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Sri Lanka cyberattack Baltimore ransomware attack. Implement mandatory security standards d. Develop an ecosystem of tools to provide self-service capabilities to the consumer 2. Apply continuous delivery practices a. Manage all resources in version-controlled repositories incl. Write fully automated tests e. Build, enhance and maintain tooling and PowerShell scripts to automate repetitive or error prone tasks e.

Develop micro services and APIs 3. Apply and improve DevOps way of working a.

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Implement user stories from backlog as agreed with the Product Owner, without spending time on work outside the backlog b. Participate rigorously in DevOps rituals e.

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Continuously improve yourself, your squad and the service i. Conduct root cause analysis to identify service improvements ii.


Actively ask for feedback and coaching for improvement iii. Provide feedback to squad members to avoid waste. Close collaboration within and across the squads and with the consumer is of utmost importance for you. I can recommend his Kraken books reviews this week! Looks like such a fun read.

Windows Dev Engineer within Crypto squad

I love all those 'critters'. As Sandoval lay dying, he was able to do one last spell, feeding the blood of the serpant God into the ground to awaken the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse-Death, Famine, Pestilence and War. They each choose a part of the world to bring their special disasters to and now only the Crypto Squad can stop them.

Humanoid rabbit, Jack, travelled through space and time to escape a new kind of zombies called Weepers, who infect through their tears. When he arrives and is taken to the base, Jimi is called in to read his mind and what he sees is so scary that he insists that Jack is detained and frozen until it is time to add him to the Crypto Squad. Now that the Four Horsemen are on the march, it is time to see if Jack is willing to help them.

Wattson joins the fray and Crypto is definitely real.

With War turning humans into a killing mob in Canada, Famine killing crops in Iowa, Death sucking the life out of plants and animals in Peru and Pestilence turning out a plague in China, the team are running out of time.