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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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We even got to talk music with Derek for a bit and he was just a straight up nice dude. I think all 3 of us put a big check on our bucket list that day. It was awesome to say the least! Also keep meeting all these amazing people like we did in We just wanted to help in anyway possible. We both strongly believe in the power that music has to promote positive change, so it just made sense for us to use our music as a way to help Standing Rock. If you are interested in donating, we will continue our donation campaign for the next 2 or 3 weeks and all proceeds will be donated to Standing Rock.

Hands down!! Absentee and online bids placed through www. If you wish to pay by another method please contact us within 48 hours after the sale. During the live sale, the auctioneer will execute your absentee bid competitively up to the maximum amount you have indicated. A surcharge will be added for third party online platforms. If there is a tie bid between the internet bidding venues and the continued Due to our fast paced auctions and bids coming from floor bidders, phone bidders, internet bidders and absentee bids, the auctioneer has the final word on all item s sold.

You the bidder assume the risk of winning an item online and not having the item actually sell to you. This is due to the final call of the auctioneer and the operator not being able to re-open that lot. Online bidders are responsible for accidental bidding as if they bid normally. The invoice will include item, hammer price, premium, packing and handling, shipping, insurance, and any other charges that apply. Please hold phone inquiries regarding bid success until after receiving your invoice. Phone lines are provided on a first come first served basis.

Please visit www. Bid increments listed are a general guideline. The majority of our items are unreserved, but occasionally items may carry a moderate reserve.

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Please note that when a lot carries a reserve, the reserve is usually somewhere below our low estimate. In the case of a reserved item, the seller has authorized the auctioneer to bid on their behalf until the reserve price is reached. A surcharge will be added for any third party online bidding platform that the bidder utilizes. Lots from different auctions may not be aggregated for sales tax purposes. All other merchandise must be paid in full within seven 7 days of the date of the invoice.

No discount is permitted on split payments where a credit card is used as any form of total payment. Payments can be made by going to your account online at www. Absentee bids placed through www. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, personal checks, certified checks, wire transfers, money orders, and cash. No credit cards. We do offer the convenience of paying automatically by credit card. Please add this amount to your invoice total before sending a wire transfer. All applicable charges will be applied to the invoice. Shipping will be based on actual costs via FedEx, USPS, or other carriers required based upon the contents of the shipment.

Packaging and insurance will vary in cost depending on the items on each invoice. All packages will be shipped with insurance. Oversize and breakable items, which will appear on a separate line of the invoice, will ship based upon a date our shipper partner will provide to the purchaser after payment and pickup of the items. Any additional insurance coverage should be purchased by the buyer through the carrier. Oversize and breakable items shipments include full insurance. Insurance for all 3rd party shipments must be arranged through that carrier. Buyers must purchase their own insurance for shipments to other countries.

As a general guideline, the following will indicate which packages apply, as they are of a certain weight, length, or dimensional size. Pickup must be scheduled to begin and end within our normal business hours 9am — 4pm weekdays. Upon arrival in Denver, PA the buyer must continued Buyers will be contacted by phone or email when items arrive in Denver, PA. For packages to qualify for courtesy shipping, at least one piece or all pieces together in a package, must have a dimensional size of more than square inches.

I hereby irrevocably submit to the personal jurisdiction of the appropriate court in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in any action or proceeding arising out of or relating to the Claims and their enforcement, and I agree that any and all Claims must be adjudicated, heard, determined, and resolved in said court, and I hereby irrevocably waive any objection on the ground that any such action or proceeding in said court has been brought in an inconvenient forum. Every effort is made to ensure those descriptions are accurate and that they fully disclose any exceptions to condition.

Buyers who have not made their payment within the due date of 7 days may not return any items under any circumstances. No lots purchased by floor bidders including those bidders acting as agents for others may be returned. Any items arriving without a return authorization will not be given a refund. Copyright includes, but is not limited to, print media, microform and electronic media, such as CD-ROMS and online computer services. Please see www. All rights reserved.

Invoices will be processed the Monday after the auction date. Dan Morphy Auctions will not be held responsible for typographical errors and all lots are sold by description, not by illustration. All three marbles have early faceted pontils. The smallest is a three stage swirl with unusual blue and white latticino core which is surrounded by pink bands accented with blue alternating with yellow and green bands accented with orange. Outer decoration is birdcage mint green latticino bands. The second marble is a multi-core single razor ribbon. The third is a white ribbon with one side covered with transparent red and the other side covered with transparent blue, outer bands of green and yellow cap edges of ribbon.

