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There's also the challenge of getting your boss and company on board. But once you do, the world is your oyster!

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Graham Media Group Tropical depression or storm expected to form in Gulf Weather. Florida grandmother says state agency's mistake cost her lottery winnings News. Stolen car fleeing DeLand police crashes into big rig Traffic. You may sit on the toilet for long times, trying to poop.

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You may also feel like you need to poop, but only get out a small amount of hard, dry stool, and you still feel like you could poop more. The causes list for incomplete evacuation is very long.

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From diet to medicines to lifestyle, there are many factors. Constipation can be problematic for several reasons.

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Constipation that is ongoing can lead to hemorrhoids, anal fissures, diverticular disease, rectal bleeding, and rectal prolapse. While practically everyone gets constipated periodically, there are some times when you should call a doctor.

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These include:. Healthcare providers can immediately treat constipation with medications that make stool softer and easier to pass. Examples include over-the-counter medicines, such as laxatives or stool softeners.

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If there are problems such as strictures, an anal fissure, or other physical problems with the intestines, a doctor may recommend surgery to correct the problem. There are a number of lifestyle changes that can help prevent constipation from occurring. These preventive tips can also help treat constipation. To prevent or treat constipation , try:. You can also talk to your healthcare provider about preventive tips.

They can take into account your overall health and dietary needs, and come up with a good plan for you.

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