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This platform was created in to facilitate cooperation among European regulators in the audiovisual sector.

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This is a network based on cooperation, exchange of information, case studies, and best practices, and its membership includes 52 regulatory entities from 46 European countries. This is a network established in to reinforce the historical and cultural ties among the Mediterranean countries. It provides a forum for exchanges of information and experiences for independent regulatory authorities from the audiovisual sector in this geographical region. It currently brings together 26 authorities from 22 countries throughout the Mediterranean basin. This forum brings together Ibero-American regulatory entities from the audiovisual sector in order to exchange experiences, coordinate actions, and promote basic academic research on audiovisual subjects as a foundation for taking regulatory decisions.

Grupo E3 – E3 Asesorías – Ecología, Economía y Ética

It represents a space for joint reflection on regulation of the audiovisual sector, as well as a platform for exchanges of information on legislation and standards and a space for discussion and resolution of possible disputes among regulatory entities. This is a platform established in , which brings together independent regulatory authorities on audiovisual communication from Portugal and Spain.

Its objective is to create channels to allow exchanges of information and experiences among its members, as well as avenues for collaboration when carrying out their functions. This is a mechanism that facilitates compliance with the obligations on cooperation imposed by legislation in the European Community, and which ensures consistent and effective application of the regulations on defence of competition, while also allowing sharing of experiences and identification of best practices. This is a forum that encourages discussion, exchange of experiences, and promotion of best practices among the Authorities on Competition from countries in the European Economic Area for In addition to these national authorities, the European Commission and the Oversight Authority from the EFTA also participate in the ECA.

This committee includes top-level representatives from the authorities on defence of competition from the 35 member countries of the OECD, the European Union, and some other countries as well.

The focus here is on distribution and exchange of knowledge and experiences on the subject of defence and promotion of competition, by means of the Committee, its working groups, and initiatives such as the Global Forum on Competition. This is a joint initiative from the Inter-American Development Bank and the OECD designed to strengthen the effectiveness of policies and legislation on defence of competition in this region, by means of dialogue consensus building.

This is an annual meeting sponsored by the authorities on competition from Spain and Portugal, with the purpose of establishing ties with similar authorities from throughout Ibero-America. This network provides a specialised, though informal, route to facilitate ongoing contact among authorities on competition and to share reflections on subjects related to defence of competition from a practical perspective.

This dynamic dialogue allows a consensus to be reached on the principles behind policies on competition, thus promoting global convergence in their design and application. ACER is the agency from the European Union created through the Third Energy Package in order to advance establishment of the internal market for electricity and natural gas. This is a cooperative entity formed among independent regulatory authorities in Europe.


Its purpose is to promote creation of a single energy market in the European Union that is competitive, efficient, and sustainable. CEER complements the work of ACER, focusing on areas such as empowerment of consumers, management of demand, and development of smart networks. It also seeks to represent the voice of the independent National Regulatory Authorities in the European Union, and internationally as well. This is being done by defining and applying structures and procedures that are based upon the principles of objectivity, non-discrimination, transparency, and cost effectiveness, all of which facilitate international compatibility of certification systems.

This is an association that includes 25 energy regulators from countries throughout the Mediterranean basin. Its objective is to promote a regulatory framework in the region that is transparent, stable, and harmonised, promoting integration of the market and investment in infrastructure, while also protecting consumers and encouraging cooperation on energy-related matters. It provides a forum for communication among specialists and professionals from its member entities, in order to promote exchanges of experiences, sharing of knowledge, and promotion of training and education for personnel at all levels, including exchanges among it is members.

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ANTES QUE SEA TARDE. Documental completo (Before the flood) en español

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