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Did I mean it when I prayed? Does my life bear witness to a life lived for Christ? Was I sorry enough for my sins? Am I not in awe of the cross enough? I am 32 and for the past year I have struggled with this too. I believe in Jesus but at the same time I doubt. So if we doubt at the same time that we want him to save us , then will he? Hi Danielle. About 10 years to be exact. I went through almost every thought, feeling, ritual one could do or think trying to figure out how to be saved. There was a point that I came to, where I felt like it was too late to ever be saved.

That my opportunity to be saved had passed by me. The belief was so strong, that my skin felt like it was burning. I could almost feel the fires of Hell. I wondered if I could smell it too. My point in telling you this is not to frighten you. But to reach out and say, I know how you are feeling. After I came to this conclusion that I had lost my last chance of being saved, and I was doomed forever, a preacher came through my Bible College and to my amazement, his sermon was how he doubted his salvation.

How he at one point thought it was too late for Him as well. And how he found peace. After he preached, I went up to him and told him I was struggling with the same exact thing. He took my Bible and showed me what I had been missing with my understanding of Jesus. I had misunderstood the Gospel. I had turned it into one of works, not on purpose, but by misunderstanding. Satan had blinded my eyes from the truth. But when he showed me the simplicity of Jesus and what He did and accomplished on the cross for me, it all became so crystal clear.

It is the ministry of a man that severely doubted his salvation when he was a pastor even. He has some great messages and materials to go through that can and will help you.

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I KNOW with all my heart that you can be saved! And Yes Jesus wants to save you even though you doubt. I see this comment is just a few days old, even though this blog post is a couple of years old. I was just skimming through the comments, and saw yours and felt led to reach out to you. I do not believe this is a coincidence. God is hearing your prayers. I will be praying for you. If you would like to correspond through email I would be happy to talk with you. My email is heather. That site was not helpful at all.

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This has helped me a lot. I was saved when I was 10 after a very clear presentation of the Gospel. I have grown in Christ greatly because of the type of churches I have been a member of and because I was taught early in my youth about how to walk with God in my Bible reading and prayer. I am in a strong soul winning church where salvation is strongly emphasized. I have always felt that this is a disservice to people like me who have many times struggled with doubts about their salvation experience. I have tried this before by the way. I have made it my habit to go to the Bible anytime I have doubts.

The thing that causes me the most difficulty is when I see adult church members who have had the need to get their salvation settled. A big to do is made about them getting saved and baptized, and then we are reminded that if we have any doubts we should not fool around. It is as if doubting is the same as being lost.

I just wish someone would be honest and say that it is normal for Christians to have doubts, and that it is a attack from Satan to discourage us or to render us useless for Christ. Satan will do anything to get us to stop serving the Lord, and that includes challenging our faith. I think sometimes preachers will not cover this topic for fear that someone who truly does need salvation will misunderstand and get a false assurance.

I have a feeling that this is a bigger problem than anyone is willing to admit. I think you are spot on. What we can do is to share our own stories with those around us — we never know who it may help. It was truly God-led me finding this blog because I have been struggling for years with doubts.

I know that salvation does not hinge on how good I can be but on Jesus and His shed blood for me but still I fear. I admit I have felt true peace before. That others have the same feelings I do! You have been a great blessing to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! So glad my story could help you. I to have struggled with this issue. I gave my heart to the Lord many years ago. I do not remember the date or year. I do remember it was during a revival and close to Halloween.

Now I have conflicting stories. Many years later I divorced my husband. I am 60 years old so I know that age is not a factor for these feelings. Thanks so much for all of the comments, I have gotten a lot of valuable info from here. I was raised in a Christian home and saved when I was around 7, I think. I was baptized soon after, and lived in peace until I was about I did not know if I was saved, and went to the altar every Sunday praying for assurance and peace. I was ignorant about the bible, and just begged God over and over for peace and assurance.

I talked with pastors and my parents and tons of people in the church, but instead of turning to God I started looking for distractions from my pain. I fell out praying and reading my bible and I started doing and thinking bad things. I repented of the life I was living and asked God to forgive me.

I still could not say that I was saved. I go through the day in torment. I KNOW. But I still have those thoughts and I still do not have assurance. I know how you feel. Just keep coming back to Scripture every time you doubt. For me, it was a gradual process of seeing the doubts lessen. It took time but eventually they were just gone. Or am I not truly accepting him in my heart just in my head.

What helped me was thinking back to when I was in 6th grade and I remembered asking Him to save me. I knew back then I had none of these questions and was sincere so I held on to that and kept bringing it back to Scripture. You are overthinking it and Satan is using that. Believe me I understand how hard it is. But if I doubt if I have enough faith then so I have enough faith?

