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The stories are contemporary, and always seem to appeal to young women and this new entry is a delightful addition! Life is just getting back to normal when her old boyfriend finds her in NYC and needs her help to find his lost sister. This book is a fantastic finale to great young adult series. Kim Harrison's short-story, Madison Avery and the Dim Reaper gives new meaning to the age-old warning, "Don't get into a car with a stranger!

The mystery in this book is juvenile and the main character redundant. Heather Wells, ex-shopping mall pop star, has taken a job as an assistant residential director at a New York college. Between two murdered coeds and people recognizing the now plump ex-pop star, Heather rants on and on about her crush on her ex-boyfriend's brother and no one taking her seriously in her new role as assistant director.

The murderer is apparent from the beginning and the focus on elevator surfing among young college students is boring. Although I will read almost anything Cabot writes, I am not holding my breath in anticipation for the next Heather Wells Mystery. However, Meg Cabot is such an entertaining writer, that when I wanted to be just entertained, I decided to find out what was happening with pop-star-turned-resident-hall-administer, Heather Wells. Set in a fictional college in New York City, this dormitory has more bizarre collegiate murders than any I believed imaginable.

If you can get past the unrealistic setting, and the first person narration of a 29 year old whose intellect is more like 14 year old, then you will find this mystery has just the right balance of suspense, humor and character interest. Heather's dad is out of prison and now trying to make up for the 20 year absence in his daughter's life. He seems to have forgiven Heather's mother, who skipped town with all Heather's money when the child pop star grew up and failed to land her last recording contract, and now wants Heather to do the same. Heather is trying to get an education and working as an assistant resident administrator while living with her ex-pop star boyfriend's estranged brother.

She finds herself in the middle of these strange murders; this one involving a cheerleader's head found boiling in the dormitory kitchen. Heather seems to have an uncanny knack at getting information and figuring out what is going on before the police, but in the end, she never seems to get the props she desires. However, in the end, she caught him and tortured him for ten days before she let him go. Now, two years later, he has finally returned to work; she is in prison for life; and another serial killer is loose in Portland, Oregon. Archie is once again heading up the police task force, and is being shadowed by an up and coming newspaper reporter, Susan Ward.

The gruesome story is gripping and this police thriller is somewhat unique with its detail of a rare female serial killer. Normally I shy away from this genre because it is just too easy to figure out what the characters have problems seeing. This story had enough flash backs to the origins of the task force and unique details regarding the horrific, rare female serial killer to keep me reading and overlook some of the obvious clues the trained police kept missing.

He encounters a pig along the road which adopts him, follows him to Aunt Kittys and precedes to dig up a corpse. Sounds promising, and it is witty, but I found it choppy and too bizarre. Knopf Copyright : Reviewer : J Book Rating : Reviewer Comments : 72 Hour Hold is overall a good read about a mother's struggle to save her child from the strangle hold of mental illness. As her child turns 18 Keri can no longer control her child's whereabouts and 72 hour holds are the only thing saving her child and herself from her child's Bipolar disorder.

Unfortunately, in this long-awaited sequel, he drags in so many stereotypical, boring characters that, even if the plot were interesting which it isn't I found myself wallowing in a sea of them. Even the dialogue "No place to go, nobody to see, and before you can say needle and spike some lard-ass loser who looks a lot like you has her living off the pipe" is unbelievable and forced. My advice: don't waste your time or your money on this one. Title : Give It Up! Don't waste your time. This wealthy socialite toys with the novelty of giving up such vital necessities as alcohol, cell phone usage, and taxi cabs.

She plays at each deprivation for a month, then is relieved to pretty much return to her previous lifestyle. It seems to me that when she tries to come up with "something deep and meaningful to say," it's only an attempt to make the book have enough of a point to get published, not because she actually gained real insight. I didn't know people could really have that shallow of an existence. She's kidding, right? Am I on Candid Camera? The ultimate solution- did William Shakespeare really write the many works attributed to him?

This debut thriller has lots of twists and a great deal of Shakespearian history. New P. Sophie Metropolis takes on several cases involving old high school friends, neighbors and even her family. However, the investigations are thin and Sophie is a bit too naive to be seriously believed as an investigator.

Children-Middle Grade-Tween

I'd be more willing to overlook its lack of originality if it had made up for it by providing sufficient humor. It was interesting to learn a bit about Greek American culture. While waiting for another Plum mystery, I'll probably read the next Sofie "Dirty Laundry" due out May but it will be like eating a diet cookie.

Martin's Press Copyright : Reviewer : Nancy Book Rating : Reviewer Comments : Kate Burkholder was fourteen years old when she killed the man who raped her and for sixteen years she's lived with the guilt, although his death brought an end to the murders that paralyzed the tiny town of Painters Mill. Now the chief of police, Kate is forced to revisit that event as more killings occur bearing the same signature.

Is this a new killer or did she shoot the wrong man all those years ago? An old sleuth comes out of retirement in England to solve a murder surrounding a missing parrot which may hold a secret German SS code. Do we have reason to believe the detective is Sherlock Holmes? As usual Chabon writes in a superb and extraordinary style.

Author C.J. Oakley's Blog

The investigators and several well known art collectors are enmeshed in an implausible plot. Heavy in art history, which might have been interesting, this fictional intrigue attempt is full of trite phrases, overly technical and confusingly convoluted. Lynne Cheney. A timeline of American history for kids. Well done but seemed to have omitted some things I would have included. This volume, 14 in the Elm Creek Quilt Series, takes a different turn from Chiaverini's other novels.

