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By nightfall they had decided to follow the counsel of the one who had seen and heard all but would not talk about it and, by emulating him, keep the horrible secret from becoming known, and thereby spare the King and his people a terrible fate. There are many variations and embellishments, and story tellers have even grafted the three imps onto the well known tale of ''The Silly Jelly Fish'' making all sound a little too fishy!

In olden times Jelly fish had a hard shell which was both beautiful and a protection against enemies. The Queen grew very sick. The whole Underworld moped, the clams shut up, and skates lay flat and still. Only a live monkey's liver could save the Queen! A tortoise, commanded to get one, arrived under a tree full of monkeys, and lay quietly, sticking only his tail out.

The simians, having only two inch stumps for tails, formed a hand-to-hand chain for monkeyshines. They swung to and fro like a pendulum until finally the lowest monkey was able to grab the tail of the tortoise. This was what he had been waiting for. He stuck out his head for a look-see and grasped the monkey, intimidating him into riding pickaback through the water to the Dragon Queen. It is at this point that the three monkeys are said to have scampered back to the limb and sat eating monkey nuts whilst lugubriously chattering and sorrowing for their lost comrade.

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The Queen felt sorry for the monkey, and had him well fed. The Jelly fish had qualms and warned the monkey as to what was in store. The monkey thought and thought and finally wept salty tears in front of the tortoise, saying he couldn't eat as he had left his liver on the tree to dry.

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The tortoise was in a quandry and carried the monkey back for the liver, the monkey of course taking good care to disappear where the tortoise couldn't follow. The Jelly fish was found out and stripped of his shell, leaving him naked and ashamed, and then all his bones were broken with a coral switch.

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His descendants were cursed and condemned to exist in similar naked and flabby state for all eternity. There is another pitiful little yarn about a hunter who shot a monkey and hung him in front of the fire to dry. The monkey's children never again wanted to hear, see, or speak of such an Evil Thing. The hunter was awakened during the night by a pattering of little feet and saw three baby monkeys trying to warm themselves, and then their parent, from the dying embers.

The hunter shot no more monkeys. I wanted light as a prelude to writing this in unfamiliar surroundings. It must have been Iwazaru! He was clinging, as a weight but acting like a pendulum!

Even now nothing seems too clear regarding Wynken , Blynken , and Nod. Three Blind Mice might have laid the trail I tried to follow. The research finally found me chattering and jabbering to myself. Who knows, there may even be time for a sausage or two on the way! Three Monkeys is nothing like Fifty Shades. Or Twilight.

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Or Harry Potter. But it does have sock puppets. Read more Read less. Each day we unveil a new book deal at a specially discounted price - for that day only. And welcome! I love to learn new things about the world around me.

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I'm Julia. Nice to meet you! Do you like dancing?

I love dancing! My name is Amelia.

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I love games and competitions. And climbing into the trees! I'm Jemma. One day I will paint a portrait of you! Have you already met my twin brother Teo?