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I kept hoping I was wrong--that his secret revel wouldn't be what I thought--but I was right, and as a result, I was disappointed in his character. People like him have to do what they have to do, but some of what he engages in i. Speaking of, I found his whole relationship with Rachel to be disturbing and trashy, and the inclusion of it and his lack of shame at any point made me detest his character. I also hate that sex between him and Taylor is similar to sex between him and Rachel.

There's nothing that makes sex with Taylor special, and I don't like that--especially when Rachel points out to Taylor that Case is not making love to Taylor, and Case never states otherwise or corrects Rachel. What could have made that scene would have been Taylor knowing that he did make love to her and that she was special. But, no. The writer felt that we needed to know that sex with Taylor isn't special to Case.

Along those lines, I didn't care for the sex scenes. And plenty of writers have proven that a connection can exist in the dirtiest of sex scenes. Even as they cared about each other, it was as if they still kept sex void of feelings--and that's not for me. The writing itself is choppy. I wish the writer would have used more contractions, especially in the dialogue. There are frequent grammar errors, but nothing too severe.

The lack of contractions is what killed me the most--as far as the writing itself is concerned. But, this book shows that the writer doesn't use an editor not a good one, anyway. So I'm not likely to buy anything else of hers. I was torn about whether I wanted to give this 1 or 2 stars. The story was kind of engaging. I finished the book. I acknowledge that some of my issues with the story are based on personal preference within this genre, but the character development and writing just aren't to standard for me.

I give the plot a 2, but the writing brings it down to a 1. View 2 comments. May 24, Coco. V marked it as to-read Shelves: freebie. Sep 02, Hanne rated it it was amazing. I loved it and I was wondering all the time what would happen next. Taylor discovers a secret that her brother has been keeping from her. She also meets Case on the s 4. She also meets Case on the same night.

Case is everything Taylor hates in men and she wants nothing to do with him. When one day she loses her job, Case offers her a job in his club. She accepts, but she has her doubts. They spend a lot of time together and can keep fighting the attraction between them. Case is dangerous, confident and rich. He has a successful business with his best friend. Case feels very protective over Taylor from the start. There is something special about her. Case wants to make sure that Taylor is safe and would do anything to make sure she is, even breaking his rules.

Case has rules for a very good reason and has never been tempted to break them, until he meets Taylor. Taylor is sweet, caring and innocent. She works hard and was devastated that she lost her job because of something stupid. There happen several mysterious things to her, but Case is always there. Taylor feels safe with him. She loves her brother and can always can count on him, just like she is always there for him. The big secret was about Case. Who is he really? What does her brother do for him? I was guessing the whole time and it is only revealed near the end.

I of course wished that it was revealed sooner, but I loved the build up to the revelation. The revelation will cause trouble between Case and Taylor, but Case will fight for her. View 1 comment. Nov 17, The Smutbrarians rated it really liked it Shelves: earc. I will say that I loved the characters! Case is so mysterious. As I was reading I was like, ok damn it! What is this guy up to?!

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Why will he not get emotionally attached? Yes, Case had me fully questioning him and what his intentions were. Taylor is a fairly independent, strong women. She is determined to not fall for Case, but we all know how that always turns out. A women can only stand so much sexual tension before her will breaks, right?

The only thing for me was, it was a little long winded in places and I found myself skimming. But let me add this did not take away from the story being told, and I still found myself being pulled into Addiction and not being able to put it down. Addiction is full of suspense and the just right amount of angst. I enjoyed this book and hope you do as well. View all 4 comments. Jan 12, Danielle Harris rated it it was amazing. This book is effing HOT! Case seriously melted the panties right off!

He is cocky, dangerous, and oh so tempting! Taylor you lucky lucky girl! This book is very intense, and it was right up my alley. I can't wait to dive into the next book. Jan 15, Terri rated it liked it. The story was ok for me. Although it started off fairly enjoyable for me I didn't quite connect to the story or the characters as I would of liked. Sep 23, Kelly Merie rated it really liked it Shelves: twists , alpha-asshole , dark-read , forbidden-love , kindle-unlimited , friends-to-lovers , manwhore-hero.

I read another book of hers earlier this week, and it's been love-at-first-chapter with her and I. I Dare You , if anyone was wondering what stole my heart and a tiny little piece of my soul. I put the book down with the intentions of never picking it up again. I found myself picking it apart and not connecting with the characters. It took me a bit to realize it wasn't Addiction that was the problem.