Most of the Elm Creek Quilt series are appealing but this one seems to be a forced plot produced just to have a holiday offering. Although not the best in the series this one alternates back and forth to the turn of the 20th century so the reader enjoys two intertwining stories.

Reacher reassembles the remaining members of his elite group to hunt down and eliminate those responsible and destroy a harrowing threat to America. As are all of the Child books, this is a fast-paced, tightly-written thriller; a real can't put it down read. Former military guy Reacher is asked by the leader of a mercenary group to find his kidnapped wife and step-daughter. But who's the bad guy here? Tight, intense, this is another great read from the writer of just about the best suspense books around. Jack Reacher is back, bigger and better than ever as he uncovers the secrets in a small Colorado town where strangers are definitely not welcome.

When the cops are called in response to Reacher's request for coffee at the local diner he's determined to discover what really goes on in the metal recycling plant owned, as is everything else in the town, by businessman and apocalyptic preacher Jerry Thurman. In a heart-pounding race Reacher has to take on the entire town to prevent a disaster of astonishing proportion. I couldn't put this one down! There's a manic feel to both the characters and the action, with Daniel Musgrove, the teenage protagonist, caught between the bleakness of his family and the darkness of his best friend's madness.

Definitely not up to the standard set by "Alabama" and "Gone For Good," but okay. She runs a Charleston tea shop so there is the added touch of southern recipes and "tea" tips. Margaret Cho. A startling discovery leads to a desperate race to expose a secret from the final days of WWII. This inspirational guide to uncluttering and cleaning house offers practical and motivational help for those of us apparently born without "the clean gene.

Change is possible! I've read about every book there is on housecleaning and uncluttering, and this is one of the best. Russia and China on a path toward war with each other? Unfortunately, President Jack Ryan can't sit back and watch because you know if it's by Clancy, it's going to be a whole lot more complicated. Extraordinary realism and razor-sharp suspense are expected and you won't be disappointed. Great for children ages Ellie knew Andrea was seeing an older wealthy local boy but kept the secret from her parents.

Several years after the trial and conviction of the wealthy boyfriend, he is released from prison still professing his innocence. Enraged, Ellie returns to her hometown to prove once and for all that he is the one responsible for her sister's death. In true Mary Higgins Clark style, the story goes back and forth to did he or didn't he.

You'll have to read the book to find out! It is truly enjoying to be able to read a book and not guess the ending until it comes. The ultra rich husband, Peter, has a sordid past. When her mother finally realized the grave mistake she made in marrying Ted, it set the wheels in motion for a tragedy. One night Ted was trying to bully Liza's mother into not getting a divorce. Liza, trying to protect her mother, threatened Ted with her father's gun. Instead of shooting Ted, Liza accidently kills her mother. That night began Liza's nightmare. Although deemed an accidental shooting, Liza had to endure the cruel jokes of "Lizzie Borden" because of the name similarities.

Liza moves away to adoptive parents who change her name to Celia in attempt to erase her past. But really As you can guess, Celia gets married and by a freak of circumstances of a surprise gift by her husband, buys her childhood house where the shooting occurred. This obviously distresses Celia as her husband does not know about her past. Then things happen to let Celia know that someone in town recognizes her and is setting out to torture her.

The book is very good in twisting the story around so it keeps you guessing on what happens next all the way to the end. Title : Where Are the Children? The first suspense novel Clark ever wrote. This story follows the secret life of nancy Harmon who fled across the country to get away from her past and the death of her two children. Time has passed and Nancy remarries and has two more children. Then suddenly on her 32nd birthday, both children disappear. The nightmare for Nancy is beginning all over again. There is someone out there who doesn't want Nancy to ever feel safe and secure again.

While the story is very good, I'm glad that Clark continued to mold her craft into the books published today. Title : Where Are You Now? Her older brother Mack mysteriously vanishes one day from his college ten years ago and only contacts his family on Mother's Day with a quick phone call. After the latest Mother's Day call, Carolyn resolves to find her missing brother and figure out why he disappeared. Along the way, a young college girl suddenly disappears and calls her family and tells them that she'll call them again on Mother's Day.

A coincidence? Could it be related to Mack's disappearance? A very good read! It's an accident, as much of Sam's life is. After serving his time in a minimum-security prison with lawyers and bond traders, Sam marries and finds a job with the intent of putting his past behind him, but his parents, the bond traders and those persistent accidents come together to keep his life in its inevitable downward spiral.

Reading about Sam is like waiting for a train wreck: you know it'll be hard to watch but you just can't help yourself. A quirky, deftly written book. Title : Jonathan Strange and Mr. Though sometimes dark, this book is exciting, suspenseful, and witty. Martin's Copyright : Reviewer : Nancy Book Rating : Reviewer Comments : First time novelist Cleland does a creditable job with antiques dealer Josie Prescott, who lost her job in the auction-house scandal but has gone on to create a successful business in New Hampshire.

Everything is going well for Josie until she finds herself the chief suspect in the murder of an elderly potential client who, it turns out, had paintings stolen during the Nazi regime. A little heavy on the advice from Josie's deceased parents, and not quite enough detail about antiques, but a good read nevertheless. I'll look forward to Cleland's next.

