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That means, you don't need to look for one that specifically works for your dog's level of intelligence, so long as you pick a toy that can be adjusted to suit your pup.

Is Your Dog Super Smart? No, LOL

And, because your pup will continue to get smarter as they age, investing in mentally-stimulating toys you can customize will allow them to stay your pup's favorite toys for years to come. With all of that in mind, here is a list of the best toys for smart dogs to help morph your simple pooch into a furry Einstein. Designed to increase mental stimulation and boost your pup's IQ, this challenging puzzle toy features an assortment of 20 treat compartments with removable lids that you can customize to different levels of difficulty.

There are three options for your dog — they can either flip the lids, pull them, or slide them open. It comes with soft bone inserts you can use to make it tougher as your dog gets better at the game.

AMAZING ! Smart Dogs Wait For Their Names To Be Called - Funny Pets Compilation

The toy is lightweight enough that pups of all sizes can play and it's easy to clean with simple soap and water. This treat-dispensing IQ ball is constructed with durable, non-toxic plastic and features an easy-twist opening mechanism so you can fill it with your dog's favorite snack.

Find the Right Breed

Just fill it with food or treats and throw it across the room — the small hole will slowly dispense food as it rolls, challenging your pup to continue playing with it until it dispenses all the treats. Your pup will love pushing it around and chasing it across the floor to try to get the treats out. You can even adjust the difficulty level by making the opening bigger or smaller. This toy also comes in it comes in two different sizes, so no matter how big or little your pup is, you can find one that works for them.

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Is Your Dog Smart? Here's How You Can Tell If Your Dog is Intelligent

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Having A Rocky Moment. Trending This Week. Ball-Obsessed German Shepherd. A lot of that canine specialness has to do with the history of dogs as a species, Silver said. They evolved alongside humans, and that experience likely shaped their ways of thinking about the world. By comparing dogs to humans and other species, he said, "we can better understand what makes us unique and what is shared across genetic or social lines.

Originally published on Live Science. Rafi joined Live Science in You can find his past science reporting at Inverse, Business Insider and Popular Science, and his past photojournalism on the Flash90 wire service and in the pages of The Courier Post of southern New Jersey. Dogs are smart.