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Holland also served as New York State Housing Commissioner where he orchestrated the planning and funding of hundreds of units of affordable housing in various locations across New York State.

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Holland has received awards and honors for both his business and social service accomplishments. In President Bill Clinton recognized Mr. Holland in a White House ceremony for his community-building initiatives. A graduate of Cornell University, where he earned a B. He holds his J. Drawing wisdom from his real-life experiences, Holland developed a method that allows anyone to build a solid spiritual and moral foundation to thrive in the face of adversity As a diplomat's son, star athlete, and Harvard Law School graduate, in the early s, Joseph Holland had a world of opportunities awaiting him on Wall Street and in corporate America Joseph Holland.

You're getting a free audiobook. On the other side were the people of Harlem who experienced its hardships every day. You think I got time to be running around behind some pie-in-the-sky preppy? Nothing changed.

Joseph B Holland

But Holland was undaunted; he persevered and worked for change, determined to help resuscitate the community that had been left for dead. He fostered relationships with community leaders, including Wilson, and ministered to ex-cons, addicts, and alcoholics. He also opened American Express Travel, among numerous other ventures. Holland also became an ordained preacher and ministered to the homeless through Harkness Fellowship and a shelter he founded.

I find it unsatisfying on both an intellectual and ethical level to use my life simply to rehash the platitudinous flim-flam that anything is possible if you just work hard and hope for the best. It proves nothing of the sort. The determined will is rare. A few have always risen—in every country, every era, and in the teeth of regimes which can by no stretch of the imagination be thought of as free.

In what ways, if any, are you still engaged with immigration advocacy? I spend a lot of time talking about the fierce urgency of immigration reform: to schools, to community organizations, to institutions, to anyone and everyone who will listen. What do you think your life would have been like had you stayed in the Dominican Republic? Do you plan on visiting? I have an agonizingly hard time with counterfactuals. I think I would have found my way to the humanities somehow, both because my parents are such ravenous readers and because they were in a position—thanks to their middle-class employment in Santo Domingo—to send me to good schools where books and book-learning are treasured.

The emergence of a virulently anti-intellectual discourse in Santo Domingo might have impeded that humanistic self-realization—but then again, as Richard Hofstadter pointed out several decades ago, anti-intellectualism is a fixture of American life too. In light of all that you have been through, if you could say something to your childhood self, what would it be? Of all your many accomplishments, of which are you most proud? Classical literature and rhetoric fascinated you from an exceptionally young age.

What is it about this writing that held—and continues to hold—such appeal? If you could recommend one ancient work to your readers, which would it be and why? At the time of my earliest exposure to them, Greek and Latin literatures and cultures allowed me to indulge my imagination and fly away into a world some 2,plus years in the past.

Life advice from Harlem’s homeless. Joe Holland’s new book

I always find singling out any one ancient text for recommendation hard. Plenty of people still read the Odyssey , but not as many read the Iliad ; so go read about the wrath of Achilles! Or spend some time in the company of that ethnographic genius Herodotus.

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