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We are given Definitely a book for the fan of the DH Mosquito searching for any information on the aircraft and how it was used in the war. We are given the names and general backgrounds of several of these crews who found success flying the wooden wonder but I kept wondering how it all tied together. It is more a collection of essays dedicated to individual squadrons with certain individuals offering up their story to tell. There is some discussion of the various models and versions, but I never got the sense as to how the variants were developed and why - other than they were all generally well fit for purpose intended.

Overall I did not find anything really new here. Oddly, a great part of the book appears to be casualty lists from the German air force. We are told the names and rank of German crewmembers along with the type of aircraft they ultimately lost their lives in and the dates of their demise. While interesting, I found that it was rather like reading through a high school year book and did not add anything to my understanding of the Mossey nor of the men who squeezed into her cockpit to take the war to the enemy.

Some good pics of some of the chaps mentioned and some of the planes they piloted, but some of these photos seemed to have been added because they were handy rather than because they actually helped to tie it all together. The author spends some pages discussing the apparent delamination issues with the aircraft when sent to the far east, but I didn't come away with "the" definitive answer as to the real cause.

DeHavilland blamed the type of glue used, the Air Ministry apparenly discoverd workmanship issues on the units built in Australia. I am left to assume it may have been both. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the book overall. The Glossary of RAF slang terms is priceless. As mentioned, if you are a fan of the wonderful Mosquito, it is worth a go. Oct 20, M. Newton rated it it was amazing. Another thrilling compendium of the Mosquito's exploits. A must-read for enthusiasts and students. Barbara Lovasz rated it liked it Nov 29, Steve Abbott rated it it was amazing Apr 12, Alan Spencer rated it really liked it Jun 25, Richard Pearce rated it really liked it Nov 06, Fred Ahlers rated it liked it May 06, Excellent data in addition to the story itself.

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men who flew the mosquito compelling accounts of the wooden wonders triumphant ww2 career Manual

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Men Who Flew the Mosquito: Compelling accounts of the 'Wooden Wonders' triumphant WW2 Career

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