If you desire to give your life to Christ and choose with your will to believe, then He will save. We need to keep coming back and back to His promises. Hope that helps a bit. If you could pray for me that I would believe on Christ and what He did for me with my heart. This was Satan attacking me. I waited a while and thought this might go away. I looked up what to do and felt like God was pushing me to look it up. I found this website after another one. I read it and understood that I needed to continue reading verses every time I doubted God until my doubts went away.

Satan will fail against my Father and Jesus will win the battle. I put some sticky notes on my wall with the verses on them. This was when ever I walk in my room I can read them and I plan to put them in my locker, lunchbox, binder and other places I often look. This way at school I can have access to them when ever I doubt. Hope this helps!! I also feel like this might help. Forgive me if I am wrong, but I felt like I needed to answer you.

Do you believe in Jesus Christ and what He has done? Your mom, dad, sibling, neighbor, teacher, preacher, etc…? Do you believe those in your life that have said He did it for them and saved them? He did it for us too. I say us because He did it for you and me and each and everyone of us. He already did it. It is crazy to me that I am the one typing this to you. I say crazy that I am the one replying because like so many of the others who have posted, I battle horribly with doubt.

So very simple.

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All that is required of us now is what I mentioned above. We, like with so many other things in our lives, complicate things unnecessarily. I apologize if I misquoted or misspoke anything and anyone else reading after, please, please feel free to clarify if I have clouded things or missed something or messed up in my bumbling attempt to help. I be praying eternal life waiting if you just accept Jesus. He died for you he loves you God bless! Mostly because i was told God doesnt owe me anything and people only get 1 chance sometimes.

So feared that he would never draw me again. I couldnt sleep, eat, think straight or anything as i cried daily for months. I always thought i was saved because i believed. He showed me i was wrong. He drew me to the altar time and time again, and each time i rejected for fear and pride. Then i decided to go back to church one day after 4 years i guess, Fathers Day. To die during surgery. He drew me again… this time to floor in front of me, not the altar.

Never got it. Went another couple years lost.. Telling myself i had time. So about a year ago, this month, i started watching Brother Charles Lawson on youtube. A wonderful preacher of God. No doubt. He talked about the end times, and i watched more and more on death and salvation. The fear started returning to my heart, then about april last year i wrote him letters, and their church tellimg them my heart, and mind and how i needed prayers and help.

I knew i was lost and i had to do something. Thought God was gone. Then on Fathers Day, same church, as i went last time years before on that day, i showed up hours before church was to start, and a man seen me, and called the preacher to come talk to me. We prayed and cried out begging God to save me. Never happened. Then i got home, and had a phone call from a man at Pastor Lawsons church i had been watching on YouTube.

Brother Ronnie. He prayed with me. I closed the Bible. Cried every tear possible, done all i could. I told him i didnt want to live one more day lost, didnt want to wake up another day lost, i told him i give up! I cant do this anymore. I beleive with all my heart you forgive me of all my sins, already have, i just do. You have to do this.. I wanted to touch him, but a wall was in my way.

I threw myself off of my bed and to the floor on my knees and face. I screamed Jesus I Love You!!! So loud. I felt such releif and joy. Saying heavenly father felt wonderful. I was trembling all over and couldnt stop crying. I felt his goodness all around me. So i had to tell someone. I called brother ronnie and gave them the news. I will say.. I dont feel saved, im afraid in church, i dont know my direction, and i doubt again. I just want to know his will. I am guilty for being fearful, doubtful, and not sure what to do. Havent even been baptized, for fear of God telling me im still lost.

Have an unsaved girlfriend i live with… no fornication anymore… i made mistakes. Salvation to my mind was a thing, feeling, not him. For years i belived that. Now i get saved.. Im lost? What did i do wrong?? I feel like dying sometimes. I would encourage you to search the Scriptures and claim Gods promises. Salvation is not about a feeling.

And honestly it is nothing about us or what we do. It is simply trusting in what Christ already did. You trusted Him for that before, so now you must trust His promises that He will do and has done what He promises. Hi…I too have struggled with doubts my entire Christian walk. It drives me crazy. My thoughts drive me crazy. I have few friends and only one family member, whom I know , that is close enough to me that I can speak to her about my Christianity…but I think she believes…once saved always saved.

When I was a little girl…I had soooooooooooo much love in my heart for The Lord. I spent so much time in devotions when I was a teen. I truly loved The Lord. Now as an adult of 55, I feel more confused and sometimes lost…please pray for me. God bless you…. I am 14 years old and I have been going to church all my life. When I was 11, during revival I was convicted.

