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Half Time Mavericks - 15 Dallas Reds - 5 With the wind for the second half the plan was to make the Reds play out of their own end which ended up being very successful. Jason and Thunder great kicks into open space and Viet's chases the Reds were kept at bay in their own end for most of the half. After an infraction from less than 10 meters out Skale quick tapped to drive through to extend the lead at the 46 minute mark.

The Mavericks missed some scoring opportunities, white line fever again, due to a forward pass and a few knock-ons. But with the pressure never letting up after about 8 phases the ball was spun out to Viet who was able to snake through for a converted try at the 61st minute. The scoring was closed out 7 minutes later when the Leprechaun pulled out one of his moves we've seen a thousand times playing touch that left the defense flat footed for an easy try.

Considering the numbers and experience discrepancies between the two sides we knew it would be a tough to stay with them but with the rookies not knowing that they went out and played a great game. Shortly before the half the Mavericks got on the board with a penalty kick by Thunder.

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Half Time Oklahoma City - 7 Maverick - 3 The second half was a lot of the first half from a scoring perspective and it was in the 76th minute when OKC converted a penalty after another Boozer run to extend the lead to The Mavericks didn't fold and worked there way back in the OKC half and were within meters of scoring the tieing try when the final whistle sounded. It was a disappointing loss especially since we were missing a few players and played a lot of young guys who showed some great potential.

We did manage a bonus point, yeah I said it, "Bonus Point", for losing by 7 points. First up was a AM match against the Austin Huns. The Maverick pack picked up where they left off from last year's play off loss to Alamo City with early ball control and pressure inside the Huns After a knock due to white line fever possession was regained and Tate was able to bang it over to the right of the posts at the 6 minute mark but the conversion was unsuccessful.

The Huns answered with an unconverted try of their own at the 12 minute which were the last points of the half. Half Time Mavericks? But just like in the first half the Huns answered a few minutes later. An overload on the outside gave their outside center a beeline to the corner who was tackled while attempting to ground the ball. The conversion was missed leaving the Mavericks with a 2 point lead with under 15 minutes to play.

The majority of the next 10 minutes was played in the Huns half of the field but the Mavericks couldn't manage to put any points on the board. With 4 minutes left an infraction at the ruck enabled the Huns to convert a 25 meter kick giving them their first lead of the match. After the restart the Mavericks couldn't get good possession back and yet after another infraction at full time the Huns quick tapped in from about 10 meters out as there was no Turn and Face support.

Final Score Austin?

Why cross the gain line?

Don't know if it was because we had just played or they were fresh but it didn't take long for them to get on the board as they were able to score an unconverted try 3 minutes in. The Mavericks got on the board a few minutes later when Thunder slotted a penalty kick from 20 meters out. The match had it's share of calls and it was DARC that adapted their play to the referee's style while you Mavericks went into "Complain Mode".

Learning to shut up and play will only provide positive results going forward. DARC kept up the pressure with some good running by their young flanker who broke the gain line just about every time he touched the ball. Those advances helped the score one more unconverted try a few minutes before the half. I took him over to the medical tent and missed the second half so there won't be a whole lot to say. DARC scored an unconverted try 2 minutes in which was answered by a converted Skale try at the 25 minute mark to pull the Mavericks within 5 points. That gap was widened to 10 a few minutes later and the scoring was closed out with another unconverted try by DARC at the 23 minute mark.

I can tell you this much. Sitting around for almost 4 hours definitely took it's toll on some of us mainly me. Some good running by their backs think it was their backs - like I said it's been two weeks resulted in an unconverted try in the corner at the 9 minute mark. The Mavericks answered quickly when Rookie Nate Sudderman in good support took a pass and went in untouched from 20 meters out to dot down his first try under the posts.

