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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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In the following parts I will try to show how two countries, Italy and Germany, try to reach the benchmark of tertiary educational attainment using the tuition fees system as an arm. I considered two variables: rate of enrolment in public universities, without referring to other higher education institutions, and the level of tuition fees.

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In the first part I will illustrate the situation in Germany, in the second one the situation in Italy, in the last one I will try to answer, using analyses of the two previous parts, to these questions: How had Germany and Italy shaped their higher educational tuition fees system to achieve the benchmarks established by the Education and training ; what is the situation after six years in of enrolments into publics universities in these two countries. Why in the same period, from to , the German system had introduced and then erased, in , the tuition fees system, and in Italy, on the contrary, the fees have raised.

The decision to implement fees in only seven of sixteen landers was due to improve the quality of teaching and studying conditions, there was no structural need or funding problems. In this period only So, from to German system had departed from a continental model, low or no tuition fees, to a more liberal system with higher fees and introduction of loans and grants.

The return to a free-fees system, had begun just a year later in when the first lander, Hessian, decided to return to a free-fees system. After less than a decade all the others landers did the same, the last one: North Rhine Westphalia in Another problem was that some universities could implement tuition fees because they had no problem of enrolment, they were big and famous institutions, others, less big and less famous suffered enrolment problems due to fees.

It is crucial to note that, also during the period of tuition fees, the state founding to universities grew even in a period of economic crisis in all the world.

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Rate From to the central-right government modified the financing system of universities: the Law of by the economic minister Giulio Tremonti established a drastic cut of the public financing in many areas of the Italian welfare system, also to the universities.

This law obliged public universities to increase their fees to maintain their quality into research and didactic ambits they had before the cut. From the average growth of tuition fees in 11 Nienke Willemse and Paul de Beer, Three worlds of educational welfare states?

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For example, looking to Tab. These data are medium fees but we easily understand the big difference in variation between two universities, as some scholars point out for German case also in Italy the fees system effect in a different way different universities. Looking at Italian enrolment rate of the same cohort used for Germany before, we found descending trend each year Tab.

In the last three years the fall of entire student enrolled is clear: as Tab. Fees are not a bias variable, in my opinion data and the analysis show that the true bias variable is public founding: cut in Italy and grown in Germany. In both countries the percentage of public funds compared to other types of funds is very high, about per cent: in the period took into consideration from to in Germany there has been a growth of percentage of GDP spent to higher education, in Italy otherwise there was the drastic cut made by law of that was the last intervention on public funds to education system.

For what concerns the benchmark, data from OECD show that the percentage of population with tertiary education level has been growing both in Italy and Germany, the growth has been even more significant in Italy than in Germany, but there still is a gap of 4. Wigger Does distance matter?

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