I went to the alter to pray with my nana, and I thought I was saved that night. I started doubting my salvation about a month after. One Sunday morning when I was 13, I felt like I was being convicted again. I went to the alter to pray, and felt so much better. I started doubting again a little while after that. I still struggle with doubts. At other times I wonder if I truly am or not. I have been praying constantly, asking for the lords help.

I just feel like nothing is working. Everyone makes it sound like a huge burden is lifted, but I just felt the fear go away, and it came back shortly after. All I know is that I love the lord, and I believe in him with all my heart. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you, and God bless you! For me, there was not a huge relief either. I chose to claim Gods promises and every time I doubted I would read through the list of verses and claim them.

Over time the doubts came less often…. And eventually they stopped coming back. So find verses that you can claim and trust God that He will do what He said He would. Satan torments me but I know God is guiding me through this. I feel like crying bc this has really been a big help!!! This blog has been a blessing to me. I was 10 when I asked God to save me. I began to doubt my salvation when I was around I have struggled many many years.

I am now 51 and I am a Baptist Pastor wife. Sometimes I am confident and other times not. I have prayed many times. When I started doubting when I was a teenager. I went to the altar a lot. I asked God to save me I got baptized 2 more times after my time. I truly fought then as indo now that God saved me the very first time. I too would hear preachers say things like: you need to know that you know, or if you doubt then you need to get it took care of, ect. I could write a book on this. I guess that was the first time I realized others are going through this. My doubts usually are brought on by something like: when I hear someone say I thought I was saved when I was younger but I wasnt.

I know I am now. That usually get me to saying how did they know. I then start praying. I taught a Wednesday night class to the ladies at church on this. I was amazed at the positive response I received. I could tell some struggled as I do at times. Just pray for me that God will use me to help other with their walk.

I do not know why some doubt and others do not. I got saved at the age of 4 in a Fundamental Baptist Church. I remember walking to the altar, I remember who took me into the gym storage room to pray, I remember praying not the words I prayed though and I remember exactly where I sat in that storage room.

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I was baptized at the age of 5. I remember a lot from this day as well. I had doubts once or twice as a teenager but was able to settle them quickly. I grew up in the same church and was under the preaching of truth all my life. Fast forward to today. I am 26 years old with a 4 and 1 year old and expecting my 3rd child. I started doubting my salvation in March of It has been a long road and I am still fighting the doubts. Thank you for the scripture references. I deal with the same thoughts you described. I have met with my Pastor a couple times as well. We have all determined that I am saved and I need to fight Satan through the power of God on this.

I have grown so much through this. I have read my Bible and prayed more than I ever have before. I have discovered so much more about who God is and how He thinks of me. God is showing me so much even though I doubt him almost daily. He really is faithful. All your testimonies have been very encouraging. I feel like I could write a novel about the experiences and doubts I have faced the last year but this is it in short.

What to Do When the Blessings Stop -- When God Sends Famine

Feelings are a fruit of faith. They will not come until we can have faith. Remember that the Word of God is powerful, it is our sword against Satan and he hates the Word of God. He knows it is truth and that is why he will flee from it. The Father of all lies cannot stand to hear pure holy truth.

I was raised up in a Christian home and my family went to an independent Baptist church that preached the gospel. A couple years later I was 9 and I was starting to wonder if I was going to heaven when I died I heard about salvation and being saved but I never really knew what it meant. I felt so hopeless and scared because everyone else around me was sure of there salvation and I just felt like I was only person having this problem.

I also realized that this feeling of doubt also comes from not reading my bible as often,not walking with God on a daily basis like I should, and living in the flesh instead of living According to Gods will. At that time I thought it was something I needed to do and felt good about it afterwards.. Now I am starting to have doubts about if God truly accepted it or not because of my lack of understanding back then.. All I knew was that there was a heaven and a hell..

And I wanted to make sure I did the right thing so I can make it heaven… Do you think this is Satan trying to play mind games on me.? Or do I need to get rebaptized because of my lack of understanding as a young teen.? First off being baptized cannot save you only accepting Jesus Christ to save you can send you to Heaven. Put your trust and accept Jesus and you will be saved. I have like many of you went forward to be saved many times.

I have doubted most of my life. I really struggle with this. I get scared to go to revivals, tent meetings,youth meetings because they preach on Salvation. Or if people say I thought I was saved, but I realized I was not. That scares me. I too grew up in church with Christian parents who never doubted.

