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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Or to those who hold out for segregation in a whirlwind, or that objects, say, twice as heavy as others would be separated from the lighter, we point out that some of these fishes were twice as heavy as others. In the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal , , depositions of witnesses are given: 29 "Some of these fish were fresh, but others rotten and without heads. According to Dr. Buist, some of these fishes weighed one and a half pounds each and others three pounds.

A fall of fishes at Futtepoor, India, May 16, "They were all dead and dry. Buist, Living Age , The fall occurred during a heavy rain that was accompanied by thunder--or indications of disturbance aloft--but by no visible lightning. The sea is close to Hindon, but if you try to think of these fishes having described a trajectory in a whirlwind from the ocean, consider this remarkable datum: That, according to witnesses, the fall upon this small area, occupied ten minutes. I cannot think of a clearer indication of a direct fall from a stationary source.

I don't know how much the horse and barn will help us to emerge: but, if ever anything did go up from this earth's surface and stay up--those damned things--may have: Monthly Weather Review , May, 32 In a tornado, in Wisconsin, May 23, , "a barn and horse were carried completely away, and neither horse nor barn, nor any portion of either have since been found. They fell in a hailstorm. This item was widely copied at the time: for instance, Nature , one of the volumes of , page , and Jour.

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Or Science and its continuity with Presbyterianism--data like this are damned at birth. The Weather Review does sprinkle, or baptize, or attempt to save, this infant--but in all the meteorological literature that I have gone through, after that date--not a word, except mention once or twice. The Editor of the Review says: "An examination of the weather map show that these hailstorms occur on the south side of a region of cold northerly winds, and were but a small part of a series of similar storms: apparently some special local whirls or gusts carried heavy objects from this earth's surface up to the cloud regions.

If a whirlwind at all, there must have been very limited selection: there is no record of the fall of other objects. But there is no attempt in the Review to specify a whirlwind. These strangely associated things were remarkably separated. They fell eight miles apart. Then--as if there were real reasoning--they must have been high to fall with such divergence, or one of them must have been carried partly horizontally eight miles farther than the other. But either supposition argues for power more than that of a local whirl or gust, or argues for a great, specific disturbance, of which there is no record--for the month of May, Nevertheless--as if I really were reasonable--I do feel that I have to accept that this turtle had been raised from this earth's surface, somewhere near Vicksburg--because the gopher turtle is common in the southern states.

Then I think of a hurricane that occurred in the state of Mississippi weeks or months before May 11, No--I don't look for it--and inevitably find it. Or that things can go up so high in hurricanes that they stay up indefinitely--but may, after a while, be shaken down by storms. Over and over have we noted the occurrence of strange falls in storms.

So then that the turtle and the piece of alabaster may have had far different origins--from different worlds, perhaps--have entered a region of suspension over this earth--wafting near each other--long duration--final precipitation by atmospheric disturbance--with hail--or that hailstones, too, when large, are phenomena of suspension of long duration: that it is highly unacceptable that the very large ones could become so great only in falling from the clouds.

Over and over has the note of disagreeableness, or of putrefaction, been struck--long duration. Other indications of long duration. I think of a region somewhere above this earth's surface, in which gravitation is inoperative, and is not governed by the square of the distance--quite as magnetism is negligible at a very short distance from a magnet. Theoretically the attraction of a magnet should decrease with the square of the distance, but the falling-off is found to be almost abrupt at a short distance.


I think that things raised from this earth's surface to that region have been held there until shaken down by storms-- The Super-Sargasso Sea. As to the Law of Gravitation, I prefer to take one simple stand: Orthodoxy accepts the correlation and equivalence of forces: Gravitation is one of these forces. All other forces have phenomena of repulsion and of inertness irrespective of distance, as well as of attraction. But Newtonian Gravitation admits attraction only: Then Newtonian Gravitation can be only one-third acceptable even to the orthodox, or there is denial of the correlation and equivalence of forces.