Thunder fresh off his nap was able to convert for the lead. By now my dehydration headache was kicking into full gear so I don't recall a whole lot from the rest of the half but I do know there was no further scoring. Thunder's conversion attempt failed to traverse through the uprights. My focus being on the sidelines in the second half was that a beer right now would do wonders for my dehydration which it eventually did.

Some of the others on the sidelines were looking forward to Nate's Zulu. There was no more scoring so we'll end it with that. Final Score Mavericks? Nate finally did his Zulu on the pitch, Ryan was all over the pitch and Patrick showed some real enthusiasm which was displayed when he thanked the referee with a chest bump rather than the customary handshake.

This experience for these new players will help us as we get ready for the start of the Cup Season. John K. The young, fast, fat and slow were divided into two teams with Buzz Marconi captaining the Blue Team, a. Joe Kelly lead the way for the White Team, a. Things started off slow but that would not keep this match from being a high scoring affair.

Since the MSFL didn't keep track of times and scoring the accuracy of who scored and when they scored might not be very accurate.

Gain line - when : where : why : how : you cross it

At the first stoppage the Blue Team took accused the White Team of cheating as they said we had too many players on the field. I don't know how this could have been since they never took their boots off to use their toes to count past Besides with the line up we had we didn't need to cheat The Geezers got on the board first when Al Clarke dummied the Blue center and went in untouched from 50 meters out. Al hadn't played in 14 years had his son out to prove to him that yes, he did play. His son volunteered to run touch without ever seeing the game before but with the guidance of Bob Godbee he did an outstanding job and turned down the offers from the White team to keep the game "Fair".

The Blue team answered shortly after that when Little Godbee took a pass on his shoe tops an dotted down in the corner which JP converted into a pretty stiff wind to tie it up at 7. The Blue took the lead when Eric Minyard chased down a long kick in goal and applied questionable pressure but the Greek, uhh Ref awarded the try. The White tied it knotted it up at 12 on a try and missed conversion by someone other than me which was followed by a Blue try and conversion by someone other than Brandon See previous note about the MSFL shirking his responsibilities. Not sure if it was now half time but we'll call it that.

Half Time: Good Fellas Blue - 19 Geezers White - 12 During half time most took the opportunity to replenish fluids with water or other nectars of the gods with the exception of Crazy who spent his time getting Little Max out of a tree and was ready to start the second half in his socks since he hasn't mastered the art of tree climbing while wearing boots.

The Good Fellas started off the second stanza with some good pressure pinning the Geezers deep in their own end. With the ball won off a ruck Pee Wee's clearing kick from 5 meters out landed in goal. Helluva kick huh, 95 meters. The kicked traveled 5 meters backward and JP pounced on it to extend their lead to Proper old fashioned mails are an alien concept down under. The key is to get properly set and then shift the power forward.

Super Rugby News

Over-exuberance will create a jagged effort and often lead to a swift collapse. The Springboks are experts at percentage rugby. This style usually relies on a more-conservative fly-half who has a varied kicking armoury. His role is to probe the corners and play percentage rugby. If he can get his gnarled pack into the right areas, then penalties and possession dominance will follow. It remains to be seen which style Warren Gatland and his staff will plump for. Of course, aspects of both can be merged together to create a highly effective hybrid.

In a side note, the referees for the series have been named. The breakdown and scrum will be under the microscope, because of the perceived inconsistencies between the hemispheres. You can now relive the Six Nations through a unique — and surprisingly enjoyable — Lego re-creation. The Barbarians have added another three proven international talents to their ranks for the Summer Tour. Steve Walsh is the referee in Hong Kong. Sergio Parisse will don the Barbarians jersey in Hong Kong.

Iain Balshaw masterclass: Bath's running lines - Rugby Tonight

Jerry Collins was arrested in Japan, last week, after acting suspiciously in a retail shop. Collins has now been held for nearly a week. Police are pursuing this line of investigation. Is team spirit already compromised for the Wallabies? Spirits were low after a record drubbing at the hands of the Sharks.