I have sought help from everywhere. And yes sometimes u feel helpless. I pray and tell God I want assurance. I want to want to attend these services without fear. I start doubting before I ever get there. This post and these comments have been such a big help! I had claimed to be saved when I was 8. I have been raised in a Christian home and my dad is an ordained preacher. So I got up and got my dad and went to the altar to pray. But after I prayed that night I got up from the altar and talked to my dad a little bit because I was confused again, because I was expecting some big thing o happen to me to show me I got saved.

I felt so much better. I got baptized again and then a few months later I started doubting. During that time I found out my mom also struggled with doubt sometimes too. A lot.

So I have been dealing with doubt for awhile and it comes in waves. Then I doubt again. But reading these posts gives me comfort and I thank god for that. I need to spend more time with God and spend more time reading his word, and I hope others struggling with this can do the same and that they can stop doubting too. After I claimed to be saved at 8 years old I never doubted it.

Satan had what he wanted.

So there was no reason to make me doubt it because as long as I was actually lost but believed I was saved there was no issue for him. As long as I ended up in hell, he was happy. But after I got saved at 14 I started to doubt. And the only way to make him feel better about that is to tear us down and make us sad as long as we are on this Earth. I have thought this about myself several times. He knows what gets us. Thank you so much for sharing this! I gave my life to the Lord when I was 14 and I have had my doubts but recently, they have hit me hard.

If we start to drift away from his word or stop talking to him through prayer, we tend to lose that peace and the world starts to get a hold of us. Once again, thank you so much for sharing this, it was an encouragement! I have been saved for years, but doubt continues to plague me. I continues to pray for chances to make sure that I am saved, but my timid nature holds me back from taking them. Pray for me that the Lord be patient with me and help me through this. This was an emotional blog for me to read to say the least. I was never into drugs, drinking , etc.

I went to summer camp each year with our church. I was in church every Sunday. How do we know heaven is real when nobody can see it? I have a real spiritual battle going on isnide of me and I just want to know how to beat it. If you guys get this message, please pray for me as well. I was saved, bought, and sealed August 4, but I went astray for a period of time. When I ran back to the arms of Jesus He openly accepted me.

But later down the road as I was growing in my walk Satan hit me with doubt and it crippled me. Little did I know it was Satan and it was absolutely horrifying. August 1, I announced my call to preach and it blows my mind that the Lord has entrusted me with such an honor. Thanks for your testimony. The reason I ask is because i feel i went through a very similar experience but am experiencing significant doubts regarding my salvation or the loss of it due to certain scriptures; whereas, you seem to have found a solution, or at least freedom from the doubt; as well as the joy in being back with your Savior.

I struggled with a lot over my childhood and teenage years with fears, insecurities, trouble at school etc…my life was always or at least seemed marked or characterized by sadness, troubles, etc…my dad had a tough position on me and my 2 sisters not to any real abuse levels but there was certainly physical punishment when we did wrong and sometimes, that punishment, to some degree, certainly looked and felt like abuse..

I grew up as a teenager angry mostly at him , fearful, no real motivation except drugs , alcohol and trying to fit in in school. Long story short; shortly after that 2nd baptism i was still wrestling with sin but like any other Christian. I feel my faith was slowly being choked out.

I kept doing things that kept leading to oother things and soon wad caught up in the whole cycle of smoking marijuana again in my mid 30s. I finally got off it since Oct , and stopped some of the other things that came with it, i. If you dont feel comfortable sharing your story in depth either i completly understand.

Thank you all so much for your comments. I also feel like I live in a world of people who either do not believe at all or who do believe, profess that they believe, seem to always be joyful about God and trusting in his promises and encouraging towards others, etc. Which I was doing for a certain period of time when these doubts hit me VERY hard, shortly after I being struck with panic attacks out of nowhere. I began experiencing other very strange physical symptoms, as well as so much cognitive impairment it was ruining my life.

Every day I was sure I was going to die. Somebody asked today if I were a scrapbook. I guess I'll be covered up under wrapping paper and packages ,again While this just a made up story its principle hit close to home for many people who call themselves Christians. They would rather use them for their looks instead of their content but why is this case? Why are so many willing to neglect the Word of God? Are you better than these kingdoms? Or is their territory greater than your territory?

Amos "In that day the fair virgins And strong young men Shall faint from thirst. James If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him. Finally the last thing I want to encourage you to do is to be a doer of Gods word and not just a hearer, again James puts it best in,. James Therefore lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness, and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls.

Acts "So now, brethren, I commend you to God and to the word of His grace, which is able to build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified. His mission was to warn Israel of God's coming impending judgment upon the children of Israel and sure enough his words came to pass as the Jewish nation was led into Assyrian captivity.

