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B Blues," "The Seer," "The Apostate," and "Avatar" were developed during tours and rehearsals while the rest of the songs were created in the studio.

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The band started recording in Berlin after a hiatus during touring as Gira wanted to get it done while they were a live band. Chris [Pravdica, Swans' bass player] pointed me to a few of Karen's solo works where she sings in this really gentle, compassionate, soulful way. Upon its release, The Seer was widely praised by music critics. At Metacritic , which assigns a normalized rating out of to reviews from critics, the album received an average score of 87, based on 32 reviews, indicating "universal acclaim". Club wrote, "It's the most harrowing, exhausting, cathartic, transcendental piece of music Gira has ever put to tape.

Several music criticism websites included The Seer on their lists of the best albums of Stereogum ranked the album at fourth in their top 50 albums. Club staff ranked the album seventh in their best of list and stated that "Gira did the seemingly impossible and topped [ My Father ], however, with the Seer ". Adapted from Gira's Young God Records website.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Post-rock [1] [2] experimental [1] noise rock [3] drone [4]. August 30, Consequence of Sound. Retrieved April 16, Drowned in Sound. Retrieved March 10, Retrieved May 20, Young God Records. Retrieved June 28, Perfect Sound Forever. Mine are approximately : LP1 - g LP2 - g LP3 - g I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, whenever I swapped records, so I actually got a set of scales and weighed them.

Is this just my copy? Mind you, it doesn't seem to make a difference to the sound, which is still absolutely flooring. Reply Notify me 1 Helpful. Reply Notify me Helpful. Has anyone else gotten a copy like this? Great pressing, and a better tracklist than the digital version.

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Which is why it's awesome. Gira's lyrics are becoming smaller with time, which is discouraging given the maturity one naturally expects from a man of his age and breadth of experience. Swans should have remained extinct.

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CreeperSteve June 5, Report. I can only see the US press called YG45? And does it matter for collectors which one they get if they - I mean wouldn't only the YG45 be called a real first press? Hope to get help from some clever people in here! Noid09 November 17, Report.

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This is the kind of music, that makes life worth living Add all to Wantlist Remove all from Wantlist. Have: Want: Avg Rating: 4. Bucket by Selecta-cut. Listened by GabrieleDiSiena.


Alphabetical order. Albums that I've listened to In mostly chronological order : by JustanotherMatthew. My 12" vinyls by bobby Exceptional Album Covers by 2tec. Spiritualized by residencyrecords. Piggons' Favourite Albums by Piggons. Favorite 50 Albums by Zaxro. Autographed Releases by ShrillRepellent. Crabs' favorite albums by Crabsmire. Top Twenty of no order by dastevens.

The redemptive Sorceress, Art Can heal the nausea of being, Opening vistas of hope and beauty, Revealing deep patterns of meaning.

The function of art is to stop us And take us out of our skin, Unveiling the spirit's pure nakedness Without beginning or end. The Seer is the soul of the artist, Gaze fixed on primordial perfection. Radiance emerges from emptiness, Each point of light etched with affection. The boundless Void, open and formless Is the basis of all creation.