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This one was a tough read, really messed with my head. Dark and extremely disturbing. He was scary and disturbed, but yet….. Did not like the male MC in some of her other books, but Ryan is hot and likeable. Hard to explain, but…. Underestimated by Jettie Woodruff! Can she escape? She can, and does only to wake up and find herself back in the hands of the man she ran from.

Every once in a while I like to deviate from my lovey dovey reads and read something that makes me question my sanity. This book was the very first book I read this yr and I loved every second of it. Thanks for the great list! Great job, Maryse! Yes, the brother was severely disturbed. I read that book well into the early morning hours and I remember sitting there after I finished it, unable to go to sleep for a while because it threw me so much. Just saw the Tied Man listed as one of you next. This book is one of my favorite books!!!

Loved it! Excellent writer and excellent read. Have to agree with Natasha. I loved the Tied Man, it was crazy good and crazy some more! Her Dear and Loving Husband is also free in Canada. Thanks for the list! Our book club right now is reading Consequences and Truth. There is so much to these books…. We will definitely include the dark reads we have not read yet! Comfort Food — that book definitely tweaked my brain and made me question everything after I read it.

Amazing book. Dark, but sooo good. Thanks Maryse for this posting. These are my favorite books! Screaming in Silence is one of my favorites too, as someone else posted. Have to go buy Escape from Paradise. It has to be one of my top reads of so far. Thanks for the other great titles! Thanks Marysea for the blog. Happy Reading!!!! The Dark Duet series was my first dark and even now I shiver when I think of those books. Caleb definitely did a number on my brain! Wow and wow and thank you is all I can say.

I love the list you put together for us. My top favorite one right now will have to be The Tied Man, boy that book did a number on me.

More titles to consider

Now without shame I get to add to those listed. Here is a brief description of it, maybe someone can help. Here it goes: a young women escapes the abuse she endured living with her mother who isolated and kept her prisoner in their home. The day she escapes she gets picked up on the road while hitch hiking. She then becomes again a prisoner in the hands of the guy who picked her up. Anyone know what the name of that book is? Okay I just added a few more recommendations that have come from here and Facebook. There is dark and then there is daaaaaark.

Loved your recommendations and loved the way you wrote this list. Um, Tender Mercies…….. What are you waiting for!? Get on that girl! And now I have a few more to add to my tbr. Sometimes nothing can satisfy me like a good dark read. I hope this list you wrote just keeps growing! Had a guy on cover sprayed gold. Not sure if anyone read it.

Wondering if it was any good. Similar to Dark Duet series in synopsis I think. My Amazon wishlist is overflowing and I need these dark reads in the middle of super lovey dovey sweet romance books:p Gotta balance it out! Dark Duet Series is still my favorite but now I have more to consider. Thanks again! Great Post!!! I Love dark reads!!! The Tied Man was the absolute darkest I have come across yet, but I did love it to death although I thought I might vomit a few times.

I just picked up Escaped from Paradise yesterday so I super excited to read it!!! So your list coming out today was just perfect. Somebody tell me which book I should try first. Do you consider that dark enough for the list? It was very dark, but just in a different way than some of the others..

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Oh, Comfort Food is excellent. Great list! You really must read The Tied Man. Kinda daunting! Things get pretty hairy when the kidnapper catches up with them and holds them hostage playing mind games with them. It ended up being quite an emotional read. I adored Mephisto, the dreadlocked nightclub owner. The Heart Has Reasons is really good.

The Billionaire's Wicked Proposition - Sexy Billionaire Erotica from Steam Books

I was completely all for the dude in the end- that is so messed up! Great author for reals- but creepy scary. Thanks for the post. I have some of them already on my TBR. It was dark, in an obsession sort of way. I was looking for something different and found it. I hope to try some from this post soon. Too many books and not enough time…. This is my first. I started Captive in the Dark last night which I had downloaded months ago, and I am completely freaking out! All I can say right now is….. Thanks for taking me to the dark side Maryse! OMG Maryse! Finished Captive in the Dark in one day!

I cannot believe how affected I am by it….

Billionaire Beast audiobook by Claire Adams

I would have died waiting! My favorite read for is The Tied Man. I loved it!!! Dark Reads are my favorite and since I am a horror lover, the darker the better. I love to read something that is different and since most DRs have the girl in peril, this was very refreshing. Im not a big fan of the dark reads but on occasion Im in the mood for it. Escape from Paradise is my number one, I loved it, but its mostly because it has a good and happy ending. Big Sky is just disturbing! I hope you get to that one soon Maryse.

Lee Smith. This features 2 stories; a criminal alien who comes to earth to kill humans to harvest them for drugs and the alien cop who is chasing him down. Each kidnaps a woman to help them meet their goal. The relationship between the criminal and his captive is un-freaking believable. It is BAD!. He is the most evil thing ever…and yet, I find myself rooting for him. This book is not for the faint of heart. It is plot driven and it is long! I stayed up night after night until 3am even though I had to get up in 2 hours to go to work.

When I finished it, I started it again immediately. It is cracktastic! Bianca sommerland deadly captive and collateral damage. R lee smith. Lee Smith yet? The darkest. Also, the auther has a blog page now with excerpts of her next book which is coming out soon. But I only got pages in out of the ha before bailing…. I do like some scifi though. I want to talk about this book. Check out the review on Dear Author and the Goodreads reviews. I loved Tears for Tess book too! Been waiting for Maryse to read it and get her thoughts on it!!! It has a similar feel to it like Tears of Tess….

