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My Dear Sweety Pie, The unconditional love we shared, our long talks, traveling to new places, making plans for our future, and being inseparable from the time we had our first date; are all the things I will miss. Wine tasting will never be the same without you by my side. We shared time with our families and friends of which you had many and I was happy and impressed that you always wanted me to be a part of your every day life, which also included your two sweet and handsome sons Dear Dan, In the 15 years that you were a friend to our family you were a light in our lives.

From the daily morning phone calls to Pete pretending you were Rollie Massimino or some other coach or celebrity, to the many nights spent on our couch watching endless ESPN, vacations to Cancun, Cabo, Ireland, Yosemite and Pismo Beach, and just spending time with our boys helping them navigate through the teen years and offering to "take them under your wing".

Not having you in our lives Dano, Yosemite will never be the same without you, nor will the Flemings couch! You were a joy to have in our midst. Many a good laugh and even a few serious conversations will remain cherished memories. As will your big bear hugs!

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Much love to you, you will truly be missed Dano, Yosemite will not be the same without you, nor will the Flemings couch! It was truly a joy to have you in our midst. You will definitely be missed Big Dan - You were simply the Best! Best John Wayne impression. Best Howard Cosell impression. Best Ed Sullivan impression. Home Obituaries Daniel W. English Obituary. Obituaries Send Flowers. Read More. Guest Book. Not sure what to say? May God bless you and your May your hearts soon be filled May the love of friends and As they walk on the deck Grey is mindful of his footing wearing leather shoes - thinking about how he was unconvinced that Maria could have done the damaged inflicted upon her husband and then about how Olivia would be seen as a jilted fiancee but at least have her reputation intact.

Grey briefly thought if anyone would send words to the Byrd family as he looked up to the rigging and saw the brothers. Pulled from his thoughts as Trevelyan asked how he had come to know he was poxed.

Grey was blunt in his reply telling him about seeing it at the privy in the Beefsteak. Maria had been unaware of her condition or that this condition caused her son to be malformed. Trevelyan tells Grey further that to avoid the burden of a malformed son and his wife learning the truth of why the child was malformed, smothered the infant the day after he was born.

But instead she sent him away and held herself in her room for a week seeing only servants contemplating suicide.

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Trevelyan however refused to give up and sent Jack to Scanlon to learn what might be done for the affliction. It while Maria was alone in this depression that Mayrhofer admitted to killing their child, laughing as he did. Maria went into a fit of rage and threatened to reveal his affairs, his condition and that he is a murder publicly.

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Mayrhofer left her only to return wearing her green dress threatening to expose her own affair if she dare spoke against him. And it was at this that she used her pistol shooting him. The blood to cover the bullet wound and to stain the garment so no one would think to remove it. Well no one save Grey it appeared. Their talk came to an end as Jack came to fetch Trevelyan, Maria feeling better, and to say that Scanlon was in the mess ready to speak with Grey. There was something in the way Jack looked at Trevelyan that got Grey wondering just how close Jack and Trevelyan were, but dismissed the thought going to speak with Scanlon.

Scanlon explains to Grey that he infected Maria and Trevelyan with malaria as a cure for the pox - the fever burning out the syphilis. Trevelyan having waited till that day to take the cure.

Trevelyan scarcely leaving her side. Scanlon putting on a good face saying she will recover. And Jack worried - though not for Maria but for Trevelyan. A ship is spotted and Grey hopes it might be a way back to England. Scalanon goes below to check with Trevelyan about possibly stopping to board the ship and sail back. As Grey hurries to get his letter to send back he slips hitting his head, waking to Jack watching over him. Grey becomes more aware that Jack harbors feelings for Trevelyan though Grey is uncertain if they are returned.

From his own personal knowledge he tells Jack that no matter what Trevelyan will never forget or stop loving Maria - especially if she dies. Jack had chosen to return with Grey and Tom, though at first was quit to the point of taciturnity. The festivities however, seeming to have a cheering effect as Grey noticed Jack smiling at a young maid. The public hysteria over the victory had eclipsed the other news and gossip. So no word had been spread about Mayrhofer, Trevelyan, or about his jilted fiancee Olivia.

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For this Grey is thankful. He reflects on the last time he saw Trevelyan, at the bedside of Maria. Which if Maria dies would be true and he would carry her over the edge and and die with her. However, if she lived they would live out their life in India. Trevelyan wears his flat, brown hair cropped close, and customarily wears a wig.

He has a narrow face and dark eyes. Joseph has a shallow chest, slender frame, and spindle-shanked too. At the suggestion of their hostess, Joseph approached Maria after being told that this was her first social event since the death of her child. Joseph had fallen in love at first sight and without hesitation or thought greeted her with a kiss on the hand, said, "God Help me I'm in love with you," and she laughed saying, "God help me, then.

After several months, however, she yielded to him and they began their affair. Not knowing she was infected, Maria passed the syphilis she contracted from her husband to Trevelyan. Given that she was married and refused to leave her husband, Trevelyan agreed to be betrothed to Olivia Pearsall , and he undertook to continue his secret meetings with Maria with the utmost discretion, even utilizing the disguise of a molly in a green dress.

They used Lavender House as a rendezvous point, arriving and departing separately all but one time, and using different chairmen each time. After discovering his affliction, Trevelyan went to a doctor and discovered that Reinhardt was the source, as well as further horrific details about what happened to Maria's child. Hoping that this news would induce Maria to leave her husband, he asked the doctor to tell her exactly what he told him.

Instead, Maria sent him away and shut herself in her chambers, refusing to see anyone and contemplating suicide.

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In an effort to help and protect her, Trevelyan had Jack Byrd watch over her and brought Finbar Scanlon to try and cure her syphilis by giving her malaria. The cure did work, but with the obvious consequence that Maria now suffered from severe malarial fevers. After Maria had murdered her husband, Trevelyan and Jack beat his face in and doused him in pigs blood before dumping him in a location where, if found, he would be taken for a dead prostitute.

In the wake of the death of her husband, Trevelyan marries Maria and flees with her, Jack, and Scanlon upon one of his ships to India. On board the ship, Trevelyan allows Scanlon to infect him with malaria to cure his syphilis, leaving the matter in God's hands whether the newlyweds should live happily ever after, or die together. Joseph agreed to become betrothed to his good friend Harold Grey 's cousin and ward Olivia Pearsall due to the fact that his lover Maria Mayrhofer refused to leave her husband.

If he had thought there was a chance Maria would leave Reinhardt he would never have agreed to the marriage.