated with this campaign by taking a variety of steps. First was limiting shipping to the United States.

    This was a hard decision, but after studying the problem we felt that printing and shipping from the United States would be the easiest and least risky option. We will be using the Game Crafter to both print and fulfill orders. This reduces a lot of the logistical work on our end. While there is less economy of scale using this partner there is also a lot less risk. Next we have excluded stretch goals. In place of stretch goals we have chosen to instead create a high quality product linen cards and priced the game at a level that will allow us to ship to backers in a timely matter.

    Delays-many projects can experience delays, that is why we have given ourselves six months to ship the project.

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    But by printing in the US and shipping only to the US we have cut out many of the delays. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. All the files you need to print-and-play the game. Including cards, the tuckbox, rules and reference cards.

    Including multiple languages English, French, Spanish, and possibly others and alternative card layouts. For just 16 dollars and sharing this project on Social Media, this game will ship anywhere in the United States. Add 16 dollars for each additional copy. Get one copy of the game, shipped to your door, in the US and the deluxe print-and-play, with no obligation to share your joy on social media. Get your likeness drawn into at least one of the eight cry wolf cards. You will be one of the angry villagers! Plus get one copy of the game and the deluxe print-and-play.

    Add each additional copy of the game for 16 dollars.

    Thank You Backers! We are so excited to deliver the game to each of you!

    Aug 14, - Sep 13, 30 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Cry Wolf: A Micro Game.