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It's necessary to be very specific about what sugar actually is, and what sweet tastes you will include in your diet. In the case of sugar in particular, if you still wish to allow processed foods in your diet, you may wish to define where a sweetener must appear on the label in order to qualify as sugar. For example, many of my clients don't consider a food to have "sugar" in it if there are no sweeteners at the 4th position or above on the label. I tell my clients "If you have six problems and you overeat, you'll have seven problems.

To stop binge eating when you're stressed it can be helpful to think of two things. First, research the physiological effects of the food you gravitate towards overeating. For example, if you love sugar, it might be helpful to know that the average sugar high lasts only 18 to 36 minutes. Thereafter your blood sugar will have been destabilized, and it will take hours for you to recover. Or, if you love salt, you might wish to know that excess sodium can be associated with hemorrhagic strokes even in the absence of high blood pressure.

It's also helpful to remember we do not just overeat for "comfort. Instead, we turn to some sort of industrially concentrated form of sugar, starch, salt, fat, oil, or excitotoxins.

How to Stop Binge Eating in Three Unusual Steps | Psychology Today

A better word for them might be " drugs. Knowing that helps many people to think twice about overeating when they're stressed because they don't want to think of themselves as abusing drugs. I know it's a bit of a stretch, but there's at least some truth to it, and I find when clients can tell themselves "Wait a minute, I'm about to get high with food again" in the moment of temptation, they can often stop and make a healthier choice. The key to stop binge eating forever is in the recognition of the fact that you can only ever eat now.

Now is the only moment you can use your hands, arms, legs, mouth and tongue to put food in your mouth. Now is the only moment you can choose to chew and swallow anything. Your Food Demon will tell you that you simply cannot maintain your food rules forever, but this ignores the fact that forever is an infinite string of now moments. For example, as you are reading these words, you don't know what the next ones are going to be.

All you know is that now you are reading, and as you process each successive word on the page, you realize it is still now. It is , isn't it? It would be silly for me to tell you that you couldn't ever hope to read this whole article because it's way too long, because you know that if you only keep focusing on the passing words as you encounter them now , eventually the article will be done.

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A good reader doesn't even entertain the thought that they couldn't read the whole thing, because if they did, that would distract them from integrating the meaning and significance of the words as they read them. In order to concentrate on reading, the reader must remain focused in the present moment, and in so doing can read even the longest book. That's how this works. You focus on eating healthy and following your food rules now , and ignore the Food Demon's attempts to distract you. That way all your energy can remain targeted at the goal.

You can only ever use the present moment to eat healthy, so if you always use the present moment to do so, you will always eat healthy. Olds, J. Dec;47 6 Baumeister, R. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Gailliot, M. Casey, B. Behavioral and neural correlates of delay of gratification 40 years later. Story, M; French, S. Published online Feb This is important information; practical, creative, empowering and effective! I have a question: The constant negotiation with ourselves, following failure to adhere to your diet after 1 Oreo too many Larry - the constant negotiation you experience after making one small food mistake is due to your inner food enemy's insistence that if you're not perfect then you're nothing.

This is the opposite of character She's not thinking "maybe it will hit and maybe it won't" However, if she misses the bullseye, she doesn't obsessively berate herself or shoot the rest of the arrows into the air Hi Suzanne! That's a very good question, but the answer is no. The reason is, there's a difference between facing a powerful opponent and being powerless. There are certain powerful opponents you can beat, but not if you go into the war zone wearing plastic armor.

To overcome the extremely powerful economic persuasion systems set up to get us to binge and overeat one needs to first take them seriously. The common notion among consumers is that advertising, packaging, etc. Because people think these things don't affect them they just go into "battle" feeling they'll be able to rely on their willpower and instincts. But those are the very things the system is set up to overcome.

Instead, you want to carefully think through the role you want your trouble foods to play in your life. Articulate the boundaries exquisitely clearly, whatever your personal boundaries with each food may be. And then observe very carefully the rationalizations in your mind which pop up to get you to try to cross these boundaries. With an active defense you CAN win against these forces, just as with the right weapon David beat Goliath. It seems like a pretty easy strategy, but then also so complex to start up.

Regarding point 1, it seems you are saying that emotions don't drive food issues, however if that's genuinely the case, then why do so many who have had rough childhoods, painful divorces etc, end up as binge eaters? It's not that there is no relationship between emotions and food issues. There's actually a correlation between particular binge food choices and certain emotional issues.

For example, I struggled with chocolate for years. If you examine my history, for example, you'd find that my Mom made sure there was a whole box of chocolate pop-tarts available to me every morning because she was too busy to feed me and keep me company for breakfast. Later in life, whenever I felt lonely I wanted chocolate.