No, it was an undiagnosed but correctly googled case of a book-hangover. So after some self-diagnoses in mind, I picked it back up a few hours later. This is an author you have to read every word of the book for the total wow-factor endings. Love it. Shantel Tessier - Woman, you can write some hot AF sex scenes, there were a few times I fully expected my kindle to catch on fire from what was happening on these pages.

Those steamy scenes mixed with a bucket load of drama, twists-you-didn't-see-coming and a little bit of mushy-gushy-professions-of-love - this book was solid. Feb 10, Jan rated it it was amazing Shelves: hot-hot-hot , danger-bloodshed , twists-and-turns , arc , dirty-mouthed-alpha , recommend. Addiction From the moment I started this book I craved to know more. Who is Case? Off the charts hot, gripping, told in the povs of Case, Taylor and Blake which I loved as each character were the main characters a Addiction From the moment I started this book I craved to know more.

Off the charts hot, gripping, told in the povs of Case, Taylor and Blake which I loved as each character were the main characters and had the bigger roles in the plot although it was mostly focused on Case and Taylor. There's sex, danger,mystery,suspence, drama,killings,twists and turns,assault and if that isn't action enough the icing on the cake romance.

Spiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality

Loved Addiction, loved the characters, the pace, the content and I'm looking forward to the next book. Favourite Quotes: She makes me think maybe the sun could shine every day and I'm becoming addicted to it. I'm becoming addicted to this ride she has me on. Oct 17, Jos rated it it was amazing. Wow, wow, wow, what a story!!!! This story was filled with sex I literally read this book squirming in my seat and between my girlie parts and my Kindle, I wasn't sure which would catch on fire first! Holy hell, my whole body was on 'fire" in the very best way: Ok, so now onto the story, lol, it was fantastic, gripping, suspenseful, angst and drama and I felt every emotion possible from 5 Hot, Sexy, Suspenseful Stars!!!!

Holy hell, my whole body was on 'fire" in the very best way: Ok, so now onto the story, lol, it was fantastic, gripping, suspenseful, angst and drama and I felt every emotion possible from start until finish! Taylor and Case, oh my, I absolutely loved them both fiercely Now Brecken, oh, I cannot wait to read his story!!!!

I will be waiting anxiously until I get ahold of his story and hopefully catch up on my favorite characters, Taylor, Case and let's not forget Blane and Savannah, too: Congrats Shantel Tessier, what a fantastic start to this series!!!!!! I can't wait for more to come Nov 23, Indy rated it really liked it. Strong 4 star read! I think what detracted slightly for me awarding 5 stars is the heroine - her immaturity got on my nerves, I prefer independent, not-so-whiney, stick by her guns lead females and Taylor's 21 YO youth showed Strong 4 star read!

I think what detracted slightly for me awarding 5 stars is the heroine - her immaturity got on my nerves, I prefer independent, not-so-whiney, stick by her guns lead females and Taylor's 21 YO youth showed through at times. But well written, continue to snatch up any and all Tessier reads.

May 17, Kari Davis rated it it was amazing. This was intense and I devoured this book. Addictive doesn't even begin to describe this book Shantel Tessier has hit a freaking grand slam with this. I have to say this is probably her best work yet. I have read all of Shantel's work and I love and adore her, but this book just blows them all away. Seven Deadly Sins is the nightclub owned by Case and his best friend Brecken, but its all a front for their other op Whoa!! Seven Deadly Sins is the nightclub owned by Case and his best friend Brecken, but its all a front for their other operation drug running.

However, everything you think you know, you don't! Blane Taylor's brother gets involved with Case and Taylor is unhappy. She doesn't trust Case, she's hurt and pissed at her brother given their history with drugs in the family. She is determined to hate Case and never trust him, but things change and so does Taylor's opinion.

Or does it? Case is smoking hot and I just wanted to take a ride with him or on him LOL He's badass, but yet he's sweet too. He is alpha male and you can't help but swoon over him. He wants to protect Taylor, but he can't let her know what is going on or else her life will be in more danger. Secrets and lies always catch up to you Will she forgive him? Taylor ugh I got a little sick of her self righteous attitude, but then I understood why she felt the way she did too. Taylor is the type of girl that has that innocent feel, but yet she's experienced some major drama in her short life.

Her family's past is slowing creeping into her life and when she finds out the truth, she won't be the same. Will she be able to move on? Will she given in to Case and let her desires win? Will she learn to trust Case and keep him out of her heart? I am the devil craving the taste of heaven. Just as an addict craves it's next hit, she is becoming my addiction, even though I know she'll be the one thing to destroy me. Case and Taylor together was electric. You could feel the sexual tension between them and then when things take a turn Sexy HOT!!

