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Gus, a young boy with deer features, lives a quiet life deep in the woods with his father. He learns many things, from medical care to religious prophecy. Though he loves his religious father, he yearns to escape as he learns that there is not fire past the trees, but simply more land. Sometime after Gus' father passes from an illness, strange men come to capture him. They are slain by Jeppard, who then promises to take Gus to a sanctuary.

Lonely, Gus goes with him. Along the way, they encounter many problems. Hybrid cultists almost kill Jeppard but Gus saves him. The duo also rescue several women from a prostitution ring. Ultimately, Jeppard betrays Gus to a horrible scientific facility in return for the bones of his wife. It turns out a mysterious plague has been wiping out humanity, and the leader of the facility, Abbott along with scientist Dr.

Singh, believe half-animal half-human children the hybrids have something to do with it.

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In flashback we learn Jeppard was a former hockey bruiser who protected his wife Louise in the post apocalyptic world. Eventually though, Louise revealed she was pregnant and Jeppard relents when a militia, led by Abbott, offers protection. It was all a trick however, with Abbott and Singh experimenting on pregnant women and hybrid babies to try to find a cure for the plague.

Jeppard is kept in a cage but is eventually freed by Abbott's brother Johnny, a guard in the facility. Johnny tells Jeppard his wife is dead, and Jeppard goes on a rampage through the facility. He is recaptured, and Abbott lets him out of the camp, telling him he can have his wife's remains if he brings Abbott a hybrid child. This was why Jeppard betrayed Gus, and he heads home to fulfill a promise to his wife that he would "bring her back home". Gus, despite the horrors, makes friends with the last of the animal children at the place, the pig girl Wendy, half feral groundhog boy Bobby, and the silent deer boy Buddy.

Gus is hypnotized by Dr Singh, who goes deep into his memory to find out the truth about his birth.

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He discovers that Gus's father was a lunatic, and may even have been responsible for the apocalypse. He insists Abbott take him to the woods. They discover a bible that was written by Gus's father, but no evidence of a mother in her grave, on the way back to the camp, Singh starts to believe the writings. Jeppard, overwhelmed with guilt and a directionless life, decides to re-rescue Gus. He recruits Becky and Lucy, the women he saved, and hundreds of hybrid cultists.

Sweet Tooth, Volume 5: Unnatural Habitats

With help from Johnny, the children escape, although Gus is forced to kill a lost alligator-child who had gone feral. While on the move, Jeppard and Gus share an identical dream about Alaska. A battle and the intervention of Johhny allow Jeppard and the women to escape with the children and Dr Singh, who insists on coming.

Seemingly, Buddy is lost to the murderous attentions of the hybrid cultists Despite the emotional turmoil, the group closes ranks to protect the children still with them. Start reading Sweet Tooth Vol. Don't have a Kindle? Chance to win daily prizes. Get ready for Prime Day with the Amazon App. No purchase necessary. Get started. Share your thoughts with other customers.

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Showing of 16 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. This volume starts off back when the plague started.

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There are constant warnings and yet, he pursues even with the breakout. A jump back into current day with Gus and Jepperd. Things in their group are rough and emotions are running high. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. While the trip to is close to "Orientalism as applied to First Peoples" and Lemire obviously moves the landscape and cultural touch-towns to Canada, which he feels more comfortable, the back story was still interesting enough to keep me engaged with the series.

The complications at the sanctuary where obviously and overly sign-posted for the reader, but it did allow for more development into the actions and mind of Jeppard. Gus's development here is beautiful and Lemire's strength for writing family dynamics comes into play. That said, if I had an "apocalyptic trope" counter, it would be ticked far too high. Lemire's strengths come through here though, and pick up on the experimentations with art and perspective that Lemire began in the prior volume. Compelling in the main, but not entirely ground-breaking. This is another great addition to the Sweet Tooth series.

The story continues upon where the last book left off but a large portion of the book is a flashback in time to fill in a little of the back story about the mysterious illness and the hybrid children which are the subject of the earlier books. The flashback starts to answer some of the question that the author, Lemire, has to start answering to keep the attention of readers as the main story has begun to repeat somewhat.

The end is in sight with this series and it will be fun to watch it unfold. If you liked the prior Sweet Tooth books then you will like this one as it continues to do what the other books did so well and the art style is still consistently beautiful but haunting. I'm not usually a big fan of the graphic novel genre, but these combine the conventions of a graphic novel with those of film and literature and marry the three together quite well. The Sweet Tooth series is full of all kinds of surprising twists and turns that make them a compelling read that's hard to put down.

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Another volume Sweet Tooth is here and it's excellent like the rest of the series up to this point! If you've been reading up to this point I'm sure you'll enjoy it. The cause for the disease that's killed off the humans and left the hybrids is revealed and that's exciting. Similar to Y: The Last Man, the cause of the disease and why some are immune are interesting, but not the main focus.

The characters still are, and in my opinion that's what has made this series great. Lemire is still writing great characters that tug at your heart strings and make you want to cheer them on at other points. Also, his work art is still the sketchy, raw style he usually utilizes that I'm a huge fan of and you can tell it's developing from volume to volume.

The beginning was a little too wordy where Lemire provides several scripts from The Taxidermist's notebook to get an interesting glimpse at the character. But the text feels over abundant and feels like it disrupts the normal flow that Sweet Tooth has, slowing it down. While a nice touch, I believe it could have been edited down a bit. While not my favorite volume, Sweet Tooth vol 5 is awesome and I can't wait to see how Lemire wraps up Sweet Tooth in vol. Sweet Tooth is such an amazing story.

I definitely recommend checking it out if you haven't already. Such a great series, so gripping and intense.