She is thrilled with the possible contract for the contents of a huge old house full of beautiful and valuable antiques. But when she goes to sign the final contract, no one answers the door. This turns out to be least of Josies' problems as she learns that the owner is dead -murdered- and Josies' is the last name is his appointment book.

The police chief, whom Josie has noticed is a superbly eligible bachelor, considers her the prime suspect, so Josie feels she must somehow solve the crime and maybe, just maybe, even manage to secure the auction contract after all. Then, of course, there's also the attraction to the police chief. All in all, this is a great first novel with interesting characters, well drawn plot and lots of antique description. You'll enjoy it, especially if you like antiques. Andrew Clements. This is an encouraging story of a boy with a most difficult language-arts teacher and his idea to rename the word "pen" to "frindle".

The wood catches on with the students and eventually travels throughout the entire country. An elementary school librarian recommended this book to me and I'm so glad she did. This entertaining book continues with Bobby and his family searching to find out why. In the ensuing time he meets a blind teenage girl.

They both struggle to overcome their respective conditions. Written in the first person, with humor, the story is well done and appeals to more than just its teenage audience. Meetings with various "donors" are humorous, but the entire story is somewhat mindless and predictable. Dan Mercer is on his way to help a teenage girl in trouble when he walks into the glare of television lights and his life is forever changed.

Wendy Tynes is the TV reporter who has made a name for herself by exposing pedophiles and who thinks Dan is no different from any of the others she has nailed. This case is not the same, though, and with heart-pounding speed Coben races through twists as more people are caught in the maze of murder and retaliation. Absolutely fantastic! Following the suicide of a teenage boy, Mike and Tia Baye are worried about their son Their discoveries lead them into a new culture of drugs and murder and the fear that they will be too late to save their son.

Although not quite as tightly-written as Tell no One or Gone For Good, Coben paints a fairly convincing picture of the potential for terror in today's tech-driven world. For years I've groused about his Myron Bolitar series while praising his stand alone novels. But, at least with this entry, he's made a convert of me. Bolitar gets a call from a woman with whom he shared a passionate escape years ago. She's in France and says only: "Come to Paris. A really terrific read! Too many pointless twists and stereotypical characters and way too much superhero stuff by Myron.

It's time to retire Bolitar for good and for Coben to get back to the stuff he does well. When a couple goes away on their annual anniversary trip only one of them comes home. Great read! Now, as a county prosecutor, Paul is asked by police to identify another body And if Gil survived, what of his sister? In what may be his best book since Tell No One, Coben races through a riveting series of seemingly unconnected events to a wrenching conclusion.

The good news is: if up til now you've based your life philosophy on fortune cookies and the horoscope in the morning paper, this is for you. A bunch of hokey, "wishing will make it so" pop-psych mumbo-jumbo. The bad news is: if you want a thoughtful, well-written book about life's challenges and mysteries, this book is a bunch of hokey, "wishing will make it so" pop-psych mumbo-jumbo.

A poor shepherd boy travels from Spain to Egypt while following the quest for his "personal legend," encountering mystical and shallow characters on the way who give him advice like "The Soul of the World is nourished by people's happiness. And also by unhappiness, envy, and jealousy. To realize one's destiny is a person's only real obligation. All things are one.

What a waste of time. The characters sotires were all intertwined with the main character, Nicky who had converted his parent's meat shop into a mental wellness center. There are only a few people who visit his center and when an elderly lady he has been consulting is found dead after an overdose of sleeping pills, Nicky is accused of not giving her adequate psychological help.

Each character in this novel deals with many problems and is just as confused as the next. There is also little resolution at the end of the story. Of course there is the contrived, silly happy ending in which all Jane's problems are solved, but this book is a definite pass. Nancy A. She feeds off others of her kind instead of humans.

This book has been in and out-of-print since its release in Luckily, for all those who enjoy the vampire genre, the compete collection of Sonja Blue novels are back in print. Here it is; reissued in January This is the story of Skinner Cade, a loner from Chotaw County, Arkansas, who sets out on a journey of self-discovery but finds himself hooking up with a rock band that leaves a path of mayhem, violence and madness wherever they go.

At least they understand the thrill of the hunt and the taste of blood that has haunted Skinner throughout his life. Collins is best known for her Sonja Blue vampire tales, but Wild Blood and her voodoo tale, The Tempter have always been my favorite. Couldn't finish it, and I've read some real dogs. Allison Jenson is six years old when she sees her eight-year-old best friend abducted. Her family and her community refuse to discuss this tragedy with her and she grows up obsessed with finding the truth, blocked at every step by the rigid, patriarchal culture in which she lives.

A dark, convincing story of faith shattered by man and one woman's struggle to survive. A must read. Jessica Conant Park and Susan Conant. The main character, Chloe Carter, is a college student whose blind date from an Internet dating service is murdered during their first meeting.

Then she dates the main suspect, chef Josh. The first half of the book is hilarious; I laughed out loud. The second half became a bit more predictable and run-of-the-mill, losing that fabulous humor. Susan Conant was never this funny in her own wonderful dog mystery series, so I think the great humor comes from her daughter's writing. I look forward to the next book and hope to see that humor throughout the next time. These gals could definitely give Evanovich a run for her money if the humor makes a more consistent appearance in their future novels. The unofficial sleuth, Holly Winter, is a writer of dog articles who shows Alaskan malamutes in competition.