Also Maryse please suggest more books like wanderlust and captive in the dark. I have read almost all the books u recommended above. That is a great book as well….. Looking forward to ur suggestions….. Maria, of course, the Captive in the Dark series was the best ever! But, I loved Tears of Tess also, so I hope you like this one! Thanks Jean. Everyone should check it out. And yes the captive in the dark series is by far my favorite. So glad you enjoyed it! And yes, I loved Epilogue the most too…never thought I would fall so hard for Caleb!! I am also loving this list!! I will not ruin it for you and I suggest you read it from the beginning of the series.

You will not be disappointed trust me. Thank for this site, fran-tastic….. Hi Maryse! Great blog. The story went like this her neighbours had a cute boy she was attracted to him but he never gave her notice. Anyway she phoned her friend who advices her to talk to him because he was outside shooting hoops. Then she stumps off angry when a car stops the driver asks her for an address and flirts with the girl , who tries to jealous the neighbour kid so she flirts back with the driver then the driver like oh come closer my girlfriend hurt or something like that basically he gets the girl close enough to the back side car window.

Then bam the women in the back opens the car door and grabs the girl. The neighbour kid only notice when he finds a trainer on the driveway then he starts running but by then cars driving away. This whole scenario is flash back and now the girl is a high class prostitute who is still forced to do prostitution by her captor and she has a ambition that she wants to be free. All remember it is a dark read. So if you know what I am talking about please tell me the name of the book otherwise could advice a alpha female book not paranormal please.

Oh I also remember the cover of the book was red and the hero was assigned to kill the heroine.

  1. La ética del cambio climático (Spanish Edition).
  2. Masterpieces of Negro Eloquence: 1818-1913 (African American).
  3. Tomorrow Will Come?
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  5. My Top Ten Dark Reads.
  6. Handbook of Regression and Modeling: Applications for the Clinical and Pharmaceutical Industries (Chapman & Hall/CRC Biostatistics Series).

Also the heroine had a tattoo to remind her she needs to fight and not die. LOVED it, it was my gateway into the darker side. I have some new books to read…so thank you! Okay Ladies….. The Life of Anna by Marissa Honeycutt.

Hi Maryse, can you please recommend a few stockholm syndrome books from here that have a good ending? Thanks a lot!! I would be interested to see what you think of the black jewels trilogy by anne bishop. One of my all time fave sets. Though I think that the later books could definately be skipped. Bishop goes on to extend the series and it just feels like afterthoughts. To Sonia, did you ever found out what book with the kidnapped as a teen storyline?

Got me curious as well. Think you can come up with a list of dark reads that contain VERY little romance? I enjoy the dark side of things. Hiya I have been loving your lists for a few months now since I discovered your website I have now read loads of your dark reads and others.

Thank you for having a Dark Reads list, but I cannot go without commenting that you have to have something from Ker Dukey or D. The Empathy and Deception series that are co-authored by them cannot be missed! I have a recommendation for your dark reads list, Maryse. I found this to be un-put-downable even though I felt icky while reading it. You should read Target This by Lily White. Oh man The life of Anna should be top on this list for dark, sexy, gritty reads! The journey the author takes you threw is an emotional roller coaster ride to say the least.

Erotic Romance

Have you read the Indebted series by Pepper Winters? Yes Lizzie I have read the Indebted series and they are so good. Just a Little Fling. Rhonda Laurel. Jewelle Moore. Sandra Sinclair. Texas Heat. Love on Lockdown. The Perfect Storm. The Blake Legacy. Slightly Sinful. Veronica Maxim. An Unexpected Attraction. Delaney Diamond. Golden Treasure. Bound for Christmas. For The Love Of Baby. Nefarious Deeds. Catering to a Millionaire.

The Marriage Clause. Taken: Stealing the Bride. Love in the Afternoon. Reignited: Designed for Love. Wedded in Passion. Slow Burn. Out of Nowhere. LaShawn Vasser. The Billionaire's Baby. Prelude to a Seduction. Lotchie Burton. Sheena Binkley. Macy's Awakening. Pepper Anthony. For the Love of the Game. Illicit Christmas. Bedding the Best Man. Bound by Accident. Jennifer Willows. That One Night Interracial Romance. Nicole Mckoy. Constructing Lust. Second Chances. The Tycoon's Socialite Bride.

Tracey Livesay. It's The Little Things. Dyanne Davis. Not This Time. Changing the Rules. Sindee Lynn. Niki's Challenge. What You Do To Me. Kendra Mei Chailyn. Protective Custody. Beauty Is Alisha Hoover?

Sweet Inspirational Romance

Marilyn Lee. Fight for Love. My Angel. Denise Skelton. The Wrong Man. A Hard Man to Love. The Arrangement. Until Now The Blind Date. The Billionaire's Bargain. Sam Crescent. Holiday in Handcuffs. When Wolfe Calls. Dance for the Billionaire 2. Dance for the Billionaire 1. Suddenly Blue. Private Dancer. A Tempting Proposal. Secret Delights. Trusting St. Wonderland: Rekindling Christmas. Halfway to Love. Holiday Affair. The Right Christmas.