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Editorial Note 1. Language English. Henry Corbin died in at the age of His many publications in French and Read more. Related Books. Mystical experience Religious experience Spiritual practice.

Spiritual development. Ego death Individuation Spiritual development Self-actualization. Other non-western. Animism Shamanism Totemism. Humanistic psychology Mindfulness Positive psychology Self-help Self-realization True self and false self. Mystical psychosis Cognitive science of religion Neuroscience of religion Geschwind syndrome Evolutionary psychology of religion. Main article: Gnosis.


Main article: Buddhism and Gnosticism. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Main article: Monad Gnosticism.

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  • Main article: Pleroma. Main article: Emanationism. Main article: Aeon Gnosticism. Main article: Sophia Gnosticism. Main article: Demiurge. Main article: Archon Gnosticism. See also: Diversity in early Christian theology. See also: Jesus in comparative mythology and Christ myth theory. Main article: Sethianism. Main article: Valentinianism. Main article: Manichaeism. Main article: Mandaeanism. Main article: Gnosticism in modern times. See also: Gnostic texts and Nag Hammadi library. Rousseau and L.

    Indeed, it appears increasingly evident that many of the newly published Gnostic texts were written in a context from which Jews were not absent. In some cases, indeed, a violent rejection of the Jewish God, or of Judaism, seems to stand at the basis of these texts. Layton Leiden: E. Brill, , p.

    The gnostic demiurge bears resemblance to figures in Plato's Timaeus and Republic. In The Republic the description of the leontomorphic "desire" in Socrates ' model of the psyche bears a resemblance to descriptions of the demiurge as being in the shape of the lion. In time, the gospel-narrative of this embodiment of Wisdom became interpreted as the literal history of the life of Jesus. This of itself shows that it is a mistake to reckon Marcion among the Gnostics. A dualist he certainly was, but he was not a Gnostic". As we have seen, Epiphanius is one of the witnesses for the existence of a special sect called 'the gnostics', and yet Epiphanius himself seems to distinguish between these people and 'the Sethians' Pan Unger, John J.

    Dillon, Irenaeus of Lyons Against the heresies , Vol. Quote: "the final phrase of the title 'knowledge falsely so-called' is found in 1 Timothy Retrieved October 21, The origins of anti-semitism: attitudes toward Judaism in pagan and Christian antiquity. Oxford University Press.

    Mohr Siebeck. Knibb trans. In James H. Charlesworth ed. The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha. Hendrickson Publishers. InterVarsity Press. The most prominent example of Angel Adoptionism from the early Church would have to be the document known as The Shepherd of Hermass. In The Shepherd, the savior is an angel called the "angel of justification", who seems to be identified with the archangel Michael. Although the angel is often understood to be Jesus, he is never named as Jesus. The Harvard Theological Review.

    Mead and the Gnostic Quest p8. He was one of the earliest and most emphatic scholars to propose the Gnostic debt to Buddhist thought. Geoffrey W. Quote: "Mansel The Gnostic Gospels. The Gnostic Scriptures. The Gnostic Society Library. Retrieved Retrieved September 29, Fragments of a Faith Forgotten. Kessinger Publishing. Gnostic Kabbalah. The Gnostic Society. Retrieved 15 May Penguin Arkana, Catholic Encyclopedia.

    Retrieved 13 February Manas: Indian Religions. Jesus, Gnosis and Dogma. Bloomsbury Publishing. The Saviour, jesus Christ, who from the fullness the pleroma of the Father descended on earth, is identified with the Logos, but initially not entirely with the Only Begotten Son. In john is written, after all, that his glory was as of the Only Begotten, from which is concluded that his glory must be distinguished from this 7, 3b.

    Handbook of Classical and Modern Mandaic. Journal of Higher Criticism.

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    Did Jesus Exist? Hoeller, On the Trail of the Winged God. Heracleon's Commentary on John. Chapter vii. Bentley Layton. Leiden: E. Asgeirsson, April D. Steely, Lyle D. A History of Christian Thought, Vol. Boston: Brill. The Dawn and Twilight of Zoroastrianism.

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    • New York: Putnam. The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Augustine the Theologian. What Is Gnosticism? Page Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Encyclopedia of New Religious Movements. II, Ch. Advice to Clever Children. Oxford: Oxford Forum. HarperOne, Aland, Barbara Secrets of Mary Magdalene. CDS Books. Cohen, Arthur A. Volume 5, Issue 2, Autumn , Pages — , 5 2 : —, doi : A History of Gnosticism. Oxford: Basil Blackwell.

      Was Jezus oorspronkelijk een heidense god? Economic and Social Origins of Gnosticism. Scholars P. Haardt, Robert Die Gnosis: Wesen und Zeugnisse. Gnosis: Character and Testimony. Brill, Leiden. Wheaton: Quest. Francis Jonas, Hans King, Charles William The Gnostics and Their Remains. King, Karen L. Harper, San Francisco. Verlag Christoph Brunner, Basel Michael White ; O. Larry Yarbrough eds. Fortress Press, Minneapolis. Layton, Bentley, ed. The Rediscovery of Gnosticism: Sethian Gnosticism.

      Gnosis: An Introduction. Translated by John Bowden. Clark Ltd. Geoffrey Chapman. The Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis.

      Finger gnosis predicts a unique but small part of variance in initial arithmetic performance.

      Atlanta, Ga. Smith, Carl B. Gnosticism: Its History and Influence. Harper Collins. National Book Foundation. Retrieved March 8, Retrieved June 7, Gnosticism topics. Archontics Bardaisan Basilideans Sethianism Valentinianism. Mandaeism Manichaeism Sabians. Bogomilism Catharism Paulicianism. These applications produce an entirely new asset class: conditional tokens, which make event outcomes tradeable and are also a powerful tool for information discovery.

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