Her dogs are real dogs and act like it: they misbehave, even though they are well trained. Plus I learned tons about the dog show world. Mickey is forced out of his hiatus from practicing law when fellow lawyer Jerry Vincent is murdered, leaving his practice to Haller. Among the cases is that of Walter Elliot, accused of killing his wife and her lover Was Vincent's murder connected to this case? And is Haller in the killer's sights? Although there are a few too many obvious red herrings for this to be a great read, it's still enjoyable.

The confessed murderer is leading him and other officers to the burial site when everything goes wrong and Harry has to deal with the possibility that his partner, Kiz, might die Connelly's Bosch series continues to be convincing and tightly-written, and this entry is one of his best. It's just a little too pat with the "should a lawyer sell his soul" question.

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He finds himself not only in a race to find the killer, but also in a battle against the FBI and his former girlfriend, agent Rachel Walling, who have been tracking a terrorist plot to use the radioactive material. A roller coaster read with a cliffhanger ending; Connelly has written a book with a real adrenaline rush! They date, marry, work and care a great deal for each others good and bad times.

A great mix of personalities and situations keep the reader entranced till the very end. Conroy always writes a great story, ultimately about forgiveness. Dawn Cook. Life gets more interesting as enemies make their moves, and even friends can be more than they seem. This story did make me laugh occasionally, but overall it was not well done. The author kept throwing in odd, jarring elements. Susan Cooper. Soon they are on the search for the Grail. The five books that make up the sequence see the children battle between the Dark and the Light in a world full of Arthurian and Celtic mystical settings.

Ages 12 and up. I highly recommend it. Cornwell muddles along without even the Scarpetta angst in this novella, which wouldn't have had a chance at being published without her name on it. One word: Blech. Putnam's Sons Copyright : Reviewer : Nancy Book Rating : Reviewer Comments : One of the things you'll notice right away in this book is that Cornwell now writes in the third, rather than the first, person The novel, of course, begins with Kay's trademark angst about Benton, Marino and Lucy and throws in a convoluted, unsatisfying series of murders with a predictable murderer.

And, please, after all these years together, can't Kay and Benton learn to relate to each other as adults rather than as insecure adolescents? Grow up, Kay Write yourself a prescription for Zoloft; you'll feel much better. As for me, I'm done. A cereal box is a better read.

Putnam's Sons Copyright : Reviewer : Patty Book Rating : Reviewer Comments : I typically would rate a Patricia Cornwell book a 4 or 5, but unfortunately, I can't with any good conscience rate this any higher than a 3. As much as I love the Kay Scarpetta series, I'm beginning to wonder if this series should just end. The story lines are not as strong and captivating as they used to be. The case they are working on is interesting but once she throws in the character's personal issues, it just muddles up the story.

For the first time ever, I actually put this book aside to read another one and then came back to it. Putnam's Sons Copyright : Reviewer : Nancy Book Rating : Reviewer Comments : The question is, who is behind Gotham Gotcha, and who is putting Scarpetta's most personal information on the smarmy internet gossip site? Further, could this site be connected to a rash of murders, or to the paranoid fantasies of the main suspect? When Cornwell focuses on crime and forensics she's great, but she suffers from the same syndrome that James Patterson does: they write badly and stiltingly about relationships, while insisting on including way too much awkward nuance and far-fetched dialogue in their novels, a habit that bulks up the pages but slows down the plot.

Wait for paperback. The possible suspect, the victim's boyfriend, requests Scarpetta specifically to conduct the examination. While everyone suspects his guilt, Kay investigates the case and begins to have doubts about his guilt. All the while, someone with a grudge against Scarpetta, publishes some very personal about her on a trashy Internet website. While pretty decent, the story runs a little slow at times and a few parts seem unnecessary to the storyline.

Is she being stalked by a photographer or a deranged fan? The D. Coulter includes interesting soap opera trivia between chapters. The situations in Coupland books sometimes seem far-fetched, frequently absurd yet he always seems to be able to comment on the human condition in a way few contemporary authors can.

No matter which Coupland book you grab, most likely you will find at least one line to quote that accurately reflects where you find yourself in life. Cowman; edited by James Reimann. I recommend the "Updated Edition in Today's Language" edited by James Reimann, who did an excellent job in making this classic clearer and more understandable for the modern reader. The isbn for the edition I have is Get one for yourself and one to give away. Harvey Cox. Cox was brought on board to teach a course examining the role Jesus of Nazareth had as rabbi regarding moral responsibility.

This book is his memoir reflecting on twenty years of teaching this extremely effective and always packed class set in a theater forum. The book is informative, contemporary, and challenges readers to consider how ethics and morality is developed.

KikOriki - 150- The Mystery of The Ancient Treasures! [with English Script!]

Wonderful descriptions of ocean life add to this mysterious magical story. His investigation leads him to a sleazy city official, a deputy police chief and a cover-up Crais continues to keep us turning pages in this solid entry in the series. In this, the second in the Joe Pike series, Crais has the deadly Pike hunting the home-invasion gang that killed his friend and former mercenary.

When it becomes evident that this is no low-level drug-addled group, Pike finds himself up against the powerful Russian mob in a thriller that races its way through deceit and double-cross and has Pike calling in all his favors as he tracks a killer who is almost as lethal as he.

