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A feat of imaginative intensity, this is also an act of reckoning and reparation, in which deep empathy for a disturbed mother is transmuted into the exacting beauty of poetic language. The distancing is crucial. It lies at the core of her method, and has enabled her to procure poems of a raw, almost ecstatic, beauty and, to paraphrase Ruth Padel, to write the unwritable.

In this, her seventh extraordinary collection, possibly her most integrated book so far, this sort of elongated lens is much in evidence This is a major literary feat, and this a brilliant sequence of poems. It burns in its own supranatural light. It vibrates with images that run before you like the last picture show The world is aroused, her imagination has widened the myth and the tropical groves hum.

It is a feat both stylistic and imaginative, and the result is something utterly original.

The Broadview Anthology of Drama, Volume 2: The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Such ideas are complicated in the case of poets claiming a Unionist heritage. But those whose heritage is Scottish have themselves lost a language; and the Anglo-Irish themselves know that their vowels and consonants are not, without effort, acceptable in the Home Counties. For those who do not reinvent themselves as honorary Englishmen, like Oscar Wilde or even Day Lewis, the loss of a mother tongue must always feel grievous. The translated Irish language poetry is a highlight of the collection, perhaps because, for many readers at least, the other great poets have been previously encountered.

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The Broadview Anthology of Poetry

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SWF 2018 Somali/English Anthology in partnership with Poetry Translation Centre

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The Art of Ted Hughes