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Not all dead remains are obviously visible, but the inspector will always automatically produce their watch when in range. Clicking the mouse will enter the memory corresponding to that corpse.

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Clicking a second time while the memory entry animation is running will abort the process. While in a memory, you can move freely around, and zoom in, and examine items. You cannot interact with doors or other items while in a memory. You cannot initially use the watch on corpses found in a memory. After a certain amount of time, the memory will fade out, and the corresponding page of the catalogue will be filled in with the information on the corpse and a slot for the two items of the fate s connected to it.

A small number of memories do not have fates connected with them in which case the text for the page will be filled in immediately. When you leave the book, you will return to the memory.

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To leave the memory and return to the real Obra Dinn, you must find and pass through an open doorway that appears to lead into empty space. Some memories, however, have follow-up memories where you can explore the death of a corpse who is only visible in the memory. If this is the case, then when you return to the memory, the characters in the memory will appear in white outline shadows and the watch will begin to shake.

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You must locate the one corpse that is solid white and use the watch on it. When you do, you will return to the real Obra Dinn and the watch will be shaking again; clicking will release a white floating trail.

Follow the trail and it will eventually cause the corpse seen in the memory to appear on the Obra Dinn; you can then use the watch on that corpse in the normal way. There are two exceptions to this: First of all, some follow-up memories take place off the Obra Dinn.

In these cases you will not be returned to the Obra Dinn after finding the corpse that triggers the memory; you will simply move directly to the follow-up memory.

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You may enter any memory as many times as you like. If you enter a memory for the second time, the following rules change:.

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The book is the main method by which you will fill in fates. Pressing tab at any time opens the book, and the arrow keys or WASD can then be used to leaf through the pages.

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  • You can fill in fates at any time by clicking on the relevant page of the book and selecting the crew member's name and fate from the menus that appear. Library Policy.


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