Whether he features Joe Pike or his business partner Elvis Cole, Crais almost always nails it…this one is no exception. Joe Pike series: Watchman First Rule. I was hoping for something great with this one and didn't get it, but it's worth a read. As Pike and Elvis Cole race to find her would-be assassin, they find themselves caught up in a world of international greed and murder.

One of the best Crais books, this is a must-read. Crichton takes his readers on a slippery slope of the dangers of genetically modifying nature and mixing our genes with other organisms. I found his information questionable, and his story line did not come together in the end. There were loose ties that needed to be finished, closure needed on the many characters he introduced, and further explanation of just what was his conclusion with all of this. Crowther discovered this for herself in a very personal way and sought to give girls another outlet by fictionalizing parts of her own struggle with PCOS.

Martins Copyright : Reviewer : Carol Book Rating : Reviewer Comments : Cruise and Mayer have created a complex plot of romance, sex, mob members and government agents. Filled with a ridiculous number of dead bodies and improbable scenarios, this one however is funny and engaging. The book is a good blend of humor, suspense, action, and a touch of romance. Lucy Armstrong, a commercial director hired to complete the last four days of an action movie shoot, stumbles into a money-laundering scheme on the set. Elaine Cunningham. She starts her own P. The books read like police suspense stories more than fantasy stories.

Gwen may be a member of the Fae race but barely realizes this fact and the rest of the world within the novels are a mirror of our own world. Although the story is classified as fantasy because Gwen finds out she is Fae toward the end of the book, it reads like a suspense police thriller. The book sets up storylines for future books in the series. Martin's Press Copyright : Reviewer : Nancy Book Rating : Reviewer Comments : Eighty-six-year-old Hennie Comfort has lived in Middle Swan, Colorado, since just after the Civil War and has forged a life in the mining town, in a house with a weathered sign in the front yard offering prayers for sale.

When lonely young Nit Spindle hands Hennie her last nickel for a prayer, their friendship begins and, through stories shared over quilts and coffee, the two women share their lives. What a wonderful read! Raised in the safety and shelter of her small farming town, Rennie is unprepared for the hatred she sees in her neighbors and tells her story with wry, poignant observation.

When a young girl is raped and murdered suspicion centered on the Japanese splits the town. In addition to memorable characters author Dallas again emphasizes the need for women to create strong emotional networks. Shirley Damsgaard. Trying to flee her personal demons, Ophelia moves to small town Summerset, Iowa to be close to Abby and the two of them find themselves in the middle of murder and mystery. Ophelia again stumbles upon a dead body in the small town of Summerset, Iowa. A quick read murder mystery where the secondary characters, at times, seem more interesting than the lead character.

The series makes you wonder if living in a quiet, small town might be more dangerous than city life. It seems the author is more interested in having these charming psychic ladies embrace their witch heritage than telling a good story. I actually forgot the story was about finding her. Witches, motorcycle gangs, corrupt cops, and ghosts fill this installment with wit and suspense. As in all the adventures of these amateur sleuths, the generational witches grow in their understanding of the craft as well as their skills at working with the authorities to solve crime.

The mysteries in this series are captivating and the characters have grown endearing to the point that I look forward to brewing a little tea for their visit. Both have paranormal abilities but Ophelia is a too uptight to let her skills flourish. What will get me to read the next book in the series is her delightful grandmother, Abby. Another small town mystery where murder and conspiracy shakes up the normally tranquil world of Summerset, Iowa.

Now Pepper finds herself in the middle of a huge media frenzy at the cemetery and working to debunk the center of all that attention. Funny, fast and full of heart, this second book in the Pepper Martin Mystery series is a delight. She takes a job as a historic tour guide in a legendary cemetery. After a head injury from landing on a headstone, Pepper finds she is able to communicate with the dead in need of help, and slowly becomes a reluctant sleuth solving crimes long gone cold. This first murder mystery in the Pepper Martin Mystery series is funny, charming and full of life. The fact that the story takes place in Cleveland, Ohio made it even more delightful for this ex-Clevelander.

In this third Pepper Martin Mystery series. Pepper finds herself trying to find out who is channeling a 's rock icon that died of an overdose and threatening the remaining aging members of his band. As the mystery unravels, Pepper finds that she needs to come to terms with her own past before she can truly take a chance at getting involved with the living. She realizes her life is no different than these aging rockers and their groupies, who failed to move forward in their lives when the party was over.

These mysteries are smart, equally mixing humor and suspense, and are just fun to read. When loathsome editor Theodore Ratnoff is murdered, no one is upset by his death well, almost no one , but when the murders don't stop there the entire staff gets pretty edgy. And when reporter Jude Hurley, stymied at every turn in his attempt to write the story, is targeted by the killer he only becomes more determined to find the truth.

Winston Frank Ponder con Libros Biology And Evolution Of The Mollusca, Volume 1 Gratis

A nicely ironic, well-crafted book. Mary-Janice Davidson. They need to be longer or Davidson needs to write faster. A word of warning, if you are a devoted fan - the first three stories were originally published in e-book format. The fourth in this series and final tale is new and features George the Fiend, so Betsy and gang are all included!

Watch for another "Gorgeous" book in May and "Undead" series. This is a collection of 4 short stories with characters from her other novels. You can enjoy these without having read her other books. Each one is a different way for the characters to fall in love. Jenny Branch helps Kevin Stone go back undercover into the Snakepit to disrupt their evil plans. It's the author's typical humorous romp with romance. She has just turned fourteen and discovered a secret that her parents have kept from her too long - she is a weredragon like her father and grandfather.