Lot includes: Double helix razor ribbon made up of white accented with transparent red, and transparent green with aqua bands, surface shows as made small blowouts, indentation and small chips; the second is a powder yellow latticino with outer bands of blue accented with red, transparent green, red accented with white, and aqua transparent bands, surface shows one small chip; the third is a four panel onionskin with two opposing panels of pink and white and two opposing panels of yellow with green spotting; the last is a single white ribbon, one side of ribbon are floating turquoise, red, blue and yellow bands, the other side of ribbon are floating red, yellow, and blue bands.

The last two marbles are wet mint. Listed from smallest to largest this lot includes: an English style double ribbon with one ribbon of bright yellow accented with orange opposing one ribbon of white accented with bright yellow; a yellow latticino core; a multi-color solid core; a multi-color divided core; and the largest is a multi-color divided core. The last has minor damage. Solid yellow core with alternating blue and green bands. Light blue glass color. Lot includes from smallest to largest: a white solid core with bands of cobalt blue on core with outer bands of birdcage white latticino white threads; and a white solid core surrounded by cobalt blue bands with small fleabites.

Wet mint ridge core swirl with white in the valleys and red capping ridges with outer decorations being sets of three yellow latticino threads. A white base solid core with bands of red, outer decoration are bands of yellow accented with green alternating with bands of yellow accented with red. With faceted pontil. A three stage with a solid core white base with bands of red with faceted pontil.

Second stage are combined bands of green and yellow. Outer decoration is three latticino white sets alternating with three yellow sets. Lot includes eight multi-color swirls. Three are English style divided core; one English style double ribbon and single ribbon; one a solid core and two are ridge core swirls. Lot includes a multi-colored divided core and a three stage white solid core. Multi-colored divided core with unusual green transparent bands. Lot includes from smallest to largest: Divided core made up with two red, white and blue ribbons and one ribbon of yellow, red and green, outer decoration set of alternating yellow and white latticino threads, this marble has two as made surface hot spots.

The second marble has a white latticino core with outer decoration of four ribbons in yellow, red and green. The largest marble is a multi-color divided core with outer birdcage white latticino threads. A solid yellow core surrounded by white latticino with outer bands of red and yellow alternate with blue and white, this marble has minor subsurface reflections. This four stage marble has a cobalt blue solid core surrounded by white latticino. The third stage are bands of combined pink and white and the outer fourth stage are sets of two yellow latticino threads.

Early period, unglazed china in mint condition. Two sets of parallel black bands separates decoration into four quadrants. Three sets of bird track red are in each corner of each quadrants on one end and three sets of green are in each corner of quadrants on opposite end. Rare to find small lobed onionskins. The smaller is a deep four lobed white base with spotting and stripping colors of pink, turquoise, green, red and blue with faceted pontil. The larger one is a deep two lobed four panel with two opposing panels of pink and white and two opposing lobed panels of yellow and white.

This marble also has an early faceted pontil. Both marbles are wet mint. Lot includes from smallest to largest: a four paneled with two opposing panels of pink and white and two opposing panels of blue, white and lime green; a white base onionskin with pink, yellow and some blue; a four paneled with two opposing panels of yellow and orange and two opposing panels of pink, white, green and blue; a four paneled with two opposing panels of orange and yellow with one panel of pink, white and blue opposing one panel of pink, white and green; and a four paneled with two opposing panels of white and blue and two opposing panels of yellow and orange.

All marbles are in great condition. Great four panel eight deep lobed onionskin with two opposing panels of yellow and orange and two opposing panels of pink and white. Nice coverage of mica.

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Faceted pontil. Four paneled with two opposing panels of yellow and orange and two opposing panels of yellow and green.

Mica is very well dispersed throughout the marble. Very nice faceted pontil. Surface shows two small reflections and one fleabite. A well made marble; white base with nice spotting effect of blue and red. Mica is not heavy but present. Surface shows minor fleabites. The smaller is a six panel onionskin with two opposing panels of green and white, two of yellow and red and two of pink and white.

The larger is a four panel with two opposing panels of pink and white and two of green and white. Lot includes from smallest to largest: a four paneled with two opposing panels of white, pink, yellow and green and one panel of blue, white and yellow opposed one panel of green, white, blue and yellow. The second is white base with spotting of pink and some blue with Mica.