Case knows his way around a woman and Taylor is experiencing things she normally doesn't do, but with Case all bets are off. Will they let their hearts take over? Will lies and secrets get in the way The only way I can describe this book is like a roller coaster. When you start climbing to the top of the first hill, you are scared because you don't know what is going to happen. Then when you go shooting down that first drop, adrenaline takes over and you find yourself sucked into an intense ride.

It has highs and lows just like with every ride, but soon the twists and turns come, jolting you and making you grab on for dear life. You're scared, your happy, and by the time you are at the end your eyes are glazed over and you have a satisfied smile on your face. This book does all that too you and more!

Bravo Shantel You totally put a spell on me with this and I can't do this book justice!

Review: Deadly Addiction, by Kristine Cayne

It was outstanding and bewitching! This is going into one of my top reads this year!! Apr 09, April Symes rated it it was amazing Shelves: all-bout-control , at-times-a-darkish-romance , almost-tragedy , broody-possessive-hero , arc-review , betrayal , , alpha-male , arc , age-difference-older-man-younger-w. Shantel Tessier has written an amazing and compelling story that will reel you in from the start and keep your attention until the very end.

We meet Taylor, her brother Blane, and her best friend Savannah in Addiction, and very soon get to meet Case. This story starts off with Taylor receiving a call that starts everything rolling- the call is from her father stating that he's been arrested. From there everything spirals quickly out of c Shantel Tessier has written an amazing and compelling story that will reel you in from the start and keep your attention until the very end.

From there everything spirals quickly out of control; what happens has the story branching into intricate web of lies, deceit, and incredibly hot and steamy scenes between Case and Taylor. Addiction is full of intrigue, suspense, of passion and everything will have you guessing until the very end. Taylor and Case's story is awesome and I loved the cast of characters that were introduced in this book. If you love romance and suspense, this is a the book to read. My Rating: 4. Your cart Close. Go Search. Download Image. Imprint Headline Eternal.

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Close cookie policy overlay. Pride is also referred to as "pride that blinds," as it often causes a committer of pride to act in foolish ways that belie common sense.

Seven deadly sins - Wikipedia

The first volume, Hubris , [51] describes Hitler's early life and rise to political power. The second, Nemesis , [52] gives details of Hitler's role in the Second World War , and concludes with his fall and suicide in Much of the 10th and part of 11th chapter of the Book of Sirach discusses and advises about pride, hubris, and who is rationally worthy of honor. It goes:. Do not store up resentment against your neighbor, no matter what his offence; do nothing in a fit of anger. Pride is odious to both God and man; injustice is abhorrent to both of them Do not reprehend anyone unless you have been first fully informed, consider the case first and thereafter make your reproach.

Do not reply before you have listened; do not meddle in the disputes of sinners. My child, do not undertake too many activities. If you keep adding to them, you will not be without reproach; if you run after them, you will not succeed nor will you ever be free, although you try to escape. Jacob Bidermann's medieval miracle play , Cenodoxus , pride is the deadliest of all the sins and leads directly to the damnation of the titulary famed Parisian doctor.

In Dante's Divine Comedy , the penitents are burdened with stone slabs on their necks to keep their heads bowed. It is translated to apathetic listlessness; depression without joy. It is related to melancholy : acedia describes the behaviour and melancholy suggests the emotion producing it.

In early Christian thought, the lack of joy was regarded as a willful refusal to enjoy the goodness of God; by contrast, apathy was considered a refusal to help others in time of need. It also indicates love for those outside one's immediate family, specifically forming a new family with one's "beloved". Pope Gregory combined this with tristitia into sloth for his list. When Thomas Aquinas described acedia in his interpretation of the list, he described it as an "uneasiness of the mind", being a progenitor for lesser sins such as restlessness and instability.

Dante refined this definition further, describing acedia as the "failure to love God with all one's heart, all one's mind and all one's soul "; to him it was the "middle sin", the only one characterised by an absence or insufficiency of love. Acedia is currently defined in the Catechism of the Catholic Church as spiritual sloth, which would be believing spiritual tasks to be too difficult. In the fourth century, Christian monks believed acedia was not primarily caused by laziness, but by a state of depression that caused spiritual detachment.

Vainglory Latin, vanagloria is unjustified boasting. Pope Gregory viewed it as a form of pride, so he folded vainglory into pride for his listing of sins. The Latin term gloria roughly means boasting , although its English cognate — glory — has come to have an exclusively positive meaning; historically, the term vain roughly meant futile a meaning retained in the modern expression "in vain" , but by the 14th century had come to have the strong narcissistic undertones, that it still retains today.

