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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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The spirit of the devil champions division and debate and contention and disunity 3 Ne. Elder Bruce R. McConkie It may, in fact, for cause, be revoked. The Lord does not always reveal the fulness of a principle at first and he certainly has the right to reserve to himself other and greater knowledge.

His word to man comes in steps, peacemeal, as his servants are prepared to receive it. But there will be no conflict between the part first revealed, and the latter part revealed, they will harmonize. These sentiments need contesting, I think. I read scripture that way, among others, and I find it helpful—even necessary—for what I want to do with the text.

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And I think others should be granted the privilege of reading scripture historically as well. But there are reasons to be wary of trapping the text within history. Non-historical readings of scripture may or even tend to misrepresent the principles contained therein, but no one non-historical reading necessarily does so—and no historical reading escapes the danger of misrepresenting the same principles , whether because of the methodology it employs, the provisional scope it brings to the text, or the kinds of questions it constitutively fails to ask.

Or so it seems to me, anyway. Joe: I actually disagree with you here, which makes me worried for my own sake. Create your own program. Some time the choice of a topic might be interesting, like in the case of Ruth. To Christopher J. The scriptures will be released with various changes some in Madson, my practice generally is to do what you suggest.

When a BoM lesson is on Moroni and 10, that gives me considerable latitude to craft a lesson from that material. Maybe I should be released for not prooftexting a scriipture chain as the manual wishes me to do; if so, so be it. I simply refuse to teach based on a prooftexting scrpture chain. Conservative evangelicalism, for instance, is a pretty good example of a scriptural tradition, but I doubt many of us would be running toward the warm embrace of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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I might settle this by counting as Kristine suggested to me the number of scriptural quotations in any given publication of the church to the number of General Authority quotations. Luckily, that seems to be changing, but from the end of the eighteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth, and still in most of the English-speaking world, theological reflection on scripture almost entirely disappeared from the academy.

Long after every policy currently in place has been changed, and long after every currently quoted general authority statement has been forgotten, the canon will most likely continue to play a role in Mormonism. Even if the role it plays at every point in the future is the role it has played most of the time in the history of the Church that is, as a nominal source of authority for less-than-scriptural policies, etc. Actually, this is a great discussion, though it is becoming somewhat rarified. Within the context of a typical gospel doctrine class, what are we really after?

We are supposed to be fostering a discussion first and foremost about what these God-words indicate for us in our own days and lives. How are we to live, and informed by what principles? The best books of scriptures for teaching from are the ones that are stories. That is why the Book of Mormon can be read so profitably without any special attention to its context in the Americas. It is its own narrative, and it can do just fine without a study guide correlating it to external history. Most of the books of the Bible, likewise.

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Most of the P of GP, too. As such, it is simply a less serviceable text for what we are typically trying to do with it in the particular context of Gospel Doctrine. Nearly everyone senses the need to go beyond the text of to figure out the story that will finally help us fit these words into our own frames of reference and patterns of life.

The question then becomes, where do you go to get the story? And how much effort do you throw into that quest? No story needed, just solid, smooth dovetailings of precept to precept until all is logically tight like unto a dish. The resulting perfect, all-encompassing truth, rightly understood, could then be plugged into any mundane human circumstance you like and yield proper guidance to blessed outcomes.

There is a high cost to the lack of context. Or perhaps discussing humility or how truths can coexist with other truths. As a result, I can no longer see God and Jesus through such a simplistic lens. I find myself lonely in the Church. A real experience of God is only sometimes like scripture. Is it possible to outgrow Mormonism? Niklas , most of the other curricula allow me to ignore the manual and focus on the text and basically do as I wish with it. With the scripture-chain approach, that becomes impossible. The textbook becomes the text, an atrocious pedagogical proposition.

Typical Meridian glurge, with the last three quarters of the article having nothing to do with the question at hand. So the author basically says this is Gospel Principles with content limited to the D and C. Norbert no. Grant No. The background on the origins of the format was interesting. I remain unconvinced that the committee was successful with what they were trying to do. This mishmash approach results in the manual itself becoming the text we are to study. After reading this discussion, I got out the little study guide they handed out in Sunday School.

It carried a copyright date of So did everyone on BCC have the same problems with it four years go? Sharee, your comment is not entirely clear to me. In particular, I am not sure what you are implying by this part:. Did our ward get the wrong manuals or what? The manuals I have are not any different. Sharee, your are right that nothing has changed in the manual. I can only apologise on behalf of all the BCC permas for the lack of consistency in our righteous indignation. We will try to be better in the future.

Sharee: personally, I had a calling that kept me out of sunday school in And I was on my mission in Looking forward to an in depth contextual discussion…. Ben, thanks for the post. While historical context certainly provides a meaningful frame, it is not the only context. The doctrinal context of the Restoration is an important framing element and an opportunity to explore this is opened up in lesson two. Discussion may also focus on how these scriptures are typically Restorationist by exploring what they bring back doctrinally about the Saviour as well as where and when.

There are also other contexts at work here. There is the internal ordering of scriptural passages where typically meaning proceeds sequentially or locally each verse providing a context for adjacent verses. I see part of my role as assisting class members to develop their scripture reading strategies. Lesson two will provide a good beginning.

I want to make sure that I model engaging with this strange bit of quasiscripture in a productive way for my own kids, who are in the class. Too late in the theological tradition for my interest. Sitting in class, lesson 8, realized that one could remove the scripture references, and it could be a lesson from any other class. No scripture necessary at all. The Living Christ. I hope future sunday school curriculum will reflect this shifted attitude. Preach It: Tweet. Comments Tracy M says:. January 7, at am. Christopher J. Grant Hardy says:. Stapley says:.

Brant Gardner says:. Agreed on all the dangers, as well as on what would be a better approach. That said…. Brian Whitney says:. Paul says:. Ben P says:. Thanks for the comments, all. Joe: good thoughts. Tona H says:. Also, your Primary is now very lucky. Aaron R. Kevin Barney says:. Latter-day Guy says:. KLC says:. Ben S says:.

Norbert says:. January 7, at pm. Madson says:.