The authors have penned a humorous, yet realistic look of her trials as she tries to cope with her large lizard-like body, its new powers, and the betrayal she feels about her parents' secrets. She isn't given too much time to adjust before she must try her new wings and help her mother find her father before he is killed. This is a book that all ages can enjoy. She learns that the world is a much stranger place than she ever thought it was. Move over, "teenage werewolf," here comes "I was a teenage weredragon. I definitely look forward to reading more of Jennifer's adventures.

She's got the attitude, AND she breathes fire! Look out, world, this sassy shapeshifter is just getting started! Full of were-dragons, were-spiders and warriors sans the horror normally found in books of this genre. Jennifer and friends are dealing with normal adolescent problems common among most teens. Throw in some very unique anthropomorphic changes and you wonder just how they hold it together. The story focuses on maintaining friendships regardless of the dramatic personal differences that try to tear this group apart.

Also, it is great to see Jennifer find common ground between her diverse parents. Anyone, regardless of age, who appreciates a good lycanthrope story, will enjoy these books. At first I found the somewhat soap-opera-ish plot to be a bit much even for a fantasy, but once I accepted the drama I thoroughly enjoyed it. This series is marketed for teens but is a good read for adults as well. Jennifer is being trained in her mother's heritage and struggling with friend and family relationships, while trying to avoid being killed.

Who says teenagers have it easy?! Especially half-weredragon teenagers facing a lot of secrets. I look forward to the third book! A very interesting short story collection centered around a town that is a sanctuary for magical and supernatural beings who live there along with regular humans. This amusing romance develops as Dr.

Another fun read that makes you wish the next one comes soon! But that's okay, since she has made friends with Al who turns out to be the reigning king of Alaska and matchmaking for his son. The rest of this alternative reality is a hilarious chronicle of the romance between Christina and Prince David, their marriage, and her adjustment to life as a Princess. This book is the first in a series and like her "Undead" novels, it is filled with the author's usual quirky, comical yet realistic characters and their penguins.

The adventures of Jennifer and her growing circle of unlikely friends will entertain any one who loves a witty, fast-pasted adventure involving unusual lycanthropes. This new entry is light on the typical romance themes thanks God and more of a mystery than any of her other books. However, at times the writing is choppy most likely because she avoids her familiar first person narrative and appears to have some difficulty switching storytelling between multiple characters. Still, Davidson makes me laugh and as long as she writes about paranormal protagonists, I will look forward to meeting her quirky, comical characters.

The series is always entertaining and an extremely quick read, but never worth the price of a hardback. The continuing adventures of the new Queen of the vampires as she deals with European royalty. Wasn't as funny as some of the other books, but still good. A light humorous summer read with all new adventures for everyone living with the Queen as she gets ready for her wedding and her first birthday since becoming the Queen. Funny, enjoyable characters getting into really silly and ridiculous predicaments. A true joy to read. Laugh-out-loud funny. Cute, but a little heavy on the sex scenes with fangs.

Title : Undead and They are short, quick stories and can be found in the Romance section of any bookstore. Luckily, the first four novels now appear in a single volume entitled Betsy the Vampire Queen Best to read in order. This time she focuses on werewolves and their romantic yet difficult interactions with humans. The rest of the Wyndham werewolves tales are shorts in omnibus collections. Sarah Zacharias Davis. Anyone planning on getting married or those already married would benefit from reading it, although it is all from a woman's point of view so it will probably hold more appeal for women to pick up.

The author is the daughter of Ravi Zacharias, in case you are familiar with his books. This book is put together from interviews with several anonymous Christian women. Each chapter is a different woman's voice candidly expressing what she has struggled with and learned in her own marriage. The only thing I really didn't care for was one of the last chapters in which a woman justified what sounded to me like an unjustifiable divorce. Of course, I don't have the full story to know for sure, and one of the things she complains about are how hard Christians frequently are on those who are going through the pain of divorce.

I better think about that one. So even though I don't agree with her viewpoints on this issue, the book is still good; the point of the book is not to necessarily find agreement with everything you read, but to stir up discussion in groups so people can learn from listening to other perspectives. Sallie Day. At the second- or third-rate beach resort where they vacation every year, the Singleton family struggles with their younger daughter's illness, their older daughter's sad search for love, and their parents' distance.

Their mother, Ruth, wants nothing more than a home with status, while their father, Jack, is obsessed with the letter he carries from the woman he loved during the war. Set in , this is not a nostalgic book, but one painted in sorry shades of gray A tough look at an unloving family.

Emma and Steven Feldman, she a lawyer, he a social worker, are planning a quiet weekend at their isolated getaway place when two armed gunmen storm the house. Are their murders connected to a high-profile case Emma was working on or to something else altogether? Can Brynn McKenzie find out in time to save herself and her family from the killers? A high octane read; a great breakout from the Lincoln Rhyme series.

Further, he can manipulate computer data to set up his own alibis and to impede his pursuers. This, the eighth in the Lincoln Rhyme series, is an absolutely terrifying look at just how vulnerable we all are in an age of cyber data, and one of Deaver's best books ever! When two murders occur on the same night, Rhyme calls Amelia Sachs away from her primary investigation to hunt down the "Watchmaker" who has left clocks at his crime scenes; but all, of course, is not as it seems.