Beale missed the game due to hand surgery. Both men have been sent home in disgrace. The argument reportedly started after skipper, Gareth Delve, asked Beale to put his shirt on before the Rebels reached their hotel. Super rugby continues to produce some awesome encounters. The Crusaders rampaged past the plucky Southern Kings in a joust in Canterbury. The Cheetahs, for so long the easy beats of Super Rugby, maintained their upturn in fortunes with a dogged win in Perth, over Western Force. Defending champions the Waikato Chiefs, kept their momentum up with a satisfactory defeat of Kiwi rivals the Highlanders.

Harlequins suffered a surprise reverse at the Allianz Stadium to a physical Saracens team. Jimmy Gopperth has already signed with Leinster for next season. Another weekend of Six Nations action has been and gone. The following three weekends have been nothing short of siege rugby.

If you flicked to Sky and watched the Super 15, you will have been left speechless. Is it the same sport? Where southern players glided and galloped, northern players rumbled. If Toby Flood had butchered his 6 on 1 overlap Down Under, he would currently be sharing a remote island with Robinson Crusoe. Eddie Butler and co did an admirable job of commentating, but it all sounded wrong to my ears.

This was not a rugby match but an 80 minute scene from Planet Earth. The two sides were fuelled by pure aggression and fought like two Alaskan bears over a piece of salmon. England underperformed and returned to the dark days of lateral rugby, stagnant arm wrestles and poor decision making. Flood was not alone in ruining significant overlaps.

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Credit to the Azzurri, their defence was excellent and closed the space. This was why so many moves petered out into nothing. As Italy demonstrated for their try, the best way to blunt a rush defence is to chip over the top into the now vacant space behind the defence. In the red zone, England defended with controlled aggression and ruthless pragmatism. They backed themselves to weather the storm without pressing the panic button of a cynical yellow card.

Alas, in the middle of the pitch England were ragged. I have never seen Brad Barritt and Manu Tuilagi bumped in the same passage of play before. Accuracy was missing. Test match rugby calls for ruthless, consistent and targeted defence. In such a tight game, the basics are omnipotent. Owen Farrell is fighting to be fit for Cardiff. On the plus side, England negotiated another fearsome test. Italy are not the mugs many people make them out to be.

France has plummeted into crisis because of the Italians. France did not play appallingly in Rome, they were actually reasonable. The Azzurri were exceptional. Les Bleus have been scratching around ever since, because they cannot understand or move on from Rome. For England, this is the perfect tune up before Cardiff. Any potential for complacency has been banished. Wales will be a stern test and England need to be firing physically and mentally for the cauldron of Cardiff. Italy may prove to have been another pothole along the road to glory. Exhilarating, dynamic, artistic, exciting, precise and thrilling, these were the attributes the match was missing.

Scotland have assembled a prodigious back-three yet seem intent on circling the wagons, rationing their possession and hoping the opposition give away silly penalties. Wales —like Ireland before them- monopolised possession but contrived to keep the Scots in touch through ill-discipline. Greg Laidlaw further enhanced his reputation with another sharp-shooting kicking display. Leigh Halfpenny struggled early on but recovered enough composure to kick the Welsh into a Championship decider in Cardiff.

Sam Warburton and Adam Jones produced outstanding performances. Jones may look like a plumber coming to fit your new bathroom, but he is a scrummaging maestro and wrecked havoc on a strong Scottish pack. Warburton showed the best of what he has to offer. The breakdown quickly became his domain while he tackled with real intent. One sunny day does not make a heat-wave and nor does one strong performance anoint a Lions Captain. It is a major step in the right direction for Warburton and arrests a worrying decline.

The weather was atrocious and did not help this match get going. It was a match of drama and tension but lacked razor-bladed attacking play. Jamie Heaslip had his best game of the Championship and is re-discovering his true self at the right time. Ireland will be kicking themselves. They let another game slip through their grasp. There is no need to panic yet. It was disappointing but the squad is developing depth and quality. Ruthless execution and composure will come with experience. Test rugby is a major step up for the young players coming from the RABO France were typically erratic, mixing excellent rugby with mystifying passages of attacking impotency.

