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You can search and sort the page by keyword, industry, client, and job length category. First, get familiar with the layout of the Create Content page.

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Customers usually assign topics around the same time their credits renew. Some will post a ton of topics all at once, even if it would take them months to use all the submitted posts in their queue. These clients tend to change their minds about wanting these topics after a while, so watch your step here. Then, there are some customers who will buy extra credits whenever they feel like it so they can snap up particularly awesome posts.

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We LOVE these clients! Feedback is a good indicator of how nitpicky a customer is, or what types of articles send them over the moon with sheer joy. One of those customers now specifically requests that I write all of their content, so I can now rely on them purchasing every month. Sometimes, writers get five-star declines. Other times, folks receive two-star ratings for purchased posts. Have you written for a client with shocking results? Some customers are famous among writers for their behavior good or bad but there are always a few of us who succeed even with the most notorious accounts.

Are you up for a challenge? Verblio has a huge selection of requests from which to choose. If you get tired of cranking out dry, down-the-rabbit-hole posts, you can transition over to easier or shorter topics, or try your hand at different industries. Here are some notes about finding requests that you actually want to complete:. Yay for you!

General topics are very competitive, so if you have professional or personal experience with a particular industry, you could develop a niche here on Verblio. A lot of writers here had no clue what blockchain was until they started doing a little digging. Now, a few of those folks know enough about blockchain to have opened up a whole new area of expertise, complete with new writing opportunities.

My advice? Most of our clients want to market themselves as industry thought leaders. They want to promote their blogs as trusted sources of accurate, informative, easy-to-consume content. Imagine a salmon traveling from the ocean to a river, then up a series of tributaries until it ends up in the spring-fed creek where it started its life.

Drew Farwell. The closer we get to the source material, the more credible our customers will appear to their audience. Learn more here. Keep digging. And try to corroborate everything. Whenever possible, keep it local. Proper citation is pretty much the best defense against plagiarism. Grammarly has one, as do several academic paper auto-editors. You can still be suspended for content that passes the plagiarism checker if your content is still simply a broad paraphrase of another article.

Which leads me to…. Sometimes the winning difference between two perfectly-composed articles is tone or voice.

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The most successful writers study previous submissions. Either can get you blocked by the customer. I had to ask my niece about that one; she used one of my e-mails as an example. Format your posts into easy-to-consume, scannable sections. You might have an excellent formatting strategy, but your customer might not be SEO-savvy. For many of us, headlines are the most aggravating part of writing a solid blog post.

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Headline writing is extra fun gag! Your target headline word-count should be six to nine words, with the correct capitalization and—hello! By the way… the automatic headline that appears in the text editor is just a suggestion. Have you ever seen those sports videos where runners faceplant just before the finish line? Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, so if you want to bomb out as a Verblio writer, go ahead and post that article without thoroughly checking it over for errors.

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We see this time and time again when we check out the comments on declined posts, and customers are entitled to complain. They expect professional copy. Verblio has quite a few U. While we speak the same language, many words have different spellings north of the border, across the pond and Down Under. Punctuation and grammar may differ, as well. Take along plenty of avocado and toast for ease of acceptance. Brenda Godinez. Verblio recently added a new system by which customers can easily mark passages with requests for changes. See the full technical writer terms.

Season of Docs mentors are not necessarily technical writers, and they may have little experience in technical communication. They're members of the open source organization who know the value of good documentation and who are experienced in open source processes and tools. The relationship between you and your mentors is a collaboration. You bring documentation experience and skills to the open source organization. Your mentors contribute their knowledge of open source and code. Together, you can develop technical documentation and improve the open source project's processes. The announcement date for Season of Docs is March 11, Interested open source organizations can apply to take part in Season of Docs between April 2, and April 23, The Google program administrators publish the list of successful organizations on April 30, During the period between the program announcement and the publication of participating open source organizations, you should keep an eye out for news.

You can return to this website, and also watch for blog posts or other news on the Web.

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Some of the open source organizations may share their ideas even during the organization application phase. We also invite you to spread the word about Season of Docs and why you're interested in the program. Take a look at the promotional material for graphics and ideas. The technical writer exploration phase runs from April 30 - May 28, During this period, you can explore the list of participating organizations and their project ideas. When you find one or more projects that interest you, you should approach the relevant open source organization directly to discuss project ideas.

Examine the list to find an open source organization that you'd like to work with. Look at the technical writing projects that the organizations have proposed and decide which projects suit you. You may apply to more than one organization. At this stage of Season of Docs it's a good idea to explore more than one option. The final selection process accepts only one project per technical writer. Participating open source organizations.

You may discuss project ideas with any of the participating organizations. To make contact, use the organization's email address shown in the list of participating organizations. Early discussions help you put together a good project proposal for submission to the Google program administrators during the technical writer application phase. The initial project ideas may come from the ideas list that the organization has proposed. You may propose your own ideas too. Ideas for technical writing projects. The technical writer application phase runs from May 29, - June 28, During this period, you can apply to take part in Season of Docs.

The Google program administrators forward the relevant details from your application to your chosen open source organization. The open source organization administrators and mentors then select the projects they want to mentor. Creating your application. The community bonding phase runs from August 1 - September 1, During this period, the open source mentors help you become familiar with the open source project and community. Make contact with your mentor s in the open source organization that you've chosen to work with.

Ensure that you have a reliable way of communicating directly with your mentor and with the organization administrators —the latter are the members of the open source organization who act as the principal Season of Docs contact for their organization. Your responsibilities. Your mentors' responsibilities. The mentors' guide to working with technical writers. Ask your mentor questions about the tools and processes that the open source organization uses.

Introduce yourself on the open source community's mailing lists, chat, Slack channel, and any other shared communication channel.