The third is white base with spotting colors of blue, yellow, turquoise, red and green. The largest is four paneled with two opposing panels of green and white and two opposing panels of yellow and red. Faceted pontil with an unusual yellow latticino core with outer band colors of lavender, blue, pink, white, red and turquoise. There is nice lobing effect on outer bands. Surface shows minor pocket wear. Lot includes from smallest to largest: the first Joseph has multi-color bands of yellow, white, green, blue, orange, and red; and the second is a four paneled with two opposing panels of green and white and two opposing panels of red with some yellow.

Nice four panel end of day. Two opposing panels of yellow and red and one panel of white, cobalt blue and green opposing one panel of white and cobalt blue. Hard to find in this size. White base with 17 blue bands. Surface shows as-made blowouts and shallow chips. No colors missing on bands of blue.

Yellow base with green, red, and white spotting color loaded with Lutz. Surface shows small fleabites and one shallow chip near the pontil. Lot includes from smallest to largest: an Indian Lutz; a black base with blue bands, surface shows three as-made flat hot spots; a multi-color onionskin Lutz; a blue transparent white banded Lutz; all white onionskin Lutz; a lavender and yellow ribbon Lutz; and a yellow and green onionskin loaded with Lutz which shows three small subsurface reflections. Lot includes a lime green base with group bands of orange and yellow opposed group bands of red, orange and dark green; wet mint.

The second marble is a very hard to find white base with butterfly swirl effect of color bands at pontil, colors include chocolate, red, dark blue, light blue, orange, and mint green. Great looking very colorful banded opaque. Surface shows as made shallow blowout and small chip. The largest shows surface wear with no major chips and some flea bites. Lot includes two green transparent base with opposing panels of white, red and yellow with submarine effect of white in opposite panels.

The largest has a blue transparent base with one panel of pink and white opposed one panel of pink, white and yellow. There is a submarine effect of white in opposite panels. Both have opposing three bands of red and Mica in blue bands. The larger peppermint shows a large shallow surface chip. All three are single faceted pontil marbles. From the smallest to the largest: an aqua transparent base with a number nine pattern of oxblood and white.

The second is a blue transparent base with a striking number nine pattern of oxblood and egg yolk. The third marble has a green transparent base with oxblood and egg yolk, this marble has two small chips. All three show typical as made small surface indentations. All four are single faceted pontil marbles.

From smallest to largest: an aqua base with egg yolk nine pattern; a clear base with oxblood and egg yolk nine pattern; a clear base with egg yolk and white; and the largest is a clear base with oxblood, some egg yolk and white. Both marbles have early faceted pontils. The smaller is an onionskin in rare stripping colors in oxblood, powder yellow, white, and a spotting of blue. The larger is a single pontil End of Day. The base is light yellow with spotting colors of green, white, and red.

The colors have a nice swirl effect opposite pontil. The surface shows a micro fleabite. Nice group of multi-colored handmade marble which includes six onionskins one with Mica. Lot includes from smallest to largest: a beachball swirl with one opposing panel of yellow opposing a mint green panel and one opposing red and blue panel; a hard to find transparent blue and white ridge core swirl; a rare alternating red, white and yellow latticino core swirl; blue jelly core swirl; and a multi-color double ribbon core swirl.

English style white solid core swirls. Lot includes four multi-color onionskin which includes one with Mica; also includes a green and white onionskin Lutz; a white base green banded clambroth; cornhusk; a purple and green Mica, one Indian; seven multi-color swirls; two banded transparents; and one Navarre swirl.

Alternating green, red, yellow and white bands. All are in excellent condition.

The Adventures of Mannie: The Kitten from Manayunk

Includes an early style left handed twist with bands of white, blue, red, green, pink, and orange. This marble has a series of small internal fractures on a section of the orange bands. Nice white base onionskin with blue, green, red and yellow splotches. Lot includes from smallest to the largest: Double pontil brown slag with an internal fracture; an onionskin Lutz with a large surface blowout; a blue band clear Lutz; a multi-color four panel onionskin; a multi-color divided core swirl; a lavender and yellow ribbon Lutz with an internal fracture; an alternating white and red latticino swirl; and a large multi-color onionskin.

Lot includes two Leighton style transitional marbles; two banded transparents; three large multi-color swirls, two have internal fractures; a large lavender banded clear Lutz; and two large multi-color onionskins with Mica, the largest red, white and blue has been polished with small polymer fill. White base with black patch.