So emotions can make you WANT to binge.

Feeling lonely made me WANT to eat chocolate. But that's different than saying these emotions CAUSE the binge, because there's always an intervening variable. That variable is the thought in your head which justifies acting out the craving in actual behavior. In this way it's the intervening thought which is more causative of the binge than the emotion itself. That depends on your current eating habits. What is your work schedule like? When do you usually eat? What do you usually eat.

One main rule I'm adhering to lately is don't eat in front of a screen. I always used to eat while watching youtube videos. Now that I don't, it's easier for me to not feel "hungry" when I am in front of the computer. Hi Scott, thanks for writing in :- Unfortunately I'm not a licensed dietitian, nutritionist, or medical doctor so we shy away from providing specific dietary advice.

My work is oriented around helping people structure their thoughts to stick with whatever diet they chose. There are some starter templates linked to in the book however.


You can find that via my author profile on this page. I hope that helps. How do you overcome the mindset that overeating isn't really all that serious, that there are far worse things, like smoking or drinking too much or gambling excessively? I always hear my father's voice in my head, telling me that everyone needs one vice.

And my doctor, who, when I told him I eat five or six candy bars a day, said, "Do you? Now when I'm tempted to binge and try to stop myself, I hear their voices encouraging me to go ahead. Hi Linda, our whole culture jokes away the seriousness of overeating. It's like we all have a tacit agreement to slowly kill ourselves with food.

However, the highest spike in cardiovascular events is seen the day after Christmas when most people indulge because "it's not so bad and it's the Holiday. Moreover, according to the World Health Organization That's two out of three people! The W. More than 1. Do some light exercise: stretches, step horror and weights. Nyambe teaches me some stretches for my lower back pain while I spaff on about seeds. Really helps. But my mind is full of information about food, about sugar, and the curing of smoked salmon. My mental space is crammed, because essentially all diets make you preoccupied with food.

I want a break. Slept 10 hours. Think about how much money I have already spent. Organic salmon. Sea bass. Go to a Turkish cafe and the woman offers me hummus and all sorts, but I order an egg salad. I put pomegranate in. You know? What I crave is not sweetness per se, but texture: doughiness, crumbliness, softness. Meet friends in a pub and drink water. My life is basically over. My personal trainer Nyambe is constantly supportive and realistic, which is great.

The books are strict and hard to relate to. He is the opposite. I am eating a lot of eggs but have given up proper cooking altogether. Spend a fortune in the health food shop. One day I have stomach cramps. Is it because of the protocol. My middle daughter says she is going to move back home as her flatshare situation is precarious. One evening I google the carb value of capers. Still unsure about demonising of a whole food group. Sins, points, values, forbidden foods. Still, I have stopped snacking and opening wine when making dinner. Fall off the wagon in a Spanish restaurant that does the most amazing gin and tonics.

Just order a courgette flower and more gin. This strikes me as a brilliant way to eat. Spectacularly hungover and I have to get weighed. I have lost a couple of kilos of fat. Go to Copenhagen for the weekend. Drink wine and eat celeriac, which they seem to put in everything. Do go mad. We are burgled and fined on the same day in Denmark.

We lose our laptops and all our valuables. In my 30s I became really interested in nutrition, sleep and well-being, logically enough as I was a young, sleep-deprived mother of two children born seriously close together. I also became more involved in sports, running and amateur competitions, mainly half-marathons. Suddenly, eating well became a way of fueling my body for exercise, or just for the endurance a young parent needs. I was disciplined about sleep, nutrition and exercising as much as my schedule permitted, and I realized that this made me feel great, inside and out.

I felt like I was always a step away from danger. I never allowed myself to enjoy food in any way. And so often I would find my willpower eroding, enjoy a good binge, and make up for it by more deprivation and over-exercising. And so the unhealthy cycle continued. When I moved to Paris, France, entire new food groups were suddenly a part of my everyday life — full-fat, delicious cheese straight from the farms. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Of course, given my odd relationship with food, being in such close proximity to delicious food revered the world over was a source of discomfort.

At first, I just ignored it all. Of course, moderate eating is not just a French habit. But it is pretty much a cultural given, one I encountered it again and again, among friends, acquaintances, family, doctors, nutritionists someday I will write about my first encounter with a famous Paris-based nutritionist! The message finally stuck. And I eat whatever I want.

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Below are a list of tips that work for me. If you, like me, have found your relationship with food is a fragile truce, I hope they will help transform your life too! Eating at set times every d ay creates a natural rhythm. In France, there are three set meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with an optional snack around 4 pm. Eating outside that structure is a no-no. When your body is trained to meal times, natural hunger means that you look forward to the next meal and really enjoy it.