With Christianity , historic Christian denominations such as the Catholic Church and Protestant Churches, [56] including the Lutheran Church , [57] recognize seven virtues , which correspond inversely to each of the seven deadly sins. Confession is the act of admitting the commission of a sin to a priest, who in turn will forgive the person in the name in the person of Christ, give a penance to partially make up for the offense, and advise the person on what he or she should do afterwards. According to a study by Fr.

Roberto Busa , a Jesuit scholar, the most common deadly sin confessed by men is lust, and by women, pride. The second book of Dante's epic poem The Divine Comedy is structured around the seven deadly sins. The most serious sins, found at the lowest level, are the abuses of the most divine faculty. For Dante and other thinkers, a human's rational faculty makes humans more like God. Abusing that faculty with pride or envy weighs down the soul the most though abuse is gluttonous.

Abusing one's passions with wrath or a lack of passion as with sloth also weighs down the soul but not as much as the abuse of one's rational faculty. Finally, abusing one's desires to have one's physical needs met via greed, gluttony, or lust abuses a faculty that humans share with animals.

This is still an abuse that weighs down the soul, but it does not weigh it down like other abuses. Thus, the top levels of the Mountain of Purgatory have the top listed sins, while the lowest levels have the more serious sins of wrath, envy, and pride. The last tale of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales , the " Parson's Tale ", is not a tale but a sermon that the parson gives against the seven deadly sins. This sermon brings together many common ideas and images about the seven deadly sins. This tale and Dante's work both show how the seven deadly sins were used for confessional purposes or as a way to identify, repent of, and find forgiveness for one's sins.

The Dutch artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder created a series of prints showing each of the seven deadly sins. Each print features a central, labeled image that represents the sin. Around the figure are images that show the distortions, degenerations, and destructions caused by the sin. Spenser's The Faerie Queene , which was meant to educate young people to embrace virtue and avoid vice, includes a colourful depiction of the House of Pride.

Lucifera, the lady of the house, is accompanied by advisers who represent the other seven deadly sins. The seven sins are personified and they give a confession to the personification of Repentance in William Langland 's Piers Plowman. Only pride is represented by a woman, the others all represented by male characters.

Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht 's The Seven Deadly Sins satirized capitalism and its painful abuses as its central character, the victim of a split personality, travels to seven different cities in search of money for her family. In each city she encounters one of the seven deadly sins, but those sins ironically reverse one's expectations. When the character goes to Los Angeles, for example, she is outraged by injustice, but is told that wrath against capitalism is a sin that she must avoid.

Between and , the American painter Paul Cadmus created a series of vivid, powerful, and gruesome paintings of each of the seven deadly sins. Ferdinand Mount maintains that liquid currentness , especially through tabloids , has surprisingly given valor to vices, causing society to regress into that of primitive pagans : "covetousness has been rebranded as retail therapy , sloth is downtime , lust is exploring your sexuality , anger is opening up your feelings, vanity is looking good because you're worth it and gluttony is the religion of foodies ".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Mortal sin. For other uses, see Seven deadly sins disambiguation. For other uses, see Deadly Sins. Aquinas , Scotus , and Ockham. Renaissance and Modern. Adler G. Main article: Lust.

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  6. Main article: Gluttony. Main article: Greed. Main article: Sloth deadly sin. Main article: Wrath. Main article: Envy. Main article: Pride. This section contains too many or too-lengthy quotations for an encyclopedic entry. Please help improve the article by presenting facts as a neutrally-worded summary with appropriate citations. Consider transferring direct quotations to Wikiquote. May Main article: Acedia.

    Seven deadly sins

    Main article: Vanity. The Institutes. Newman Press of the Paulist Press. Sin and Its consequences. What are the capital sins? The capital sins are mortal sins of their own nature, and the sources of many other sins. They are seven in number: pride, covetousness, lust, gluttony, envy, anger, and sloth. What other sins ought we to fear most? The other sins that we ought to fear most are sins against the Holy Ghost and sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance.

    Oxford: Oxford University Press. The Institutes First ed. Cistercian Publications. Retrieved Church Publishing, Inc. The Lutheran Hour. Retrieved 26 March Thirdly, the United Methodist Jesus reminds us to confess our sins. How long has it been since you have heard reference to the seven deadly sins: pride, gluttony, sloth, lust, greed, envy and anger?