Ford Mondeo Owners Manual (Europe)

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No start, with Allison "snake eyes" (Problem Solved)

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Snake Eyes Allison

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Additional details:. Currently, there is a bit of rain, so I'm waiting for a break in the downpour before progressing with diagnostics. My plan is to first clean connections and progress from there. Again, any suggestions are welcomed! This sounds simular to my Transmission trouble a while back. Mine would shift into neutral while traveling and occasionally not start from the front. Have you checked the keypad for a code?

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  • Double Cat-Eyes on Shift Selector Display - ALLISON 4700 OFS Transmission;

Thank you for the reference, Kip. I am not able to pull any codes.

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I followed the instructions for pressing the buttons, and even did so with the aforementioned technician on the phone, but it would not pull any codes. It keeps displaying the slashes. My coach won't start from either the front or the back. Is the ECU the grey box that is attached to the black keypad? Is there any way to bypass the ECU so that I can get the coach home? Unfortunately, all the Allison shops are closed due to the holiday or they opted to not return calls. So in the interim, I'll try to clean a few connectors, otherwise, it appears that I'll be hanging out in Northern California a little longer than I anticipated.

Thanks for the link! Sounds like you're in the right place ECU Side View.

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Last edited by jcs; at AM. Thank you. Mine was intermittent also. I tried looking for a loose or dirty connection and it would usually clear up. But I was just getting lucky.

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I had the code so replacing the ECU fixed everything. Waiting on Part. After disconnecting the black harness on the ECU and conducting some simple tests with my handy multimeter following instructions provided by the Allison Transmission tech , it appears that the problem indeed lies with the ECU. I sent pictures of the ECU with the pertinent identification numbers to the tech and should be getting my new part tomorrow Tuesday and be back on the road to Socal. Fortunately, the ECU was quite accessible except for some corroded bolts and nuts that required some PB Blaster and grumblings to remove.

Fortunately, a quick trip to the local hardware will facilitate the installation process tomorrow. Thanks for the pictures Kip. TKT Allison Transmision link. All times are GMT The time now is PM. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read.

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