After this happens the 10 tribes that made up the northern kingdom cease to exist. While these prophecies are very interesting I want to focus in on one prophecy that Amos made about an unusually famine that would come upon the children of Israel. Usually when people think of famines they think of famines of food or water but Amos is telling the children of Israel that there is going to be a famine of the word of God.

This is famine that is worse than just a famine of food or water because this means that there would be a period of time where there would be no more prophecies which means no one would be hearing Gods assurance or confirmations. In fact just the opposite is true. God has given us a feast of his word. This can be seen in the abundance of Bibles that are available. In fact we have access to Gods word in so many different ways that it unreal. We have printed Bibles in just about every language that I know of, we have the Bible in many software formats, it can read on the internet, it available on cassettes, VCR taped and DVD.

One thing that brought about there famine back then was there pride associated with material luxury. Being blessed with material things seems to have great effect on people and tends to make them forget about what God has done for them.

Learn How To Thank God In Advance For Your Breakthrough with Rick Warren

Whatever one's approach to religion, there is a Christian organization or congregational association that can be found in order to fill one's desire for religious expression. The choices of Christian churches range from one extreme to another: small personal groups, large crowds, quite scholarly and intellectual organizations, noisy, frenzied charismatic churches, giant cathedrals or evangelistic tents. There seems to be no end to the choices a person has when seeking a religious experience. Most of these Christian organizations and congregational associations are separated by major doctrinal differences about subjects that are extremely important to one's salvation.

There are many differing philosophies and concepts about how to worship the God of the Bible, and there is much confusion about what God expects of each person who wants to worship and serve him. These doctrinal differences and certain incompatible attitudes and behaviors between these various Christian organizations and congregational associations should cause anyone who is truly serious about their salvation to seriously question why there are so many different competing Christian churches and philosophies.

It is true that, since the advent of the printing press, the Bible has remained the most published and most read book in the world. The Bible has been translated into almost every language and distributed to billions of people. There is virtually no populated place on this planet where one cannot find a copy of the Bible. However, few people understand this book and practice the laws, precepts, and principles contained within its pages. If this were not true there would only be one church teaching one truth.

The simple fact is that we are living in a time when there is very little true understanding of God's word. Although there is not a famine of God's word on the printed page, there is a famine of understanding the word of God. During this age, hundreds of millions of people hear the Bible taught every day, but with virtually no explanation as to what the Bible text truly says and means. Conservative, Reform, and Orthodox Judaism and professing Christians claim conservatorship of the biblical text, and each claims that the Creator God has guided and inspired their understanding of the biblical text.

The problem is that each of these religions are divided into many factions with each faction having widely differing views, opinions, and interpretations of what the biblical text says. Although all factions of Judaism believe that some kind of oral law is necessary to make the Torah understandable and workable, many factions reject the belief that most of the Talmud dates back to Moses' time and they seem to see the Talmud and the oral law as an evolving system in which successive generations of rabbis have the authority to alter the application of the written law as necessary to fit current circumstances.

But, Orthodox Jews feel less free to ignore, modify, or change the oral law. On the other hand, the vast majority of professing Christians believe that neither the written law nor the oral law apply to them, so they are free to worship God as they please and live their lives without any biblical constraints or fear of punishment. A quandary of gigantic proportions faces everyone who truly seeks to understand the Bible in this age, because there seems to be no totally trustworthy human authority from which to gain accurate biblical knowledge.

Given the fact that there is much confusion and divergent opinion about the biblical text among the various biblically based religions, the logical conclusion is that we are living in the times of Amos' prophecy—there is a famine of hearing i. If this were not true, it would be an easy task to find a trustworthy source of biblical understanding wherein there is no contradiction or divergent opinion as to the meaning of biblical text. Three Reasons Understanding Is Withheld.

The following are three major reasons why few people understand God's words during this age. The prophet Daniel records one of the reason that the understanding of God's word is withheld from most people today:. And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Much of what is recorded in the Bible is there for the benefit of those who have a need to know certain things, because these things pertain to them and no one else. Therefore, this knowledge is withheld from other people because it will not benefit them.

See Matt. I set the shorelines of the world by perpetual decrees, so that the oceans, though they toss and roar, can never pass those bounds. Isn't such a God to be feared and worshiped? Though I am the one who gives them rain each year in spring and fall and sends the harvest-times, yet they have no respect or fear for me.

And so I have taken away these wondrous blessings from them. This sin has robbed them of all of these good things" Jer. Most of the Patriarch Israel's descendants including the Jews worship false gods and have departed from their covenant relationship with God.