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It includes essays about the philosophy of Freemasonry, about i Freemasonry for Beginners.

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The Secret Science of Masonic Initiation. Freemasonry has a deep purpose which can be overlooked in the rush of the modern world. Its ritual says it is a high and serious subject. But how can an individual discover the truths it outlines? How do you become an Initiate and a Master?

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A new, spiritually-aware generation is asking this question and demanding answers. This book responds in an unexpectedly visual way. Using words and images it leads you through the spiritual stages of Masonic knowledge.

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The Craft teaches that each new apprentice shall find a teacher to gain instruction. The open Lodge is not the place for instruction but a But how can Turning the Hiram Key: Making Darkness Visible Robert Lomas In this ground-breaking book, the author describes his personal journey through the mystical rituals of Freemasonry.

Freemasonry and the Birth of Modern Science Robert Lomas Until the sixteenth century, people believed in magic as a way of explaining how the world worked. Freemasonry for Beginners Robert Lomas Sarah Becan Gordon Echlin Many people have heard of Freemasonry, but few have any idea what it is, what it does, or why it exists.

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The Secret Science of Masonic Initiation Robert Lomas Freemasonry has a deep purpose which can be overlooked in the rush of the modern world. The man who dreamt up these things also invented, inter-alia, the fluorescent light, seismology, a worldwide data communications network and a mechanical laxative. His name was Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American scientist, and his is without doubt this century's greatest unsung scientific hero.

His life story is an extraordinary series of scientific triumphs followed by a catalog of personal disasters. Perpetually unlucky and exploited by everyone around him, credit for Tesla's work was appropriated by several of the West's most famous entrepreneurs: Edison, Westinghouse and Marconi among them. After his death, information about Tesla was deliberately suppressed by the FBI.

Using Tesla's own writings, contemporary records, court transcripts and recently released FBI files, The Man who Invented the Twentieth Century pieces together for the first time the true extent of Tesla's scientific genius and tells the amazing tale of how his name came to be so widely forgotten. Nikola Tesla is the engineer who gave his name to the unit of magnetic flux.

A Miscellany of Masonic Essays

Reviews Robert Gaitskell, a vice-president of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, writing in the Times Higher Education Supplement, said: "Robert Lomas is to be congratulated on an easy-to-read life of a tortured genius. The book not only takes takes us through the roller-coaster fortunes of Tesla, but also has well-constructed chapters on the history of electrical research and on lighting. Although dealing at times, with difficult technical concepts, it never succumbs to jargon and remains intelligible to the informed lay-person throughout.

Every scientist or engineer would enjoy this tale of errant brilliance, and a younger student would be enthused towards a research career. He invented or laid the groundwork for many things we take for granted today including alternating current, radio, fax and e-mail. A Croatian immigrant to America in Tesla combined genius with gaping character flaws and an uncanny ability to be ripped off by everyone. This is scientific popularisation at its most readable. Tesla is most widely known for the magnetic unit that bears his name, but sadly little else.

This book is a thoroughly entertaining way of correcting that injustice, a must for engineers, especially electrical ones. Product Details.

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Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Dramatic episodes include the re-enacting of an ancient murder from 3, years ago in full gory detail, lowering the candidate on the end of a rope into a dark vault under the floor of the temple, holding a dagger to the candidates naked breast, and making the candidate attend his own funeral. In the secret teachings revealed to some high-level initiates, there is a type of instruction which seems curiously similar to religious and mystical teachings. Astrology, angels, chakras and the powers of the mind to operate independently of the body, such as in remote viewing, are all a part of Freemasonic lore.

Here Lomas, co-author of the international bestseller The Hiram Key, reveals to a wider public and also explains these secret teachings for the first time.


He shows that while they are dismissed as superstitious by campaigners for atheism such as Richard Dawkins, they are very much part of the strange, paradoxical world opened up by the latest thinking in quantum physics. This is why he prefers to call them 'Supranatural'.

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