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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Sweet dreams. Face to Me Baby bedside cot Individually adjustable bedside cot up to 86 cm Ideal for box-spring beds The bedside cot with the highest adjustment level Particularly stable and tilt-resistant frame Flat and space-saving folding size. For all kinds of beds Ideal for boxspring beds Face to Me is the perfect solution for newborns and the ideal bedside cot for boxspring beds up to 86 cm.

Close by Dream well In Face to Me, your little treasure will be as near to you as possible, while sleeping in the own bed. So cuddly Well-being In this lovely and cosy cot, newborns will feel secure and at ease from the very beginning. Space-saving Slim folding The bedside cot can be removed from the chassis and the folded down slimly. Shipping Product description Particulars Downloads This is included. Baby bedside cot Belt system.

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Face to me This cosy bedside cot can be individually adjusted up to a height of 86 cm, making it the ideal solution for higher beds like box-spring beds. Thanks to lowerable side part, you will be very close to your baby at night, easily calming down and feeding your little ray of sunshine. In addition, Face to Me is a particularly tilt-resistant cot that can be folded away flatly.

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Family Fortune Freya Be Praised! Categories :. Cancel Save. White Orchard. Side Quests. Another major advantage of the IBM Cloud is that it minimizes end-to-end latency for FaceMe, which is a key element in achieving natural-feeling interactions. As the Digital Humans build experience from real-life customer interactions, FaceMe continually retrains its language-processing and emotion-understanding models to optimize responses.

Because the AI revolution is still very new, there are limits to what is possible. If an inquiry is too complex for a FaceMe Digital Human to answer, the solution can connect via video to a call center, seamlessly replacing the on-screen avatar with a real person.

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Indeed, this partnership of the virtual and the real will likely become the model for many types of interaction. Both sides would have the pre-filled form on the screen in front of them, the agent could talk them through the small print, and then the applicant could sign on the screen — that functionality is already in our solution.

IBM Cloud gives us global presence and scale, and there are no limitations on our ambitions for the business. A key value-add of the FaceMe Digital Human is its ability to handle routine work in order to enable real employees to concentrate on more interesting and challenging tasks — including managing any questions that the Digital Human cannot answer. Crucially, customers who choose the digital route still get the benefit of an emotional connection. Outside traditional sales and customer service, FaceMe anticipates considerable opportunity to employ Digital Humans in scenarios where people may not be comfortable interacting with a real human being.

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For example, being in the hospital is often highly stressful for children, who may prefer to explain their feelings and symptoms to an interactive character. For them, FaceMe can easily apply its technology to animated characters or animals. Likewise, many people who struggle with mental health issues may find it difficult to confide in a real person for fear of being judged.

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The Digital Humans created by FaceMe fill the gap between traditional face-to-face customer service and chatbot-powered digital channels, providing an emotionally rich customer experience that can be delivered at scale, 24 hours a day, on any device. Using the ability to understand spoken natural language and emotions, and to provide accurate responses with the appropriate tone of voice and facial expressions, the Digital Humans can easily act as the first touchpoint for customers.

As a company that helps businesses deliver exceptional customer experience, FaceMe is understandably proud of its own metrics.