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C ontact: 00 90 77 40; istanbularkeoloji. Constructed in the sixth century, its massive domed basilica was to provide the blueprint for countless Ottoman-era mosques. The marble balustrade opposite has some intriguing Viking runic graffiti scratched into it by a Varangian guardsman.

10 Most Beautiful Places in ISTANBUL

Contact: 00 90 17 50; ayasofyamuzesi. Built in , from the outside it is all domes and half-domes, framed by six splendidly spindly minarets. Treat it as a place of sanctity rather than a 'must-see sight' and you will gain the respect of its congregants. Observe the dress code, speak quietly and use cameras with discretion. Contact: 00 90 ; sultanahmetcamii.

Contact: 00 90 92 41; kariye. I nsider's tip: The fascinating harem section has an extra admission fee, which is not all bad news, as its elaborately tiled corridors and prettily appointed apartments are, as a consequence, often free of the crowds swarming through the main palace. This former warehouse right on the waterfront in Tophane may lack the grandeur of Tate Modern, but the views east across the ship-strewn Bosphorus to Asia, and south over the mouth of the Golden Horn to the domes and minarets of the old city, outclass those from its London rival.

The museum is set to move back to its original location in summer They are all free. I just want to improve my English. This is the best list to discover Istanbul! I absolutely love Istanbul, the city where east meet west. You definitely have to take an Istanbul Food Walks Tour.

Its a great way to get off the tourist trail and explore and taste the real istanbul. Best part of the trip! Thanks so much for all this information. Thanks so much. Please check it out and if you travel south be our guest on board. Thanks Kind Regards Ali.

Looking for the Cheapest Flights to Istanbul?

I will be in Istanbul this May , and thank you for all these tips and recommendations, very useful. This is a great list. Thanks for posting it. I arrived today and am very excited to do as much of this list as possible. You made a great list. But i think you didnt go Nevizade. People enjoy with in istanbul. What time of the year did you visit? Hi Michelle, I was there in October and November and the city was still buzzing with activity.

I read your article and absolutely loved it! In fact I went to Istanbul last November for a week and experienced everything that you had mentioned.!! It is a magical city for sure…from people to food to sights and ambiance!!!! I fell in love with the city!! Its a very romantic experience. Its like you find yourself at one of the fairy tales.. This is my all time favorite spot in Istanbul. If you are visiting Istanbul and searching for a unique local experience, as a local, i can share my top 20 to do list with you.

Please contact me so that I can email it to you. Also I am an Airbnb host, having an apartment located 10 mins walk to Taksim Square. I love meeting new people and share my experiences with them. Lets keep in touch!. Hi guys. Have a nice day! This is a great comprehensive list. There are so many amazing things to see and do in Istanbul, but also outside of Istanbul. I cannot recommend Kapadocia Cappadocia , Pamukkale Travertines and the ancient Roman cities of Hierapolis and Ephesus enough, not to mention the underground city of Derinkuyu.

I absolutely love Turkey and cannot wait to head back there. So much history and culture. I will recommend it to anyone going to Istanbul — and only wish I had a ticket in my hand right now so I could do everything you suggested. Great list of things to see and do in Istanbul. I am heading to Turkey in August. Great Insight. I am travelling to Istanbul in December Alone and was wondering what all can I do. I am spending about 5 nights there. I am sure I would be able to cover most of the city with your help. Thanks again!

Thanks a lot for information given here. I have a plan to visit Istanbul on May Even local people who lives in Istanbul should take this post as reference. Great tips after all. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy Istanbul! AUDREY love you I followed all your recommendation I really enjoyed If you people want a cheap shopping and absorbed a Turkish culture very quite just goto Asian Side area is Uskudar from kabatash take a boat ride price is 4 lira one way you will really enjoy.

Must see tokapi palace hagia Sophiya and Galata Tower. This post brings back so many great memories of Istanbul.

Tourist Attractions in Istanbul - Istanbul Tourist Pass

Great people and even better food. Midye Dolma is one of my top 10 street foods of all time and Kadikoy market is great for food, much better than the Spice Bazaar. Although we ate almost all the dishes available! Absolutely love Turkish food! You have posted really nice article. I will surely visit the places you have mentioned.

Turkish food especially dondurma is the most enticing thing which I want to try. Eating a kumpir in Istanbul, bathing in a hamam, touring Bosporus, Hagia Sophia, is in my bucket list. Not exactly this. But I would like to do everything from this list. This is a lot of info. Deciding on one thing is difficult. Hey Aaudrey, You have covered the places so amazingly! I will be visiting istanbul this month for an academic conference and will have just two days to visit the places.

Is there anything you can suggest. What a wonderful post! It will help you to avoid potential taxi scams in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and other metropolitan areas in Turkey. Also it will give an outline about the routings. Also love the colourfull streets in Balat. And you can make a jump-photo above the Buyuk Valide Han with the istanbul view.

You can also see istanbul at the Galatatower. Go to Uskudar to Maidentower, little island, for another view. I love Istanbul, the city with character. What an amazing guide to Istanbul!. Just like you, it is one of my favorite cities too. Hope to be back in Istanbul soon!

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Love your post! Love Your youtube Channel, you both make a great couple. You are inspiration and I have started a travel blog! Your email address will not be published. Here are some different options for you to consider: Sultanahmet If you want to be in the heart of the Old City, then Sultanahmet is an excellent choice. Bio Latest Posts. Audrey Bergner Audrey is the creator of That Backpacker and has spent the past few years crisscrossing the globe with a notebook in one hand and a camera in the other.

Staying in a Futuristic Capsule Hotel in Tokyo.

Top things to do in Istanbul

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