Fabulous strike of image. Surface shows an as-made blow hole in the center of the black patch. Box contains popeye bag and 15 popeyes. There are three lavender and yellow; two red, white and blue; three green and red; four red and yellow; and three blue and yellow. Box is in very good condition. There is one row of five blue and one row of orange and yellow, and one row of green and yellow. Box is in very good to excellent condition.

Box shows some wear to top and bottom edges, in good condition. Lot includes: a No. A with six corkscrews, end flap missing; and an Akro Agate No.

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Boxes are in good to very good condition. Manufactured by M. A very hard to find marbles. The marble is white base with a black patch as made surface blowout on black patch. Nice print of Tom Mix on marble.

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Great condition box set with 28 slags in rows of four: red, blue, green, vaseline, purple, aqua, and brown Peltier slags. Box is in near mint plus. Rare box with original bag. Box is in near mint.

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Box contains 20 marbles in rows of four: red zebras, dragons, zebra with adventurine, John Deere, and tigers with adventurine. Box top shows some slight stains, but is in near mint condition. Hard box set to find. Box contains ten early period slags. Box top inner right flip tab is missing. Hard to find box containing ten early period two color rainbow and patched marbles.

Box is in excellent condition. Early period box with five early period slags. Box top has two tears around one window. Box is in good condition. Hard to find box set. Five rows of three graduating in size. Slags in green, brown, blue, red, and uranium. Box bottom holds a brown metal grooved tray for each row of marbles to rest in. Box bottom and top are in excellent condition.

Early period box containing five Peltier slags. Box is in near mint condition. The box contains two rows of four graduated red slags. Single divider curves on each end to pad marbles. Reproduction box, No. Also includes a No. Slags in both box sets are in great condition. Boxes show slight wear but are in excellent condition. Also includes a Jobber box with 20 white base Akro corkscrews. Boxes are in excellent condition.

Lot include an Akro No. Lot includes a No. Box top on the No. It is in very good condition. The No. Lot includes four single marble box sets. One box has a red slag, the other three are patched moss Agates. One box has a tear to one side. It is in very good to excellent condition. The other three boxes are in excellent to near mint condition.

The box contains 25 Peltier marbles, five rows of five each of Ketchup and Mustard; Christmas Tree; Superman; Zebra, four with adventurine; and rebels with no adventurine. One person collection. Most are in excellent plus condition. Includes swirls, onionskins, benningtons, oxbloods, and many other types. Lot includes a two drawer spool cabinet made by Richardson Silk Co. Full of mostly Akro Agate marble which includes multi-color corkscrews, popeye, and oxbloods.

Glass top of cabinet has a fracture from top to bottom. Cabinet is in excellent condition. Lot includes a six drawer spool cabinet. Marble includes multi-color machine made, handmade, and contemporary marbles. Lot includes multi-color handmades, machine made and contemporary marbles. Most of the larger handmade swirls and onionskins are polished and some of the smaller are not. All original. Nice colorful rendition of Lou in left handed batting pose. Centering is pretty good from side to side, while top to bottom is Minor creasing on top center of card and back middle with some edge wear and rounded corners.

This is an ungraded, fresh card out of a shoe box collection. Very Good. A very colorful series with nice renditions of players and a popular set. These cards came from a shoe box collection from the original family. The cards were never graded but some should grade rather well. Mostly common and minor stars. Includes cards No. Conditions vary. Very Good - Excellent. Lot of 20 cards includes seven Hall of Famers and 13 minor stars or common players. Card No. Various condition, Cochrane card has some heavy creasing, Hubbell card has some pencil writing on the front.

Poor - Good. There are two different cards of Joe Crownan and Mel Otts. Various conditions. Poor- Good. These 19 cards came out of a shoe box collection from the original family. The 17 other cards are minor stars and common players. Various conditions, from good to excellent. Good - Excellent. Approximately 80 cards, mostly commons. There is an Eddie Collins card, No. The rest of the cards range from fair to very good. Poor - Very Good. Two identical cards, No. Marked Indian and Big League Gum on back of cards.

Card shows Babe Ruth in left handed batting pose swinging his bat. Card is authentic, fairly well centered from left to right, and has some creasing and rounded corners. Card is authentic but is off centered, and has some rounded corners and some creasing. Approximately 50 cards.

The non Hall of Famer card is No. These came straight from a shoe box collection from the original family. Cards are very nice, sharp and colorful. They are ungraded, however, some of these cards should grade very well. Topps and Bowman baseball cards includes stars, minor stars and common players.

