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Way Back When: Christmas Oranges – Christmas Eve Sermon

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View Count: Ping Add this item to Cart for a combined free shipping deal. Thanks for viewing my listing.. I hope you find something of interest with Juliewn.. A wonderful New Zealand book Francis set up an altar in the niche of a rock near the town square and legend has it that because Christ-mass was an important market-time the town was full of all sorts of farmers bringing their livestock to market. Remember, way back when most families slept with their animals in the same shelter.

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  • Just an Orange for Christmas: Stories from the Wairarapa?

Way back when, the gospel storytellers were crafting their stories about the birth of Jesus, they did just that, craft their stories. The church has from the very beginning understood that these stories are myths designed to communicate truth beyond words. Way back when, there would have been no arguments about the historical truth. Did you know that taking the bible literally as historical fact is a very recent phenomenon in the history of Christianity?

From the beginning the church has taught that the words of the bible have layers upon layers of meaning. We seem to have forgotten that the nativity stories are parables not records of what actually happened. Remember the words of the first chapter of the Gospel according to John. In the beginning. The very first gospel to be written, at least 40 years after the life of Jesus of Nazareth never mentions the nativity parables.

The Apostle Paul whose writings make up almost half of the New Testament never mentions the birth of Jesus. Paul focuses on the incarnation of the Christ. Of the birth, St. The Christ is an aspect of God that has been present from the very beginning. Tonight we celebrate the incarnation of the Christ, the incarnation of the LOVE that we Call God who is not some person in the sky, but rather the incarnation of the Reality that lies at the very heart of all that IS.

In this radical, freethinking, boundary breaking, justice seeking, peacemaker, wound-healing individual, the people discovered the image of God who is LOVE in ways that shattered their understanding of reality. It was their experience of the person Jesus that even death could not rob them of which emboldened the Apostle Paul to declare that in Jesus they had met the Christ…. Everything about the nativity parables point us to the reality of the spiritual in the everyday stuff of life.

Words from a Retro, Op Shopping, Surburban Mum in NZ

In the simple birth of a child, in the poverty of a people, in the struggle to be fee, in our quest to love and to be love in the world, it is here that Christ takes on flesh and dwells among us. Life is so much bigger than mere words can express. The Reality that lies at the very heart of all existence is so much bigger than we have words, images, or parables to contain. It is to recognize the intimate connection between the spiritual and the material and to marvel at the Reality that holds it all together.

To celebrate the Christ in the Christ-mass is to open ourselves to the wisdom of the ages and dare to explore the wonders that we are discovering each and every day. So, Christmas Eve is the time for stories about life way back when. But it is also a time to take in the wonders of this very night and to look forward to all that is to come. I do eat oranges because I know that they are good for me, they nourish me in ways that I am only beginning to understand. I simply adore chocolate oranges. Tonight this chocolate orange, is the perfect metaphor for the celebration of the Christ-mass.

For the joy of a chocolate orange begins with a big bang! This metaphor opens up such wondrous spaces that are full of a glorious aroma that give the air a hint of the fruit of the earth, mixed with the hard work of those who mold the material riches of creation into an ingenious gift of such delight. Each wedge holds the potential of a way of searching and knowing that is capable of nourishing our hunger for knowledge and our quest for joy. I can devour history, savor science, relishing in the smooth spiritual delights, or let the philosophical taste of unknowing open my senses to the deeps of my humanity.

I can pause as the taste reveals the beauty of simplicity, the complexity of the chemistry, or the insanity of those who are deprived of the flavor because of the madness of economics, or maybe just let the chocolate open me to the pure physical pleasures of the smell, taste, and felling of this delectable beautiful life. There are indeed one or two sections that are damaged and these broken wedges point to the tragedies, struggles, pain and injustices that all too often overwhelm us. Ted Hughes. Andrew Collins. Love at the End of the Road.

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Just an Orange for Christmas : Stories from the Wairarapa by Christine Hunt Daniell

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Christmas Oranges

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Just an Orange for Christmas : Stories from the Wairarapa

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