The barrelling Louis Picamoles concreted his reputation as world class number eight. Someday the penny will finally drop and France will give someone a walloping. Until then, we must all witness their baffling decline into also-rans. The final weekend cannot come quickly enough for both of these teams. It has been a year to forget. It was not enough to bail out his Sydney Roosters team, who were drubbed by the South Sydney Rabbbitohs. Quins continue to build an impressive rugby dynasty and remain on course for an unprecedented sweep of silverware.

The pendulum of Southern Hemisphere dominance has swung towards South Africa after a clean sweep of Kiwi franchises. A weakened Blues were felled at Eden Park, by the Bulls. Reigning champions, the Chiefs, were ambushed in a thriller in Cape Town. The Highlanders were stunned by the maligned Cheetahs in a defeat. The Kiwis will bounce back but the Blues and Chiefs were the form sides of the competition. Jake White continues to work his magic in Canberra.

The injury rules him out of the British Lions series. It is a major loss to the series and to world rugby. Wallabies veteran George Smith, made his comeback in the same match. The test veteran made 18 tackles on his return, as part of a short-term loan deal from Suntory, Japan. The Crusaders went down to the Hurricanes in a staggering encounter. If you had to advertise rugby, this is one of the matches you would show people.

A strong performance from Dan Carter, was not enough to save the Crusaders from yet another defeat. London Welsh has been docked five points for fielding an ineligible players. If you read the judgement in full then you will see a stunning case of deceit, concealment and lawlessness. The whole club has been punished for the actions of one employee. However, if a rogue banker embezzles money, then both individual and company are punished.

Kyle Eastmond is aiming for a successful conversion to Union. The inclusion of rugby league converts Joel Tomkins and Kyle Eastmond in the England Saxons squad, largely snuck under the radar. They follow a well-trodden path by past luminaries, from Jason Robinson through Henry Paul and onto a current England coach, Andy Farrell. Bath was at the peak of their powers and confronted a similarly dominant Wigan outfit. Both sides were enjoying periods of dominance within their respective rugby codes.

The main difference was Wigan was fully established as a professional outfit, whereas Bath was newly professional and still acclimatising to the demands of monetary athleticism. The sides agreed to play a total of two matches with one under each rule. The union game was at Twickenham and the league clash at Maine Road. Bath was pummelled at league. Wigan was fitter, faster, stronger and seemed vastly more skilful. Wigan were understandably splintered in the set-piece but battled admirably elsewhere.

World Cup winner in union and a finalist in league. The lasting impression was one of league being played by elite, professional athletes who executed their skills at a higher intensity. A few players such as John Callard and Phil De Glanville had shown they possessed comparable skill levels; but the average union player was less skilful and less conditioned. Rugby Union had been shown up as inferior. By , union had been pro for 7 years and had more of a grasp of the realities of being professional. Protein shakes had replaced evil aftershave mixers, a cheeky cigarette was now a speed endurance session and six-packs were now located on the torso, instead of from the local off-licence.

The improvements were starkly illustrated when Sale Sharks met St Helens in a one-off encounter. A half was played of each code and a running score kept. Sale dominated the union half to lead before dogging out a defeat in league. In my opinion — and feel free to disagree — it is easier for a union player to adapt their skills to league than for a league player in union.

Before you dismiss me as a clueless southerner, let me explain. Union has two more players and thus less space for attacking teams. The scrum, lineout and breakdown are highly technical areas which take years to properly master at an elite level. It would be incredibly dangerous to pitch a pack like Leicester, into a full-scrum against say a St Helens or Bradford.

