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Her pod was knocked of its course and send to her ship to the phantom zone. A place time stood still. She remembered being told about this place, it was cold and dark. According to her now older version cousin she slept there for the time of 24 years. Her cousin was named superman as his identity and Clark Kent as his secret identity, and he had already found his purpose of being on earth. However Kara couldn't process this Yet, here he was stood tall and much older than her physically shown..

Before Midnight Movie Review

Kara was introduced to her new family, her adoptive mom and dad, Jeremiah Danvers and adoptive mom, Eliza Danvers. She looked up to the window to what looked like her adoptive Sister who was named Alex Danvers, well Alexandra Danvers, yet that was rarely called. She knew little about earth, but was about to learn so much more. Jumping out of her skin she looked up to a very confused and annoyed Cat Grant, her boss.

I'm sorry Miss Grant I was But do you think I got anywhere in life when Kielana Sachanta bugged me about her files needed to be complete or her coffee made extra hot with sprinkles of cinnamon? You cannot degrade yourself to Marketing. You have so much more potential to give and yet you sit there gloating and wasting it by daydreaming about I don't know watching some sad show on the TV or what you plan to do next with your day. Use your potential and dig deeper think where and what you really want to do with your life. You need to dive. Dive Kara Danvers. You have 12 hours and 46 minutes!

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No it was creepy and scary to be perfectly honest. Clark looked over at his cousin laughing at her as she looked rather exhausted. I'm about to go to what will definitely be a tense interview with someone who I know won't be pleased to see me. Besides who couldn't like you? Why else would she not attend? Like for real?! Yes we are, so prepare yourself things could get a little bit intense. She'd never met anyone of this high standard, and Supergirl didn't count for obvious reasons.

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  • As you can't meet yourself, and Superman being your cousin also doesn't exactly class as important, besides it's not like they were high in the country or state of importance. They just saved it. Kara decided to let her eyes finally wander around take in the scene around her, as she only had 10 hours and 23 minutes left to decide what job she wished to enrol and it wasn't much if she really thought about it.

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    The scene around her was interesting. People didn't rush like they did at Catco Worldwide Media they just walked at a normal everyday pace. It seemed much more relaxed and calmer but at the same time intimidating every time she looked at someone the glance back at them made Kara feel like she wanted the ground to literally just open up and swallow her. She looked over at Clark and could clearly see his impatience running out and sighed. He'd never really had good patience it was his worst trait, however she couldn't speak herself she had a low patience trait herself too.

    After what felt like eternity the receptionist actually decided to look up and take notice of Clark and Kara. She'd appeared t be doing this a few times until she nodded at the woman behind him who just happened to be Lena Luthor herself. We will take the elevator. She also clearly had good taste in furniture and decorations.

    Kara noticed as they entered through the arch into the office its self, that the office was mainly white, and cream especially the walls, and the objects placed within the room. And the view that Lena had overlooking the city Kara thought was magnificent and outstanding.

    You could practically see most, if not all of National City from up here. The view Kara only saw this was when she was saving the city as Supergirl.

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    She loved the city and how she could see the buildings that towered over the roads and people. The breeze hitting her face like the feeling of freedom and adventure at every turn. Her thoughts got so distracted from the office and the view of the window she'd hardly taken in Lena herself, or what she was saying.

    I asked who are y Kara just stumbled over her words as she took in the beauty of this woman the CEO of a multi billionaire company in front of her. He and Celine then drive through the Greek countryside.

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    We see them talking and arguing in an unbroken shot that lasts for close to 15 minutes. Should she take the plunge? Or should the two move to the U. Linklater is a master of mixed moods. Before Midnight is happy, sad, bitter, tragic, and redemptive, but it is never predictable.

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    This deeply bittersweet movie suggests that our long-term relationships sustain themselves over time by dying in order to be reborn. Before Midnight Movie Review.

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