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Between us we have over 20 years of experience in working in video games industry. We have past experience in developing independent projects from scratch to finish and publishing smaller titles on various different gaming platforms. We know we have what it takes - but we also know from experience that we have our work cut out for us! We also have some amazing outside help in areas beyond our own expertise, like video production from Alex Parlea and music Cosmin Marza. Add-ons are extra goodies that you can get beside the rewards from you tier by increasing your pledge.

Shipping costs : If you choose a physical add-on you need to add shipping costs to your pledge:. Instead you need to raise your pledge amount by the cost of the add-on e. Every tier above the "The Prophet" tier is allowed to get add-ons. After the campaign, you will be able to specify what add-ons the money should be used for e.

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Running a Kickstarter campaign comes with risks and requires a great deal of work, but we think it makes a lot of sense for several reasons. So we set about heading to every gaming conference and event that we could feasibly afford. We love to talk with other gamers. We saw Unbound played, loved and criticized… Every piece of feedback meant a lot to us and we have put time and immense effort into making our game better and better every time.

Along the way, we realized that our community was key in what made not only our game better, but us better, as designers and developers. It made us realize just how crucial engaging with our players is going to be as we work toward the completion of Unbound. With this Kickstarter campaign, we hope to engage with our players and backers even more closely and with all the feedback and suggestions we are expecting to receive, to make a truly great game that will be worthy of the time spent both making and playing it!

This grant meant much more than money to us. It gave us some validation, it gave us an enormous burst of confidence and it gave us the stamina we needed to keep improving our game. We managed to cover some of the development costs - i. Thank you so much for your interest in Unbound: Worlds Apart! We would be thrilled and super humbled if you could help the development of the game in any way you can: back the project, join our Discord, tell a friend, share it or play the demo! We started developing this game three years ago and since then it has been one hell of an amazing ride!

Our goal is to deliver a unique game with interesting mechanics, with a beautiful art style and unique puzzles - let's make it happen together!

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Thank you. We have been working on Unbound for more than two years now and we have already overcome many of our biggest obstacles. Still, we know that there is a long road ahead of us. Game development always bears certain risks and there will always be unexpected problems which may delay the release of the game. But we are planning very carefully and doing everything we can to avoid that outcome. Questions about this project?

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Check out the FAQ. Thank you for your support! Stay in the loop with our updates, and receive awesome Kickstarter-exclusive wallpapers. A reward for the earliest birds! Get a digital copy of the game on Steam at launch! This is a time-limited tier for the first 48 hours only!

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A second chance for not-so-early birds! Don't worry, in case you didn't catch the discount, this is the last chance! Get a digital copy of the game on Steam at launch, access to our exclusive community, and your name will be mentioned in "Conjurer" section of the credits.

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All the above rewards, plus get a second Steam key for Unbound: Worlds Apart - available only for this tier! Get access to Unbound before the game official launch, and you take part in our beta test program on Discord! Your name will also be in the Guardian section of the credits.

Leave your mark in Unbound by engraving your name in a magic stone in the Valley of the Guardians, a special realm in the game! Be one of the first to play Unbound by gaining access to the alpha version of the game, and join the exclusive alpha program on a special Discord Channel!

Your name will also be in the Grandmaster Section of the credits. Design with us a monument that players can interact within the game! You can send your message through the magic world of Unbound. It will be used as a final boss in one of the levels, and the player must find a satisfying way to pass them.

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Love to tell stories? Why not help us create a new NPC and their back story? It's a Kickstarter exclusive, and a must have for any collector. Design a unique, mind-bending puzzle! Work with the team to create a new puzzle, which will be featured in a special area of the game.