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The plant began operations in under Daniel Best and was open until This hat celebrates a new record at the plant: a year without disabling injuries. The Peoria Riverfront Museum gave this beautiful gift to the Caterpillar Visitors Center to thank them for their partnership in developing the Riverfront. The introduction of our compact construction equipment allowed more customers to accomplish any job, large or small.

Today, the product line has over attachments, making the equipment extremely versatile. Neumiller Safety Award. The Decatur plant received the first award and was recognized with this perpetual calendar. See how our products played a vital role in all phases of the seaway's construction. Listen to Matt talk about the hunt of the tractor and their prized Expo The Thirty was designed by our founder C. Best and was on the first Caterpillar product line. It was the best-selling tiller-wheeled tractor Holt ever made.

Our dealer network dates back to We have been providing parts to our dealer network since Our equipment has been on jobsites for the construction of dams since the s. Our dealer network reaches across the global and dates back to Caterpillar machines have been sold in Sweden as far back as the s. Read about how he was also a Caterpillar customer. Scores of people came to see it work. Read Story. They also may have been the first female operators of what would eventually become a Caterpillar machine.

See his leadership story.

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This is a promotional candy dish with the old style Caterpillar logo. See them at work. He was an avid photographer, always tinkering with his cameras. That was second nature for an engineer. Caterpillar Diesel Sixty serial No. The volt trolley wires overhead mean extra care must be taken in handling rails.

This photo, taken near Porterville, California, seems to suggest otherwise. The one-of-a-kind ball was signed by the team and coaches. Dealer serviceman used toolboxes like this one to store their tools used on job sites and in facilities. In , Caterpillar elected its first Chairman who had been born outside of the United States. He first joined Caterpillar in as a controller. The relationship has continued to thrive despite many economic and political challenges due to our great rapport with our customers, dealers and employees in Russia. It was the first comprehensive book on Caterpillar history.

This reel contains some footage of the Caterpillar basketball team during the AAU tournament and is part of a large historical collection of films and videos produced by the group. Over the years, the security team at East Peoria did more than just fight fires: they trained security personnel at other Caterpillar facilities and lent a hand in the community, ensuring safety and security for all. The tags allow us to keep track of our equipment in our manufacturing facilities.

Electro-Motive is a Caterpillar brand and the only diesel engine manufacturer of its size to have produced more than 70, engines. This sign from Montana was likely used by a dealer.

Caterpillar Inc. Archives - George M. Pullman Educational Foundation

Children who played with this wind-up tractor toy in the s may have been a little confused with its color. The toy features the Caterpillar brand but was not highway yellow as our machines were in the '50s. An Alabama dealer used this thermometer to get this message across to customers and to promote sales and service.

Photographs of Holt, Best and Caterpillar equipment are preserved on these plates, which served as a capture medium before the age of film and digital photography. This Challenger tractor sprinkler — a promotional item for a new line of agricultural tractors — could crawl across a lawn when hooked up to a hose. Best designed this steam tractor engine in Best would later become the first chairman of Caterpillar Tractor Co. The mascot was retired when it no longer represented Caterpillar's growing product diversity. Our Legacy. See Full Size Image. Full Story. Watch Video. Power Tools - Caterpillar power truck operator employee badge.

Can I Take a Look? Air Service for Parts Delivery - Even in the late s, Caterpillar used new and innovative ways to serve its customers, including using airplane services for parts delivery. Read Full Story. Track-Type Tractor of the Future c. Early Logo Concept c. Our California 49er Les Ashworth worked for Caterpillar and its predecessor companies for 49 years and witnessed first-hand the evolution of steam traction engines to gasoline to diesel. Tabulating Machine ca.

Brazil - Caterpillar forms a new subsidiary — Caterpillar Brazil S. Hollywood - C. Building a Brand c. Caterpillar Goer - Design model of a Caterpillar Goer heavy tactical truck that was designed for the U. Out of this World c. Holt Metal Screwdriver c. Sales Tractor - This decorative tractor, pictured in East Peoria, was used in a parade at a Caterpillar sales meeting.

Roads in India c. Uncle Ben's Innovation Workshop Benjamin Holt was an interesting character who was fascinated by the innovative machines of his day. Just call him Louie His name was Louis B. Caterpillar Showroom Postcard c. Patent Book c. Movement to Joysticks - What a joy! Caterpillar Thirty Sandpaper c.

Hose Paperweight c. Employee Badges c. Operation Deep Freeze - Subzero temperatures are no match for Caterpillar equipment! Pliny Holt Drawing c. Caterpillar Foundation Articles of Incorporation c. Wood Carving of L. Neumiller c. Toy Motorgrader and Wheel Tractor Scraper c.

Holt Gasoline-powered Tractor - Before the introduction of the diesel engine in , gasoline powered the engines of all Holt Caterpillar tractors. Executive Dining Room China c. Manufacturing Tools c. Dealer Pens c. Custom Hard Hats c. Holt Combine c. XT HOSE - Caterpillar did not intend to begin building hydraulic hoses; but had a need that was best satisfied by going into the hose business itself.

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HOLT 75 — Holt 75 brochure cover. Wine and Walnuts c. Holt Plate c. Caterpillar Technical Center c. Dragging Logs c. Tug-O-War c. Sustainable Farming c. Holt Brothers c. Holt Advertisement c. Vintage Shirt Decal c. Holt Caterpillar - Holt Caterpillar Logo. Built for Water c. Tilling Soil in the Middle East c. Water Canals in Africa s - Caterpillar Diesel track-type tractors and elevated graders make canals to transport water across South Africa.

Roads in Mexico c. Jess: Engineering a Legacy c. D6 Track-Type Tractor Toy c. Sunday Morning League c.

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Band in Showroom c. Winning with Tracks c. Russell Graders Watch Fob c. Caterpillar Torreon Safety Pin - Since , the Caterpillar facility in Torreon, Mexico, has recognized more than 9, employees for their commitment to safety. Caterpillar in Australia c. Bookends c. Service Pins c. Best 60 Train Set Model c.

I have seen this is in my own life. The events that others might assume would have enacted the greatest change — books being published, film rights being sold, etc — have been lovely, but the shift in consciousness that has had the greatest impact on my day to day has been my recovery. For me and for others who have suffered from disordered eating, they are acts of revolution.

For the first time in my adult life, I feel free. Before, I thought that recovery would mean a metamorphosis of the sort experienced by the aforementioned butterfly, a St Paul of the Road to conversion into someone entirely different. I have begun to wonder if, perhaps, real change happens when you become more of you really are, inhabiting fully who you were put on this planet to be.

Louise Says. Two strangers. Eye watering rental prices in London.

If Nothing Ever Changed, There Would Be No Butterflies

A solution? Tiffy and Leon will share a bed — he has solo occupancy during the day, she has it while Leon is working the night shift — but they never meet. This is uplifting and joyous; I fell in love with Tiffy and Leon. Get tickets at everymancork. EPA: Nitrogen in Dublin air may be public health risk. High benzos rate for inner city and suburbs than in county. Bantry General Hospital has highest death rate for patients who suffer heart attacks.