Why would such a meticulous killer make huge mistakes that allow his next victims to escape? Is Sachs dealing with a serial killer, corrupt cops, or something larger and more sinister? A really gripping read! Finding himself the victim of a double-cross, Schumann must choose between saving himself and completing his mission. Years later, the family disbanded and its leader in prison, she has been spirited away by her aunt and uncle and kept safe Led by FBI agent Kathryn Dance, law enforcement agents race to find him as he pursues Teresa and the former members of his "family".

Although this lacks the polish of Deaver's Lincoln Rhyme novels, it still moves well and provides a few surprises. From the first, in which a wife mourns her husband, through the interesting story featuring Lincoln Rhyme and company, to the last in which a father pursues his daughter's stalker, Deaver continues to enhance his reputation as a master of plot twists and startling endings.

If you've enjoyed his suspense novels, as I have, give this a try. Copyright : Reviewer : Gayle Book Rating : Reviewer Comments : A small, isolated town and a monastery hidden in the mountains in Colorado are the settings for this suspenseful religious thriller. A number of orphans from all over the world have been taken to the monastery and are being raised, isolated from all societal influences, as part of a theological experiment into the nature of good and evil. However, the story of these philosophical geniuses is somewhat sophomoric in delivery, reminiscent of a Disney-styled Boys from Brazil.

The havoc these children cause on the nearby town demonstrates more about what self-indulged children can do than it demonstrates the nature of good and evil in humanity. Grey has lost his druidic powers, finding himself ousted from the Guild, a druid policing force over fey activities. He is unemployed and relies on his disability checks and some meager consulting fees from the human police.

Just like any person of power who loses their status that defines their lives, Grey has to rethink his worth, his friendships and his abilities while he tries to save the world and stop a serial killer who targets fey prostitutes. The author has created a rich tale involving fairies, elves, trolls, druids, and flits that mingle with human politics and history. If you like the Harry Dresden series and John Taylor series , you will welcome the adventures of Conner Grey to this intensely rich dark urban genre. Ten years after John Whitman Sutter's wife killed her lover, and ten years following their divorce, Sutter returns to his old stomping grounds on Long Island's Gold Coast where he spends the better or worse part of almost pages mouthing what I think is supposed to be amusing repartee.

Unfortunately it isn't.

Cheap mystery treasures deals

At all. Or entertaining, or well-written or engaging. For an author who can usually be counted on to turn in a must-read, DeMille has, this time, given us a mustn't-read. The main action begins in the summer of ; the tension builds not only as the plot develops, but as we inevitably approach September and the event none of the characters knows is coming.

Masterfully and tightly written, this is one of Demille's best! One of my big, big favorites. Be aware that is begins with a very explicit sex scene which is critical to the plot. Fortunately that's the only such scene. Can a group of powerful Americans succeed in their plot to destroy much of the Middle East by sacrificing millions of American lives?

And just how far from reality might this scenario be in a paranoid world fearful of another attack on our shores? This compelling, chilling book is being released on Tuesday, November 7. If you haven't reserved your copy yet please hurry When Parrish takes over as a warlord while infected with an alien symbiont, the Cabal gives her the task of finding out who's stealing the shamans.

Kiran Desai. Copyright : January Reviewer : Leigh Book Rating : Reviewer Comments : This was a tale of a bitter judge, his estranged granddaughter and his cook. Set in the Himalayas, there is political unrest, not to mention the judge getting used to having his granddaughter, Sai living with him.

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The cook also has a son in America and so the story at times follows the trials of the son, Biju trying to be successful in a land of opportunities. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll lust. I thought this was great. Raised by his hypochondriac mother and Calmer, the stepfather who was mustered out of the navy after shooting and sinking the coffin of a U.

Congressman, Shooter gives up on trying to measure up to his brilliant sister and the even more brilliant brothers who follow and takes, instead, to urinating in people's shoes. A terrific, memorable book, Spooner is a character to whom life happens with little interference on his part. This is a must read, and a great selection for book clubs! The final book has Titch, a reluctant knight. These are stand alone books with a common thread, Valadan, the magical Warhorse of Esdragon.

I love these stories all the way through. I really loved the first two books, but the ending was a bit weak. In , as their adult daughter lay hospitalized and near death, Didion's husband suffered a fatal heart attack. With passion she explores the year following these momentous events. Which is to say, not at all. Perhaps she is numbed by grief, but Didion has no trouble at all describing her dinners out, her travels, or quoting at length her earlier books while failing to give a sense of humanity to the man she ostensibly loved. When all was said and done I found I just didn't care about him, or her, either.

If you remember the movie based on this you'll find some differences in the book. But, her wonderful prose and gift of story telling brings out her love for Africa and it's people. As the South falls, Sherman becomes more obsessed with his own importance and power and more disengaged from the war's human factor while those around him struggle with the new reality the war is creating.

Moving and poignant, this book brings to life the battle of two cultures becoming one country. And of course she makes up a story about the child being her granddaughter. And, of course, when complaints come to her from the school about the girl's strange behavior, she ignores them.

This book asks the question: are angels real? And after having slogged through these pages the answer is: who cares? A changeling boy then morphs himself into Henry and they essentially change places and lives. Narrated with alternating voices of each character, this is a classic tale of their long obsessive search for their original identity. Ian Douglas.

