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My uncle, who took care of me, murdered people, and yet he took care of me too.


People who have gone to jail for murder are also human. Black people are not all saints.


She would throw herself under the train for you, as long as her hair was perfect. I know this chick. You know her. But we just choose not to know her. She said she had many suitors after her for the material. And Sapphire saw it and trusted me with her baby. As the script was being written, Daniels began to figure out the financing of the movie. Everybody kept saying no. My whole life was no. It was just a bunch of nos.

Eventually, Daniels found independent financing. Both are successful entrepreneurs and have family money — her parents founded Celestial Seasonings, and his father started the cable giant TCI — and had worked with Daniels before. Once he had the money, he needed the girl. Daniels saw girls, including one of his nieces. She always thinks I can do anything.

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I did fit the physical requirements, and I finally decided to go read for Billy Hopkins. Unlike Precious, Sidibe is well spoken and cheerful. I broke free of that unhappiness and I decided to change — I was going to be happy with myself. No matter what I look like, no matter what people think.

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People make assumptions about fat people that are wrong, and like my sister, Gabby is comfortable in her body. She may be in a state of denial or on a higher plane than the rest of us, but either way, she breaks your heart in the movie. Daniels is always convincing someone of something, and like any good salesman, he knows that selling is not just about the truth.

You are going to lose your world, your audience, your standing in the BET community. It was her choice. Casting her is classic Lee — he loves the true outsider. Not the fake Hollywood outsider, like Brad Pitt or someone. View all New York Times newsletters. He tells his truth. Sign me up. And my brother was that monster to me. I think Lenny was gay from the time he was a baby, and his father saw him walking and acting real feminine, and he wanted Lenny to be tough.

He tried to get him into boxing. He was verbally cruel. He cracked the whip. When they saw his father's badge, they shot him. That beating a kid is good? My father could have been sent to jail for what he did to me, but he also made me tough. I never give up. Never ever ever. When my father died, I started shoplifting and my brother became a drug dealer. The ghetto is a place of war. And he now has a job. I had the gift for talk, but I could have been him. The story could have gone that way.

I knew instinctively that the hustle was on. As always, Daniels is weaving a cinematic tale of his youth. After attending Lindenwood University in Missouri, Daniels dropped out before his junior year and moved West with the idea of becoming a screenwriter. To support himself, he took a job as a receptionist in a nursing agency. By , he had opened his own home-health-care-services company.

He used that money to start his business.

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But even then, Lenny was reaching for the stars. He was always wanting to get into movies. In , he sold it and went to work as a casting agent and then a manager. But I got tired of holding purses on the red carpet. I was creating actors, but I was stifling myself. Not to me, but I still felt I had to say yes to him. But Lenny stepped in. About his sexuality, Daniels is both defiant and deliberately provocative. I had to choose.

And I did. They listen to me. I understand them better than I understand men. He felt a little ping in his chest.

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The pain increased, and by the time he arrived at his office in Harlem, he had to lie down. His assistant persuaded him to go to the doctor, who immediately realized Daniels was having a heart attack. Daniels convinced his actresses to leave their vanity behind. Carey and Daniels are close friends — he calls her Kitten, and she calls him Cotton — and he offered her the part on the condition that she show up at the set alone no entourage in a taxi no limo and freshly scrubbed no makeup.

Daniels paused. Everything that belongs to her, or is connected with her, is precious to me. Last and most precious was the silver shilling, which she polished carefully with her chamois-skin pen-wiper before putting away. Meaning "over-refined" in English first recorded late 14c.

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In Johnson's day, it also had a secondary inverted sense of "worthless. Read more in this article about some frequently asked questions and fun facts related to our definitions. RELATED WORDS beloved , darling , dear , inestimable , loved , pet , adored , cherished , dearest , idolized , prized , treasured , choice , costly , exquisite , fine , high-priced , invaluable , priceless , rich. Nearby words precession of the equinoxes , precieuse , precinct , precincts , preciosity , precious , precious coral , precious few , precious metal , precious moonstone , precious opal.

Examples from the Web for precious Being there teaches you to think quickly, edit yourself, and not get too precious about your own work. Meet Phoenix. The Village Rector Honore de Balzac.