Many are and Topps. Cards were pulled from an album and most have paper stuck to the back. Good - Very Good. Approximately card in this lot, mostly Topps. There are two 52 Topps Commons, some 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, and From a shoe box collection, and in various conditions. The Red Man tobacco card is uncut, a nice clean card. The rest average very good condition. The cards probably came out of packs from this wax box.

The box itself has some writing in the upper left corner and some tearing and creasing, looks to be complete. Also several star players and about 45 commons. Conditions vary with some centering issues. The first card is No. The third card is No. It is nicely centered with some wear on corners and shows Mickey in left handed batting pose. Card has nice centering, sharp corners, and shows Nolan Ryan with fellow pitcher Jerry Koosman. Nice centering and sharp corners, shows Nolan Ryan on the card with fellow pitcher Jerry Koosman.

Extremely tough signed card to find. Mass dies prematurely in due to an arthritic condition and signed examples of his cards are difficult to find. Card is in very good to excellent condition with a nice ballpoint pen signature. Has SGC Auction certificate. The back of the card incorrectly says that Maas was born in , when he was born in He died at 47 years old.

Rare early black and white card set that features Jackie Robinson. This is one of the more desirable cards, as it shows Jackie in full batting stance. Card has some creasing to the bottom and top corners, and has possibly been trimmed. This grouping could have come out of the included wax box. The box shows Mickey Mantle on front swinging right handed, and shows Eaz on a side panel. A 5 cent, 24 count wax box, it has some creasing and indentation. This shoe box collection comes from the original owner. A nice lot. Approximately cards total.

There is a nice stack of about 12 Nolan Ryan cards including a , a , , , , This lot also includes many other Hall of Famers. Very Good - Near Mint. Nice to fill in sets. Conditions range from good to near mint. A card set. Important cards include a No.

Includes Baseball Greats empty wax box, three wrappers, decals, and 73 cards. Some of the key cards include No. Also comes with a Fleer Archives description sheet stating how many cards are in a pack, what the collation is, and how many cards are in the series. The cards included do not form a full set and there are some duplicates. Also included is a Fleer Baseball Great empty wax box decals, 82 cards and description sheet. Cards include two No. Some cards have glue on the front and some on the back; one wrapper has a small piece missing in the upper right corner.

Both boxes were meticulously glued back together. The side panels feature other game scenes and an endorsement by Stan Musial. Box has some slight creasing to the top. On the back of the card pack one can see the card name and it is card Gene Oliver, a catcher with the St. Louis Cardinals. The first card is card No. The second is card No. The third card is a card No. The and are excellent condition, the card is in very good condition. Sets include a and a The set has cards and is loaded with Hall of Famers, including card No.

Also includes card No. There is a No. The set has card total and has rookie card No. There is nice card No. Plenty other Hall of Famers in both sets. Guaranteed unsearched with some corner wear. Each pack contains ten cards, a pin-up poster and a stick of gum. These are 10 cent packs, each with an All Star poster inside. Packs look clean, and the folds look good. No rips or tears.

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  • Interesting lot includes cards, stamps, buttons, and decals. Over 20 sheets of Topps stamps, about 25 stamps including a Mickey Mantle, a full set of Visual Panographs Pro Super Star cards still attached in rows of three. Also about ten baseball scratch offs, including Hall of Famers Al Kaline, Tony Perez and others, a set of 64 Topps Giants including a nicely centered Mickey Mantle, a set of Phillies postal cards with facsimile signatures, booklets and stamps, some tattoos and various Topps buttons and coins. Last is a Topps baseball set including Cal Ripken rookie.

    Various condition from good to excellent. There is a Phillies Yearbook, a Yankees yearbook, and photographs from a New York parade on March 1, , welcoming John Glenn back to earth. These booklets came in a variety of colors, and they are either all green, blue or black. Near Mint. View Product. Aspey's Adventures with Asperger's. Aspeys Adventures with Aspergers,Michael Werner Aspeys Adventures with Aspergers,Michael Werner. Gnomes in the Hood: Adventures of Melonhead Series. Mittens on Kittens. This collection of words were conceived in the heartbeat of Newtown, Sydney, Australia.

    I have I have a fascination of different cultures. For almost every action, there is a reaction. My aim is with a light pen and solitude for the urban Nonna and Tante's Adventures in the South Pacific.