Military SF. Marines are sent to deal with aliens who keep humans as slaves. A fast read. Title : Lt. Fast, fun read. Military space opera. Leary has to overturn a conspiracy and stop an invasion. This is a good collection of short stories, some previously published in books and magazines. I liked most of the stories but not all. I recommend this for anybody who likes military science fiction.

You will find something to like. I enjoyed the way the characters overcame obstacles presented to them. Leary's success has created enemies in the upper ranks, and they have conspired to give him an impossible mission: to stop a planetary war with little or no resources. Following a devastating earthquake Sinan Basioglu, his wife, 15 year old daughter and 8 year old son, are forced to survive in an American missionary tent camp. The culture clash between Islam and Christianity, conservative traditionalism and modernity, love and honor, and age and youth creates devastating situations both sensitive and thought provoking.

Detective Michael Logan becomes her ally in his effort to stop a string of murders following her brother's death. Daphne Du Maurier. Filled with great twists and surprises, I read this book in one night! Margaret Dumas. The characters, Charley and Jack, are an appealing and clever couple. Jerry Camarillo Dunn, Jr. The hotel suggests section was a few pages stuffed in the back. Restaurant suggests were pretty much non-existent.

So if you'd rather have a full history and not get lost opposed to knowing what to do in San Francisco this is your travel guide. Copyright : Reviewer : Carol Book Rating : Reviewer Comments : Sarah Dunn's first novel is the entertaining story of Alison Hopkins whose love life and professional career fall apart simultaneously. Written with dry humor this one is fresh and better than most of the current "chic-lit". This time the murder is of a book scout known to Janeway because of his own passion for collecting rare and first edition books, making the capture a very personal goal.

Janeway opens his own bookshop while continuing to search for evidence but soon, volumes of a prized book collection begin to appear along with dead bodies. Suspenseful and well plotted with memorable characters with lots and lots of interesting information about books and the workings of the rare book business. The city of Ember is run completely on electricity with no need for the sun. At night the town is plugged into complete darkness once the lights are turned off.

The problem is the townspeople sense that the electricity is starting to fade. Common occurrences of blackouts worry them and one girl, Lina begins to wonder if there is something beyond the city in which she lives. She enlists the help of her friend Doon to search out the truth. A misplaced lost egg finds a home with family of birds to be raised. No matter what the baby may or may not be the mom and dad bird raise the baby as their own. And one day the baby must learn to fly! It's a quick book, good for a bedtime story even for a 25 year old. Raised by his Uncle Jack and his very religious Aunt Dorie, Henry is not prepared at all for the likes of Preston Clearwater, the con man who gives him a lift and a job.

Innocently, Henry helps his new employer recover "stolen" cars until the truth becomes evident A physician and his pregnant wife try to make their way through the snow to get to the hospital to have their baby. David, the husband and physician, calls his nurse to come and help. The nurse, Carolyn makes it to the office in time to help David sedate his wife and deliver his own baby. Much to their surprise, his wife Norah was carrying twins. After the twins a boy and a girl were born, David recognizes that his daughter showed sure signs of having Down Syndrome.

The decision he makes next changes all of their lives forever. The book is about living with the choices you make and how the lies, secrets, and deceit can have lasting repercussions on all those involved. Two sisters-in-law and their children, who operate the lighthouse, are thrown into turmoil when two surveyors arrive to arrange for construction of a more modern light.

The replacement will force the families to leave their island home since only men are allowed to operate a government lighthouse. In "Light" the author has created an empathetic and compassionate tale. Danielle -His Perfect One J. Shirer -The Finishers fantasy George R. Williams- Parable S. Austin -Oddities M. Austin -I Author You M. Fantasy M. Mathias -The Sword and the Dragon M. Theodoratus -Night For the Gargoyles M. Theodoratus -Troublesome Neighbors M. Theodoratus -Taking Vengeance M. Theodoratus -Cavern Between Worlds M. Greenlee -Rise of the Fallen E. Greenlee -Bound to Forbidden Lands E.

Twiss -Fenn Rachel E. Horror, Fantasy, New Adult A. Wilshire -Faer Dreams epic fantasy A. Wilshire - Faer Pride epic fantasy A. Gibson - The Eynan L. Phythyon, Jr. Mayes -Warrior Class. The Crooked Path. Smith -Forever Burn Adrian J. Smith -Dying Embers P.

Simmill -Darrienia Fantasy K. Courtland Shakespeare -The Perfect Round. The next generation. The new conquerors. From crusade to disaster. Historical saga Anthony A Roberts - War makes strange bedfellows. Historical World War 2. Smith- Baby Rocket Stephanie A. Tarrin P. Millar- Conall: Rinn-Iru L. Borg- Khamsin Historical Inge H. Borg- Sirocco Thriller Inge H. Miles Martin -Good Deeds J. Lane -I Am Vampire E. Prather -The Gifts Linda S. Wendy L. Michael Fett - Child's Wrath B. May -Perfidy M. May - Inconspicuous M. May - Ensconced M. May - Purged J. Lakelett -Remember Me? Graff - The Golden Hour M.

Graff - Death Unscripted M. Hard Fantasy Martin J. Lang -Look Ma! No Hands! Lang -Poet Loiterer D. Connor - Damaged! Gavazzoni- Lara's Journal Psychological erotic thriller E. Dean - Falling into Knight B. Whitman - Always Our Love G. Whitman - When Love Reveals short stories G. Bloodworth -MrPerfect.