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Skip to content. Eating in a Maui restaurant means you'll often find one of two extremes. The first are items that are "ono" tasty , but make you move as slowly as the sea turtles on Ho'okipa Beach: processed Spam, macaroni salad, carb-heavy poi made from taro, and loco moco—basically beef patties over white rice, covered in gravy.

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So even these small islands in the middle of the Pacific can grow fruits and veggies that don't seem "tropical" all year—hence kale salads on menus across Maui! Sure, it's fun to indulge on vacation. Fresh fish is the norm on Maui, but Mama's Fish House takes it a step further by promising that all of their fish is served within 24 hours of being caught.

And talk about open sourcing: On the menu, they also call out exactly where the catches of the day originated, including big-ocean fish like mahi-mahi, tropical ono, and ahi; deep reef fish opakapaka, onaga, lehi, and uku, caught at 2, feet; and papio from nearby lagoons.

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It's hard to get a table at Mama's, so make a reservation in advance at this spot, often voted one of the best restaurants on Maui. When you don't want to be weighed down all day by a breakfast of Maui's famous tasty-but-heavy macadamia nut pancakes, try Brekkie Bowls. The fresh tropical fruit, including pineapples and kiwis, are cut to order and taste super vibrant. Some are elevated versions of items you've seen before, like kale salad, green juice, or chia pudding.

Others are truly unique standouts that feel like fine dining but don't leave you weighed down, like a raw beet ravioli made with faux-ricotta from local macadamia nuts, crunchy quinoa, and marinated papaya, as well as a refreshing spin on "zoodles" using cucumber strips and served with cherry tomatoes and coconut flakes. Feel light and well fed. This will be an in-depth, two part cooking class where you will participate in food preparation. Two meals included.

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June 21, , 6 pm. Each day we make choices about what to eat. Are we making the best decisions for our long-term health? In this class we will evaluate the effects of various foods on our health. Are spices medicinal? Come and enjoy a healing Kitchen! You will learn how to make healthy food that tastes great! Learn how to take good care of yourself and your loved ones using natural remedies. You take home a small kit. Empower yourself and fine-tune your life!

March 29, March 22, , 6 pm. More Healthy Sauces. March 9 and 16, , pm. How to Create your own greeting Cards. Everybody loves receiving personalized cards. Prepare ahead for special days, and learn tips and tricks for card making. We will discuss composition on the page layout and Multi-media tools. Experiment with calligraphy pens, watercolor pencils, specialty papers, fabrics, and magic markers. See samples of different lettering techniques.

These will be wonderful creations to give away or keep!! Fun, stress-free creativity time.

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Saturday, February 5, , 9 am — Noon. Healthy Cooking for Diabetes: Can we adapt our diets to improve diabetes? Learn which foods most challenge our blood sugar systems and learn how to control this. Cooking together, you will learn easy-to-prepare recipes for deep, long-term nourishment. Creamy Dahl Soup with winter squash. Golden Eggplant surprise.

Massaged Kale salad. Wild and mixed Rice. The health effects of various ingredients will be discussed. January 18 and 25, We will explore the special nutritional needs required for the body to keep the right balance. You will learn how to: adjust your diet to minimize hot flashes; restore moisture to dry skin; choose special supplements which might be needed after age 50; and, use medicinal plants to help with hormone balance.

Co-taught with Dr.

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Tuesday evening, January 4th, , pm. Vitec class University of Hawaii on Maui. The secret to eating healthy is eating food that tastes yummy - and sauces are the key! Vitec class, University of Hawaii on Maui. Healthy Hawaiian Feast Cooking Class. Come and enjoy a delicious healing kitchen! August 19, , pm.

The Maui Diet

Shopping for Cheap and Healthy Food. L earn life-saving tricks and tips about which grocery store items are yummy, inexpensive, and healthy.

We will create recipes you will enjoy and can afford! Sweet and sour Tempeh. Pineapple yams. August 10, , PM. T ake good care of yourself and your family using natural remedies. Learn about herbal alternatives for first aid care, and the best way to use and prepare them. French Green Clay drawing salve, Cold Relief tea, rose lotion, burn relief gel and more. Monday, August 2, , pm. We enjoy eating vegetables more often with delicious sauces and toppings.

In this class you will learn healthy tips and tricks to make you crave your veggies! Together let's create these recipes and then enjoy the feast! Monday, June 28, pm. Contact Food as Medicine. This class will teach you healthful recipes that you can re-create at home. The ingredients will all be of top quality and enhancing lifelong wellness. We will cook together so you will gain confidence in the kitchen.

The recipes will be yummy, filling, and fun to make. We will enjoy the meal that we make as a dinner. Specific health benefits of the various foods will be discussed. Let's enjoy a healing Kitchen! Monday, June 21, , pm. Temple of Peace, Haiku. Food as Medicine with Catherine Blake. Includes organic Farm Tour. My goal is to introduce basic, healthy food preparation. Real food for Real people. Learn about how to use some common spices as medicine. Think some more about the health benefits of raw food. Learn how to avoid destructive foods. In this class we will focus on long-term health. Let's enjoy a healing kitchen!

Saturday, June 4, Come and enjoy a healing kitchen! Natural chef Catherine Blake. Tuesday May 18, May 25, , from pm. All skill levels welcome. Two Saturdays, December 12th and 19th, , 10 am to 1 pm. Leilani Farm Sanctuary in Haiku. Two Thursdays, Dec. We'll look at value per pound of many foods, taste new foods, and understand how to get the most for your dollar. Learn a Japanese secret of healthy stir-fry.

The Maui Diet's Basic Training

Monday, Dec. Here is your chance! These wonderful animals are in the protected Leilani Farm Sanctuary and will enjoy our company as much as we enjoy theirs. Enjoy drawing or painting friendly donkeys, happy goats, colorful chickens, loving cats, fuzzy bunnies, George, the pig, or Veronica the Deer.

Behind the scenes are rolling green pastures, hundreds of trees, and jungle environments to enhance your artwork. This really is an artist's paradise. All skill levels are welcome, and all drawing or painting media are welcome. Saturday November 14, , from 10 am -1 pm. Cooking for Diabetes. Can we adapt our diets to improve diabetes? We will discuss how quickly foods increase our blood sugars and learn ways to control this.

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  5. We will learn easy to prepare recipes for long-term nourishment. Dahl with squash. Birthday Rice. Thursday, November 5, , pm. Television Infomercial for Maui Community College. Vitec classpromotion. Take control of your meal times and to have fun doing it. Learn a strong foundation from which to move forward with confidence in the kitchen. Learn how your food choices affect your long-term health.