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For instance it contains translations of the names of Acts of Parliament and Scottish Executive departments, as well as suggested formal and informal registers useful for expressing political and social concepts in Gaelic. However, it is also useful as a general purpose reference work, especially for learners who wish to follow Gaelic current-affairs.

It is organised in Gaelic-English and English-Gaelic sections. With over 24, definitions, this Gaelic-English and English-Gaelic dictionary allows you to access a variety of usage and expressions and keep up to date with contemporary Gaelic.

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The Gaelic Resource Database is a collection of lists and information on a wide variety of Gaelic educational resources such as books, periodicals, poetry and song, proverbs and local history. This grammar book is in English and helps with Gaelic grammar. It contains many Gaelic examples of usage.

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It is a valuable source of reference for learners of the language. This is a Gaelic site aimed at Gaelic teachers, but has links to other valuable resources, such as dictionaries. As well as being an up-to-date Gaelic-English dictionary, Owen's book has a page appendix examining Gaelic grammar including information on regular and irregular verbs. There is also a section which gives some Gaelic names with their Gaelic translations.

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Although this is an online Gaelic dictionary for learners in secondary schools, it contains many useful words and phrases. Aims to give fast access to the workings of the Gaelic language.

Grammar is clearly explained, vocabulary is built up using key phrases and word lists, and short "real-life" exercises reinforce what you've learnt. The book includes exercises that focus on conversational skills. Although this is aimed at education providers, many of their applications may be useful to learners. English and Gaelic.

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Part 1. Part 2.

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All now brought together for the first time - Forbes, Alexander Robert An etymological dictionary of the Gaelic language - Macbain, Alexander, Guide to Gaelic conversation and pronunciation : with vocabularies, dialogues, phrases, and letter forms - Macbean, L. Lachlan , A pronouncing Gaelic dictionary: to which is prefixed a concise but mose comprehensive Gaelic grammar - M'Alpine, Neil Gaelic vocabulary and phrase book - Munro, James.

For the first time, these Gaelic dictionaries provide pronunciation information for both directions. Another feature makes these new dictionaries unique: they are e-books that can be read on an Amazon Kindle, on a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and on Android smartphones and words can be looked up quickly with the integrated search function — no tedious leafing through a book to find a word!


For all platforms, Amazon offers a reader program. Since there is no copy protection DRM , the dictionaries can be read on any number of devices at the same time and they are future proof should the DRM system cease to work at any point. There is also a special version for older PDAs e. This version is free with a purchased Kindle version.

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If you just want to have a look at a sample, this can be downloaded via the various Kindle devices or free apps. Do you have hard copies paperback versions of Faclair part 1 and part 2 Scottish Gaelic to English and English to Scottish Gaelic dictionaries.