Or still simpler: Here are the data. Make what you will, yourself, of them. In our Intermediatist revolt against homogeneous, or positive, explanations, or our acceptance that the all-sufficing cannot be less than universality, besides which, however, there would be nothing to suffice, our expression upon the Super-Sargasso Sea, though it harmonizes with data of fishes that fall as if from a stationary source--and, of course, with other data, too--is inadequate to account for two peculiarities of the falls of frogs: That never has a fall of tadpoles been reported; That never has a fall of full-grown frogs been reported-- Always frogs a few months old.

It sounds positive, but if there be such reports they are somewhere out of my range of reading.


Before we taken up an especial expression upon the fall of immature and larval forms of life to this earth, and the necessity then of conceiving of some factor besides mere stationariness or suspension or stagnation, there are other data that are similar to data of falls of fishes. Science Gossip , 35 That small snails, of a land species, had fallen near Redruth, Cornwall, July 8, , during "a heavy thunderstorm:" roads and fields strewn with them, so that they were gathered up by the hatful: none seen to fall by the writer of this account: snails said to be "quite different to any previously observed in this district.

From this cloud, fell a torrential rain, in which were hundreds of mussels. There is no mention of whatever may have been upon the ground in the first place, nor of a whirlwind. Lizards--said to have fallen on the sidewalks of Montreal, Canada, Dec. Notes and Queries , It then came to life. Gray snake, about a foot long. Our quasi-reasoning upon this subject applies to all segregations so far considered.

Monthly Weather Review , Jan. They were crawling on sidewalks, in yards, and in streets, and in masses--but "none were found on roofs or any elevation above ground" and "none were seen to fall. It is not said whether the snakes were of a known species or not, but that "when first seen, they were of a dark brown, almost black. Then, near the point of origin, there would have been a fall of heavier objects that had been snatched up with the snakes--stones, fence rails, limbs of trees. Say that the snakes occupied the next gradation, and would be next to fall. Still farther would there have been separate falls of lightest objects: leaves twigs, tufts of grass.

In the Monthly Weather Review there is no mention of other falls said to have occurred anywhere in January, Again ours is the objection against such selectiveness by a whirlwind. As to falls or flutterings of winged insects from the sky, prevailing notions of swarming would seem explanatory enough: nevertheless, in instances of ants, there are some peculiar circumstances. Fall of ants, Cambridge, England, summer of "some were wingless.

Sources for the History of Science, - David M. Knight - Google Livros

That these "migrations"--if such can be our acceptance--have occurred at a time of hibernation and burial far in the ground of larvae in the northern latitudes of this earth; that there is significance in recurrence of these falls in the last of January--or that we have the square of an incredibility in such a notion as that of selection of larvae by whirlwinds, compounded with selection of the last of January. I accept that there are "snow worms" upon this earth--whatever their origin may have been. In the Proc. Nevertheless the description of this probably polymorphic species fits a description of larvae said to have fallen in Switzerland, and less definitely fits another description.

There is no opposition here, if our data of falls are clear. Frogs of every-day ponds look like frogs said to have fallen from the sky--except the whitish frogs of Birmingham. However, all falls of larvae have not positively occurred in the last of January. London Times , April 24, 51 That, in the parish of Bramford Speke, Devonshire, a large number of black worms, about three-quarters of an inch in length, had fallen in a snow storm.

In Timb's Year Book , , it is said that, in the winter of , at Christiana, Norway, worms were found crawling upon the ground. Immense numbers of black insects in a snowstorm, in , at Pakroff, Russia Scientific American , Scientific American , Feb. The crust of the snow has been covered two or three times with worms resembling the ordinary cut worms. Where they come from, unless they fall with the snow is inexplicable.

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Again two species, or polymorphism. According to Prof. Riley, it was not polymorphism, "but two distinct species"--which, because of our data, we doubt. One kind was larger than the other: color-differences not distinctly stated. If you have previously obtained access with your personal account, Please log in.

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