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This enchanting collection, retold by writer and critic Naomi Lewis, contains twelve of Hans Christian Andersen's magnificent stories. It includes Thumbelina, a little girl no more than a thumb-joint high, The Emperor's New Clothes, the tale of a man who cares only for his appearance and The Little Mermaid, who longs to one day marry a human prince.

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With a wonderful cover illustration and new introduction by award-winning picture-book creator Jan Pienkowski. The son of a poor shoemaker, who nonetheless was a great reader, made a toy theater for his son and taught him to notice every natural wonder as they walked in the woods together on Sundays. There he suffered at the hands of a cruel headmaster, but he acquired an education and was determined to be a writer.

He published his first novel and his first fairy tales in ; thereafter he wrote over more of these stories which have become classics in many languages. Learn more about Hans Christian Andersen. Additional formats.

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Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales. Hans Christian Andersen. Other books by this author. Hans Christian Andersen , Brothers Grimm. The Wild Swans. Andersen's Fairy Tales.

ISBN 13: 9780140437379

The Princess and the Pea. Hans Christian Andersen , Jana Christy.

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Fairy Tales. Violent, funny, disturbing, wise and sometimes beautiful, these stories have intrigued children, adults, scholars, psychologists and artists for centuries. The only complete edition available of the most famous collection of fairy tales ever published, this collection features the stories in an acclaimed, modern, unexpurgated translation. Zipes' edition deserves to become the standard translation". They published the first of their many collections of fairy tales in The story that they wandered about Germany collecting their tales from the lips of peasants is a fairy tale itself.

In fact, they invited educated middle class women into their home to tell them the stories they had heard from their servants. The point of their collection of folklore was to study the German language and they also did important work on the German dictionary. The stories were revised to be more appropriate for children in and were published under the title Children's and Household Tales. By the beginning of the twentieth century Children's and Household Tales was second only to the Bible in the German bestseller lists. For the latest books, recommendations, offers and more.

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