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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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May 24, Lulu Khodijah rated it it was amazing. Take a glimpse of this book on www. Aug 01, Debby Kohara rated it liked it. This is a book with common quotes in it some of them are kinda naive for me but the illustrations are cute and fun.

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Feb 03, Putri Rahman rated it liked it. Dec 17, Nurhazwani Rahmat rated it it was amazing. Quotes written a very much close to the heart. Jul 28, Dyra Daniera rated it really liked it. The book has such a beautiful positivity words in it with really cute illustrations!

Meet Love Man: an illustrated big-hearted alien-human looking for his other half

This book is literally what I live for. May 17, Jenny Chen rated it really liked it. Mar 15, Meiza rated it liked it. This book is beautiful, motivating and uplifting. But you can also find a similar quotes from internet, instagram, tumblr or other social media.

Why Work is Easier Than Love

This book is way too pricey. I think we pay for the art, for the illustration for making this book looks stunning. Jan 18, Rizki D rated it it was amazing. Pretty book.


Oct 05, Aisyah Indah rizki rated it liked it. Good book, good quotes, and good illustrations but it doesnt worth the splurge. Jul 18, Senna Brata rated it it was ok Shelves: binding-jacketless. Well, it is pretty.

Ezra’s Life | The Ezra Jack Keats Foundation

Other than that, not much else. Let me start by saying that I am a person that judges a book by its cover. Well, not fully anyways. I tend to search the book that seems interesting to me, and buy the edition with the most beautiful cover. Sometimes, an unknown book with a very beautiful cover entices me and lo and behold, impulsive buying takes over. Which is the case with this book. The book contains quotes and wisdom, which is adorned in lovely designs and fantastic typograph Well, it is pretty.

The book contains quotes and wisdom, which is adorned in lovely designs and fantastic typography. But alas, the quotes and wisdom itself is rather shallow. Generic love quotes, generic life quotes, generic everything. The only people that I would recommend this book to are teenagers under 16 years old or maybe 12, I'm not sure who are just starting to fall in love and fall in life. People over 20 years old would likely think "Hell, I already know all of that. Although reading is not the word I would use, since I just skimmed through them all, only marveling at the designs and typography.

My GF loved it, but also for its prettiness, not its wisdom. So for you people who expect some sage revelations or grandeur knowledge, look somewhere else. For those who likes designs and typography, or would like to buy it as a gift for that noisy niece who just got into middle school, this is for you. Nov 16, Biondy rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction , asli-indonesia , motivational.

Review Sebuah buku yang berisi kalimat-kalimat motivasi. Ada juga 1 buah cerpen tentang cinta ataukah berdasarkan kisah nyata? Semuanya ditulis dalam bahasa Inggris. Suka banget sama permainan warna serta ilustrasi di buku ini. Sangat indah dan menyegarkan mata. Saya sampai senyum-senyum sendiri melihat gambarnya. Isinya juga bagus.

Tidak semuanya terasa original. Toh manusia mudah lupa dan tidak ada salahnya kalau diingatkan lagi. Dec 25, Mary Andrikus rated it liked it. I forgot to write a review of this book. I've been following Diana's journey through her blog, where she posted all her stories that are depicted in Dinda's illustrations. My only complaint about this is that, since I'm an avid reader of Diana's blog, I already read every content of her book through her book.

It's redundant to me, but I know this is not the case for all readers. I look up to her until this day and her stories what motivated me to be a strong, independent, mature but still cute, young-at-heart, and quirky woman like she is.

A Young Artist

I'm also happy with Dinda's illustrations because her illustrations match Diana's personality and stories so well through 88LoveLife. Jun 02, Anastasia rated it it was amazing. Sama kayak dilan, i've finished this book for like a long time a go. But I'm too busy to update the goodreads. So here's a thing about this book. Creative inspiration delivered direct to your inbox. Sign up to our newsletters. Daily Round-Up Weekly Edit. More like this:. Today, for the fourth instalment of the series, we sit down with the Turner Prize-winning artist and musician Martin Creed.

In combining processes such as video mapping, game making, motion tracking with themes of censorship and political oppression it makes for unique and dazzling digital work. Picking up on the illustrative approach to creativity university introduced him to, he began experimenting with the medium and the results are an excitingly eclectic style. Quickly realising the potential for a possible series, the result is Grannies Strike Back a photography project full of joy and energy.

Feeding all those mouths is a problem that will need the help of designers. Peter appears in six more books, growing from a small boy in The Snowy Day to adolescence in Pet Show! The techniques that give The Snowy Day its unique look—collage with cutouts of patterned paper, fabric and oilcloth; homemade snowflake stamps; spatterings of India ink with a toothbrush—were methods Ezra had never used before.

In subsequent books, he blended collage with gouache, an opaque watercolor mixed with a gum that produced an oil-like glaze. Marbled paper, acrylics and watercolor, pen and ink and even photographs were among his tools. The simplicity and directness of The Snowy Day gave way to more complex and painterly compositions.

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His artwork also demonstrates an enormous emotional range, swinging from exuberant whimsy to deep desolation and back again. After winning the Caldecott, Ezra found himself suddenly famous. The honors he received ran the gamut from prestigious to populist. On the other end, in a roller rink in Japan was named in his honor, and in Portland, Oregon, held a parade for him; Ezra happily attended both events.

He had just designed the sets for a musical version of The Trip , written by Stephen Schwartz and titled Captain Louie, which is still presented around the country and licensed for production by Musical Theatre International. Although Ezra never married or had a family of his own, he loved children, and was loved by them in return. Celebrations Calendar Birthday Kit. Benjamin and Augusta Katz The family was very poor. Sister and brother Mae and Willie, with baby Ezra This was during the Great Depression of the s, a time when many, including the Katz family, suffered extreme hardship.

Art school Ezra was determined to study painting in Europe, and in he spent one very productive season in Paris. Early book illustrations One of his cover illustrations for a novel was on display in a Fifth Avenue bookstore, where it was spotted by the editorial director of Crowell Publishing, Elizabeth Riley. Inspiration for Peter Two years later, Ezra was invited to write and illustrate a book of his own.