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The most commonly experienced happening is the sound of a high heeled shoe clicking on the stairs at exactly midnight.

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Others have heard chairs being dragged across the floor, smelled a lady's perfume when there are no others present, or even seen kitchen candles move from the window to the table without human help. For those who doubt the existence of the supernatural, let it be known that even the Reverend Dr. Goodwin, a minister who directed the Colonial Williamsburg Restoration in the '20s and '30s, believed in the presence of spirits in the town.

In , he said to visiting newspaper columnist Ernie Pyle, 'I wouldn't give a hoot for anybody who didn't believe in ghosts. Enjoy these wonderful tours and activities when you adventure to this beautiful city. Book the best lodging option for your and your family when you plan your vacation package to Williamsburg. Things To Do.

The haunts of Williamsburg, Virginia

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  • Virginia's Haunted Historic Triangle: Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown, & Other Haunted Locations!
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Colonial Escape Room. Williamsburg Ghost Tour. Jamestown Settlement. Ghostly Guided Tours by Arielle Patterson. These themed tours of the city include historic tours, ghost tours and a seasonally-offered Christmas tour. These walking tours offer three centuries of extraordinary history, an endless collection of local stories and are led by knowledgeable professionals with decades of experience. But since Williamsburg is full of history, the city comes with its historical haunts.

Williamsburg offers ghost tours that are sure to scare your socks off! Creep through the streets and gardens of the historic area as a guide shares stories of the spirits who call Williamsburg home. Colonial Williamsburg also offers the only ghost tour that takes brave visitors inside the centuries-old historic buildings. The past will come to life as you hear ghostly tales of hauntings and horrors straight from 18th-century sources.

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For more kid-friendly, not-too-spooky fun, take the Official Ghost Walk Junior, recommended for families with children ages 4—7. The Original Ghosts of Williamsburg leads guests on a candlelit stroll through the shadowy streets of the Historic Triangle. These tours combine local folklore with historical facts, ghost stories and even some humor.

For an elevated eerie experience, take the Extreme Ghost Tour. This late-night tour is two hours long and gives guests the chance to use ghost-hunting equipment to track any paranormal activity.

Stops include the historic Peyton Randolph House—one of the most haunted houses in the United States, where creepy activity continues to happen today. This hour-and-a-half long tour cruises the dark streets of Yorktown. Listen as the ghost guide shares tales of deceased soldiers of the Revolutionary War, that may be seen walking though the battlefields. These tours offer a genuine experience based on research, eyewitness interviews and a ghost story book connected to factual and historic events.

They offer daily daytime cemetery tours and nightly ghost tours. The most popular tour, the Ultimate Ghost Tour, skips the theatrical show and gets straight to the informative stories. These stories span from the Colonial era, through the Civil War and even to the 21st century. However, during the Civil War, these crypts were looted by Union soldiers, disturbing these burial sites…and some say the ghosts resting there. Students claim to witness Revolutionary and Civil War soldiers patrolling the halls during late night study sessions.

Family Frights at Jamestown Settlement

Many people have claimed to hear screams coming from the crypt, and upon investigation, to find no one there. Other reports of mysterious footsteps, moving furniture, and cries of pain have been reported by students and faculty, alike!

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According to History. Over the years, this house was expanded to accommodate a large household. The home included three wings with outbuildings, including a 12 horse stable, 2-story kitchen, and a dairy. In , the house was used as the French headquarters during the Battle of Yorktown.

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This home was also used as a hospital for wounded soldiers after the Battle of Williamsburg. Historians claim that this home has seen many bizarre deaths, all caused by strange medical issues and unexplained accidents. Other theories include mistreatment of the slaves that lived there and that the house is built on a Native American burial ground. There have been historical accounts of the haunting of Peyton Randolf House. In , General Lafayette wrote that he felt someone push him upon entering the house when no was was present.

More recent visitors have experienced being shaken violently in their beds, hearing disembodied voices and laughter, and the mysterious movement of furniture and other items.