Leicester would mutilate their opponents. The scrums in each code are polar opposites. Moreover, in any clash a poacher like Chris Robshaw or Tom Wood would decimate the league breakdown. With a rickety set-piece and a ropey breakdown, union should run riot. The import of league skill and defence coaches has enhanced union. Dave Ellis and Shaun Edwards for example. An all-round skilful union player such as Manu Tuilagi or Freddie Burns should have the skills to prosper in league. Some — but not all — of the big men would be alright.

League is vastly superior in many areas. Kicking and the use of a kick strategy are infinitely better in league. The average skill level and athleticism across the whole team will be better than in union. Gethin Jenkins is a very athletic and skilful union prop, but he is towards at the lower-end of the spectrum for skill compared to league props. Luke Burgess is more skilful. Fitness used to be a major area of league advantage.

The gap now is less as union has got quicker. Equally, union does not have interchanges to freshen up and rotate. Could league stick with it for 80 minutes with only 7 substitutions? But would union players handle the extra-space and more frequent one on one situations? Imagine a union prop being exposed in a one on one on the halfway line… League players are less physically diverse and are more generic athletes.

Sonny Bill Williams is mercurial at both codes and a handy boxer! The ability of the average league player, let alone men like Rob Burrow or Gareth Ellis, to see and exploit space will be higher. But, how more effective would Burns or Toby Flood be with a defensive line back further, 2 less defenders and no openside sniffing around all game?

It is hard to say. Brad Thorn in action for Australia Rugby League. I will stick my neck out. Based upon the improvements between and and with contested scrums, union would win handsomely. Without, I believe union would still compete better than the league side, which would have to handle lineouts and the breakdown. Their body composition, fitness, lifestyle, daily regimen and physical accountability are utterly different. Rugby players are now elite athletes who require the power of a transit van, the speed of Lamborghini and the toughness of a Hummer, alongside the endurance of a Le Mans 24 racer.

Different positions require a different emphasis. Forwards require more brute strength and can carry more bulk than a back. Backs require explosive power and speed.

3 steps to breaking the gain line in rugby

Olympic lifts are vital for building muscle and power. Players also train their core intensively to reduce the risk of injuries and lift more.

Prehab is done before a session to strengthen joints and reduce weaknesses. Young players bulking up, will also do weights on a Tuesday, while established players will lift depending upon their body condition. Olympics lifts are more tailored but players should be capable of producing power outputs of w. Players can and should hit these standards. Players are formidable athletes.

Even the ones, who look to have eaten all the pies and then the baker himself, are now athletes. Supersets are an integral component. There is little point sitting down every session, shifting a massive weight and then tweeting or chatting for 20 minutes. It is much better to repeat multiple exercises with little or no rest in a form of mini-circuit training. Every player must be fit enough to be effective for 80 minutes. Nowadays, there is no use being a scrummaging behemoth, if you have the turning circle of the QE2 and are as slow as wind-erosion.

Modern rugby is the era of dynamic all-rounders. The quickest players can run 10m in 1. This is rapid. For perspective, Usain Bolt ran the first 10m in 1. At 30m, he clocked 3. Fitness is monitored through a variety of methods from 2km bike intervals, shuttles and repeated rowing sprints. Long runs and slow training have been ditched. Matches are high-octane encounters with players gasping for oxygen. Training is made to replicate aspects of the brutal intensity of a match. Fast with minimal rest is the general rule. For example, 2 minute bike sprints with 30 seconds rest, repeated times.

Trundling around a pitch like a fish out of water, is the result of monotonous endurance training. Running for 60 mins at medium intensity is inadequate. There is no hiding place. Accountability is the guiding principle of professional sport. Your body is your responsibility. Every morning a player will answer a mini-questionnaire about things such as hours and quality of sleep, illness and muscle soreness.

This is to be pro-active with prediciting injuries and explaining why a player is below par in training. Dyralite is the main method of replacing lost salts. Crowds have reacted with much hilarity when players have changed shirts and revealed what seems to be an oversized sports bra.