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A Crash Course on Spirituality (4 Levels of Consciousness and the Big Questions by Alan Watts)

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The Awareness Stage

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The Awareness Stage

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Developing Self Awareness – The 5 Stages of Awareness Mastery

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What am I supposed to do with this now? Developing leaders should be encouraged to move on to stage 2 reflective awareness where they can periodically reflect on their behaviour in different situations. Typically, leaders would ask themselves questions about key events in the day such as: -. It is at this stage that the leader is able to witness their own behaviour in the present moment.

Four stages of competence

Metacognition enables leaders to be successful learners, and has been associated with higher levels of intelligence. The ascent to the highest stage in awareness gives the leader a tremendous strength in self regulation. Consequently, the leader is better able to determine the most suitable behaviour for the situation. At this stage leaders have become fully conscious and aware at work.

A leader is no longer in danger of applying old solutions to new problems when under pressure, but instead can view threats and opportunities with clarity, allowing for innovative solutions and business success.

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We integrate these three stages of awareness as we develop the capability of leaders on our leadership development programmes. Terry Sexton. Are leaders fully conscious at work? Three stages of awareness to be precise: - Self Awareness Reflective Awareness Mindfulness Each stage of awareness lays the foundations for the next. Typically, leaders would ask themselves questions about key events in the day such as: - What was the situation?

How did I behave and was it appropriate to the situation?